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Tennis Racket vs Racquet: A Helpful Guide On Their Differences & More Tennis Facts

Black tennis racket on ground

Last Updated: June 11, 2024

Tennis racket or racquet? It is no secret that these two words have put people in all sorts of spelling dilemmas. Whether it may be for an essay or texting a friend, we all have had difficulties deciding between ‘racket’ or ‘racquet.’

Fortunately enough... 

This article will guide you through their various uses and definitions.

What Are The Origins Of These Two Words?

While their exact origins remain unknown, most studies show that tennis racket or racquet has the same etymology. Experts claim that these words were very likely to have been derived from a Middle French word known as “rachasser,” which means “to strike back.”

Other derivations of the word ‘Racket’ may have been from Middle English regions. Another possible origin could be from the term...

‘Rahat al-yad,’ which directly translates to ‘Palm of the hand’ in Arabic

It is important to note that the above are only some of many potential derivations of the words. Furthermore, the uncertainty of their roots makes understanding these terms all the more confusing.

The Differences Between Racket vs Racquet

Although they may sound the same, we know that these two words have completely different spellings. Naturally, this also means that they have particular uses in sentences and their purposes. 

How do you spell a tennis racket?

The best way to remember how to spell tennis racket is to understand its other definitions. Despite what most people may think, we probably use ‘racket’ correctly in our sentences. Moreover, the word ‘racket’ has multiple meanings and applies to different contexts.

‘Racket’ is characterized as a noun that pertains to several meanings:
  • ‘Racket’ can refer to a piece of equipment that most people use in sports involving nets. The most well-known sport which uses ‘rackets’ is Tennis.
  • ‘Racket’ can also pertain to immoral business places that often deal with bribery and other shady business practices.
  • ‘Racket’ is also often used when referring to unpleasant sounds and general annoying noises.

With these three definitions in mind, ‘racket’ is a perfectly correct way to spell the word in the context of sports. You will have the confidence not to be called out for grammatical errors if you accompany the word with its proper definitions. 

So, is it racket or racquet?

Black and white tennis racket

Although ‘racket’ is a flexible word, ‘racquet’ is quite the opposite. ‘Racquet’ is exclusively used in the context of sports. The utilization of the word ‘racquet’ is more of a fancy language because of the prestige that comes with using it.

Consequently, particular sports leagues and organizations commonly use the word ‘racquet.’

On the other hand, however, ‘racquet’ is interchangeable with ‘racket’ depending on which sport you are playing and your location. To put it simply, while a ‘racquet’ belongs to the descriptive group of the word ‘racket,’ ‘racquet’ is limited to sports.

Below are some of the sports which use both words:

  • Tennis. Of all its other meanings, ‘racket’ is the spelling most people use in Tennis. There are several types of rackets people can buy which are available in the market.

Modern tennis enthusiasts can choose among control, power, and tweener rackets to suit their playstyle.

  • Racquetball. As its name may have implied, this sport is restrictive in using ‘racquet’ when referring to their equipment.

Yellow racquetball racket on court

Unlike some net games, we can play racquetball just about anywhere with enough open space since the sport requires the ball to hit a wall.

  • Badminton. This sport is another popular game that uses rackets with a long but light grip to allow players' free movement. Rackets in this game vary in weight and shape. Of which, players can choose which racket feels the most comfortable.

two badminton rackets on grass with shuttlecocks

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a tennis racket and a racquetball racket?

The most notable difference between the two rackets is that racquetball rackets tend to be smaller, extending to about 22 inches. For this reason, you can expect a tennis racket to be significantly larger than a racquetball racket.

In tennis, a good, long racket provides sufficient enough space to allow powerful but precise returns. 

In racquetball, however, the ball is much smaller as well as the sport’s court area. As a consequence, it is why a small racket is ideal for allowing better control and movement.

Does the type of tennis racquet make a difference in your game?

Yes, it does. It is a common mistake for people to go for flashy rackets for their game. If not handled properly, especially a tennis racket for women, could cost a player to lose and even get an injury.

From its weight, grip size, string pattern, and other characteristics, parts of a tennis racquet must cater to a player’s playstyle and comfort.

Do expensive tennis rackets make a difference?

It is true that more expensive rackets also come with better quality, but you should also take a look at cheap tennis rackets that will suit you rather than a price tag. Try to get a feel of the racket’s aspects and ignore the price first.

Once you know what fits you as a player, you should only look at expensive rackets to give you a balanced game experience.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to sports, using ‘racket’ and ‘racquet’ are both perfectly acceptable. You can use the terms racket and racquet interchangeably in all net sports except for racquetball.

After reading this article, you will never find yourself asking, “How do you spell tennis racket?” as long as you remember its definition.

And how do you spell tennis racket, again? Just kidding!

Moving forward, you will now have more confidence when using these words naturally because you now have a profound understanding of their meaning.

In conclusion, unless you are using the terms in other contexts than sports, being particular on spelling racket and racquet has close to no significance.  I hope it helps alleviate the confusion with these words and allows you to use them with ease.

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