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Professional Pickleball Players: Most Famous Singles and Doubles Players In The World

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Last Updated: May 15, 2024

Pickleball is a fast, thrilling game that most people play for fun and fitness.

But not all of them do!

There are pickleball players who've done a bit more work to perfect their skills and make use of their talent as pro players. The best way to rank such players is in their respective categories, such as Men's Doubles and Women's Singles.

Therefore, we'll list the top 10 pickleball players in various categories.

Best Men's Pickleball Players

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Using ranking points from the 2020 games, according to a comprehensive compilation by the World Pickleball Association, these are the most electrifying players in the sport.

1. Benjamin Johns - #1 Best Pickleball Player In The World

This 21-year-old ranked as one of the best professional pickleball players finishing first in the Men's Singles in 2020 after eight events.

Benjamin has a commendable record with various wins, such as a silver medal in the US Open in 2019.

He also played in the Men's Doubles of that tournament and fetched gold with Kyle Yates.

2. Jocelyn Devilliers - #2 Pickleball Player In The World

This French man plays the Men's Singles and Men's Mixed Doubles, and he ranked among the top pickleball players in the Men's Singles. He's only played professionally for a year or so, as he went pro in 2019.

However, Jocelyn has a remarkable record with a bronze at the Florida Open in 2020. He ended the year in position 15th in the Men's Doubles and 6th in the Men's Mixed Doubles.

3. Tyson McGuffin - #3 Pickleball Player In The World

He's another thrilling US player in the Men's Singles. He comes from a family of sports enthusiasts, so it's no wonder that he also played tennis. He even became a tennis instructor later.

Eventually, he tried pickleball, loved it, honed essential skills, and went pro after about half a year's work. On top of that, Tyson teaches pickleball as a certified coach under the International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association (IPTPA).

In 2020, he played in nine events. In 2019, he picked a gold medal in the US Open, a silver in the USAPA Nationals, and two more in the 2019 Tournament of Champions. What a record! It's no wonder he's in the Selkirk Sport team.

4. Riley Newman - #4 Pickleball Player In The World

He's a Men's Doubles player from the US. In 2020, he ranked 2nd in both the Men's Doubles and the Men's Mixed Doubles, after Benjamin Johns. He plays with his sister, Lindsey Newman, in the Mixed Doubles.

They belong to Team Selkirk Sport, like Tyson McGuffin.

In one of their electrifying doubles matches in 2020, Riley scooped position one in the Men's Doubles, and Lindsey bagged the 2nd position in the women's division.

5. Matt Wright - #5 Pickleball Player In The World

He played tennis for the University of Michigan, but pickleball won his heart eventually, in 2016. His first Mixed Doubles was with another feted player, Lucy Kovalova, in the US Open. He plays for Team ONIX, and he's one of the older players in this game, at over 40 years.

Best Women's Pickleball Players

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6. Simone Jardim - #1 Best Pickleball Player In The World

She's Brazilan, and she ranked first in the Women's Doubles and the Women's Mixed Doubles in 2020. Also, her second position in Women's Singles is noteworthy. She has doubled up with other famous pickleball players like Kyle Yates.

Similar to other players we've mentioned already, she started in tennis before switching to pickleball.

She seems to have a thing for gold, and that's why she's been winning more gold than silver or bronze medals.

Among the ones shining from her trophy cabinet are the 2019 US Open Mixed Doubles and Women's Singles. She also bagged gold in the Mixed Doubles and Women's Singles at the USAPA Nationals the same year.

7. Irina Tereschenko - #2 Pickleball Player In The World

Irina flies the Russian Federation flag high in the pickleball world. She ranked first in the Women's Singles in 2020 after playing in nine events. This 36-year-old is four years younger than Simone Jardim, whom we've mentioned above.

She also plays Women's Doubles, and she teamed up with Lucia Kovalova in the US Open in 2019 to score gold. Interestingly, she is a research assistant and an adjunct lecturer.

8. Lucia Kovalova - #3 Pickleball Player In The World

She's from Slovakia, and this late 20s player ranked 2nd in the Women's Doubles and Women's Mixed Doubles in 2020, beating Irina Tereschenko. The two teamed up in the 2019 US Open to win a gold medal in the Women's Doubles.

It wasn't their first time, no. They also earned a silver in the 2017 USAPA Nationals. Tennis was her first racket game, but she shifted to pickleball a few years later and earned medals almost immediately.

Other awards in her name include the 2017 Tournament of Champions silver medal in the Women's Singles plus a bronze in the 2017 US Open.

9. Michelle Esquivel - #4 Pickleball Player In The World

She came third in 2020 Women's Singles after Simone and Irina. She's a top Singles player from the US and also among the best players in the Doubles and Mixed Doubles. In 2019, she teamed up with Lindsey Newman in the PG Challenge.

She's also a coach, a founder of the Ultimate Pickleball Academy.

Watch this game with Michelle Esquivel and Jessie Irvine:

10. Jessie Irvine - #5 Pickleball Player In The World

She's one of the top 5 in the Women's Mixed Doubles and Women's Doubles. She has not played for many years, but her excellent pickleball strategy is already gaining the attention of pickleball enthusiasts.

One of her top performances was at the 2019 Tournament of Champions, where she teamed up with another elite player, Benjamin Johns, to win the gold medal in the Mixed Doubles. At the same event, Lindsey Newman joined her in the Women's Doubles, and they walked away with a silver medal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Are The Best 10 Pickleball Players In The World For Men's Doubles?

We've mentioned a few of them in the section above, such as Benjamin Johns, Riley Newman, Tyson McGuffin, and Matt Wright. Others are Adam Stone, Collin Johns, Kyle Yates, Steve Deakin, Dekel Bar, and Patrick Smith.

The World Pickleball Association compiled this and other lists of professional pickleball players from results posted in different global rankings.

Who Are The Top 10 Pickleball Players In The World?

We have a comprehensive list above based on 2020 results. Other superb players in the game of best pickle ball paddles like Lindsey Newman and Kyle Yates deserve a spot on this list, but 10 is such a small number to fit everyone in it.

Final Thoughts

Tennis seems to have a lot of influence on the best pickleball players as many of them were pro tennis players. Another distinct feature about the top players is their passion for sports and giving back as teachers and coaches. Some of them also have day jobs besides playing pickleball.

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