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The 6 Best Tennis Rackets For Women in 2024: Level Up For High-Performance Games

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Last Updated: June 10, 2024

Choose to challenge, right?

Female tennis has skyrocketed in popularity over the past few decades.


Having a proper racket that suits your gaming skills and playing style will help you perform excellently on the court. However, women require gaming equipment designed exclusively for them.

If you are having any trouble looking for the best tennis rackets for women, I am here to help you. 😉

In this article, I will present some women's tennis racket reviews and a general idea of what to look for when buying one.

The HEAD Ti Tennis Racket is my best overall, but do check out all the others as well.

Top 6 Tennis Rackets For Women Reviewed

1. HEAD Ti. Reward Tennis Racket - Best Overall

HEAD Ti. Reward Tennis Racket - Pre-Strung Head Light Balance 27 Inch Racquet - 4 3/8 In Grip, Blue/Black

HEAD Ti is one of the best tennis rackets for women, most appreciated all around by female players due to its premium quality composition and excellent features. 

It is considered the best option for beginner and intermediate female players, creating opportunities for skill development and enhancement.

This racket is perfect for players of different age groups all around the world.

The features include an over-sized head, thus it creates a larger sweet spot that allows the players to perform high strokes and swings with high precision and improve their play. Moreover, the racquet is highly light-weight which makes swings easier without much effort.

Head Ti is composed of titanium technology, which makes it highly durable and strong. The increased strength will allow the racquet to last long providing amazing results. Plus, it contains a cushion grip that gives a comfortable and easy grip that is ideal for female players.


  • Titanium body
  • Durable materials
  • Ultra-lightweight body
  • Extra-long length
  • Provides great spin
  • Highly maneuverable


  • Less comfortable hitting as compared to others
  • Lacks a bit of stability


If you are looking for the best women's beginner tennis racquet with great precision and outstanding features and quality, to fully enjoy the game, HEAD Ti won’t disappoint you. It is extremely durable, lightweight has a large head and grip.


2. Head Graphene 360 Speed Racquet - Best For Beginners

HEAD Graphene 360+ Instinct MP Tennis Racquet, 27 Inch Performance Adult Racket - 4 1/4 Grip, Unstrung

Head Graphene 360 Speed MP Tennis Racquet is a fast swinging, lightweight racket that permits you to experience a great feel by helping you to perform incredibly from all around the court. 

Being perfectly light, it allows faster strokes, and its grip and handling are specially designed for female players.

As you may have noticed the name features MP, which stands for "mid plus", referring to the 100 square inches of the racquet head, which gives it a superb sweet spot.

The best option for beginners and intermediate players to improve their playing skills by taking the game to the next level, as it provides good maneuverability and a flexible feel, making it the best tennis racquet for female beginners.

The frame gives increased precision, stability, and adaptable power so that a player can play confidently on the court.

The power and spin features of this racket make it one of the best gear on the market.

Moreover, it is a control-oriented racket with an advanced stiffness level that gives MP a more modern finish.


  • Graphite-build body
  • Highly durable
  • Reasonably light-weight
  • Provides stability and comfort during play
  • Incredible ball spin
  • Inexpensive for tennis fanatics
  • Narrow frame
  • Excellent maneuverability and control


  • The racket is unstrung
  • Not good for fast doubles at the net
  • The racket is a bit stiff and can cause wrist strain


If you are looking for the best tennis racquet for female beginners, this is the one to choose. It offers the finest features i.e. lightweight, large frame size, plus easy control and maneuverability that allow beginners to master tennis skills.


3. Wilson Clash 100 Racquet - Best For Intermediate Players

Wilson Clash 100 Tennis Racquet - Quality String (4-1/4)

Clash 100 is an exclusive racket from Wilson that allows brilliant stability and power, specially designed for female players. The racket offers a noticeably lower stiffness level which makes it more stable and easier to use without affecting players' arms.

It is best suited for players from intermediate to advanced level, helping them achieve the best tennis skills and experience. 

Clash 100 has become one of the bestselling tennis rackets, because of the new developments that distinguish it from all the others as they provide control and agility at a whole new level.

The two new offers, known as Stable Smart and Free Flex, allow the racket to bend in various ways due to the presence of carbon fiber. The carbon mapping supports a free swing that ensures control of the ball on horizontal or vertical swings.

Stable Smart technology works along with the geometry of the racket frame to sustain power and stability, Free Flex combines to amplify the maintenance, comfort, and control.


  • Excellent control and maneuverability
  • Most comfortable compared to other rackets
  • Easy and efficient swings
  • Best for fast swings


  • A bit expensive for occasional players


If you don’t mind paying the buck for quality, then the Wilson Clash 100 Tennis Racquet will show you that it is worth your investment, its many features are overshadowed only by its excellent design and stylish looks.


4. YONEX EZONE 98 Tennis Racquet - Best Ease Of Use

YONEX EZONE 98 Deep Blue Tennis Racquet in 4 3/8" Grip Strung with White Synthetic Gut Racquet String

The YONEX EZONE is one of the most popular tennis rackets because of its user-friendly creation providing versatility and a brilliant performance from all around the court. 

Its design ensures you are in control as it is lightweight and also because of its precise string setup.

It is considered an all-rounder for modern game types and is widely used by female players of intermediate to advanced levels. Plus, it can be used to improve gaming levels and acquire more skills by experiencing the game to the fullest.

Ezone has an outstanding combination of precision, spin, and power that allows easy handling and better swings. 

This racket allows exceptional vibration and shock absorption while striking a ball, because of the shock-less grommets present at the bottom and sides of the racquet.

Yonex has an isometric head shape that offers a much larger sweet spot.

This racket assists the players during extreme gameplays, as in the case of big swings players can find their mark without any struggle, all because of its enhanced spin potential. Ezone 98 comes with incredible balance and maneuverability, which makes it easy to get it to a position.

It offers easy grip and stability along with excellent performance.


  • Improved spin potential
  • Large sweet spot
  • Combination of power and precision
  • Excellent control and stability
  • Perfect for modern and advanced play


  • Upper hoop a little stiff
  • A little expensive


Yonex Ezone 98 is best suited for women as it is not too heavy to be difficult to use and not too lightweight to sacrifice all the power; it is, without doubt, one of the most user-friendly lady’s tennis rackets available in the market.

The ideal weight allows you to play with high power and precision without any injuries.


5. Babolat Pure Drive 2021 Tennis Racquet - Best Power

Babolat 2021 Pure Drive Tennis Racquet (4_3/8 Blue)

Babolat Pure Drive is an incredible option for players of intermediate and advanced gaming levels. The brand has introduced a wide range of rackets that are popular among all tennis players including men and women as they offer excellent speed, power, and spin on the court.

Pure Drive is a lightweight tennis racket that is exclusively designed for female players, as it presents an easy and comfortable grip.

The 2021 model features a stylish paint job that gives it a wonderful appearance. 

All the older versions of the pure drive had a lot of laws and users had complaints about vibration and shock absorption, this model was created to minimize these flaws. Babolat introduced the cortex that provides effective vibration and shock absorption.

Moreover, the racket provides extreme power and spin, while the head size permits high-angle ball delivery. Easy maneuverability assists by maximizing the swing speed, without any damage to your limbs.

Simple access to spin gives you the ability to control power at each swing.


  • Best design with an excellent paint job
  • A good option for intermediate to advanced players
  • Ranges for a different paint job
  • Maximum power
  • High spin potential
  • User-friendly


  • Sometimes it is hard to control power


If you are looking for affluent play and loads of power, this racket will never fail to surprise you. It is easy to use and control as well as allows fast strokes with incredible power.


6. Wilson Adult Recreational Racket - Best In Durability

Wilson Tour Slam Adult Strung Tennis Racket, 4 1/4" - Purple

The Wilson Adult Recreational is an ideal option for female players of beginner and intermediate levels. 

It has a wide range of features that makes it an excellent choice for all players because of its great combination of control and power paired with maneuverability.

It features a large head size to achieve more power, while the increased length offers better angles and high swings.

The heavy frame of the racket enhances the sweet spot that makes this racket an all-rounder. It is one of the most powerful rackets in the market.

The building material includes graphite and hyper carbon fibers that make it stronger, light and durable. The graphite material of the racket gives more power and the racket will last longer than others. The racket comes pre-strung so you won't have to do it on your own.

Apart from all these features, the adult recreational racket uses an ultra-modern hammer technology that brings an outstanding increase in power, light feel, and sweet spot. All of it makes It an amazing option for female players.

You can enjoy the best of the game and will acquire all the tennis skills and experience. 


  • Lightweight racket
  • Head provides greater power
  • Provides more reach on court
  • Durable and strong
  • Recreational and beginner level players
  • Larger sweet spot
  • Helps improve your level


  • Too much power generation
  • Increased vibrations
  • Unstable


If you are looking for a racquet best suited for intermediate-level play, Wilson Adult Recreational Tennis Racket will give you all that you need. The design and composition make it stronger, durable, and easy to handle by all players.

It focuses on power, spin, and lightweight features that will surely assist you to improve your level in no time. It offers increased maneuverability and is easy to control.


What To Look For In A Good Women’s Racquet?

woman in blue and white sporty dress with tennis racket

Different players have varying playing skills, thus what suits one can never suit all. Every player should choose a racket according to their own need.

Before buying a tennis racket you should consider some of the given factors:


The total weight of a racket is the first thing to consider before buying, choose the one that suits you the most. Tennis rackets for female players are exclusively made lightweight for easy grip and use without any injury to arms or shoulders.

Total weight is composed of the weight distribution of the racket along with the racket head.

The racket head is more powerful when its weight distribution is high, so the high weight distributed racket is more favorable for short swings.

While a lightweight racket can be used for high and fast swings without putting much effort while playing, which makes it the best choice for female beginners and intermediate players.


The material by which a racket is made is also important to consider before buying, as the type of material used will ensure the durability and strength of a tennis racket. The best tennis racquet brand's material of premium quality will play an essential role in an efficient and ideal game. 

Rackets made from aluminum are not much strong or durable, hence can only be used by beginners to easily play and improve their skills. High-quality racket materials are Boron and Carbon fiber, although they are expensive they can easily perk up your performance and game level, hence are worth the price.

Such expensive rackets are exclusively made for advanced or professional tennis games.

Head Size

The Head size of a racket is also a crucial factor because the right size and weight of the head are necessary as it will improve your gaming skills and performance on the court. 

The Head should be strong and withstand power as it is the hitting area of a racket.

Select the racket with the head size that suits you the most and satisfies your needs. The size range of a racket is 85-135 square inches. The more the size of a racket, the more it can offer in terms of power without demanding much effort while swinging.


For better performance, you should consider the racket length. Generally, the length ranges from 27 to 28 inches. Rackets with longer lengths are best for players who wish for powerful shots while playing.

Rackets with standard length are easy to maneuver, maximum length is best for people with advanced and professional tennis play.

standing women with tennis racket

Grip Size

Grip size is referred to the size of the handle of a racket; it controls your comfort while playing on the court. Grip size should surely be considered in the case of female players because the grip will control your comfort.

Rackets with small grip sizes will be very tight and cause muscle strain while using the racket, which may lead to injury if played for a long time.

FAQ Section

Here are some commonly asked questions and their answers in this regard:

Is there a difference between male and female tennis rackets?

While there is no defined difference between them, female rackets are designed with feminine strength and body structure in mind.

Most of the female players prefer rackets with a small grip and are lightweight as they are easy to control and give a high performance as well. Keeping this in mind the tennis racquet companies build rackets for female players.

What size is a women's tennis racket?

A women’s tennis racket’s size is no different than a typical adult racket size.

Typically the length can be from 27-inches to 29-inches, grip sizes from 4 inches to 4 ¾ inches, and head size from 95 to 135-inch square. 

These measurements affect the functioning, control, and power of the rackets.

What is the best women's tennis racquet?

The best racket for you would be the one that suits all your needs. Some of the features of the best tennis racket for beginners have been discussed above.

The first feature would be the head of the racket, larger size will allow you to master tennis skills i.e. strokes and swings, and let you play with extreme precision. Next would be grip size, larger the grip would be more power you will get from each swing of the racket.

But keep in mind the grip size should not be too big and stiff, because it will be difficult to maneuver.

Overall, be careful while choosing the tennis racket for you.

Before moving on, check out this super helpful and completely free beginner-level tennis lesson:


Your performance and play in the court depend considerably upon the racket you chose.  A racket that suits you the most will save you from frustration during the play. 

These reviews covered the best women’s tennis racquet brands in my opinion.

Finding the best racket for you will take time but the results will be worth it.

The HEAD Ti. Reward is the winner in my opinion, but do take your time to have a look at the other options (and similar products) as well.

Carefully choose the one that matches your interests, and then deliver your best in the court!

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