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5 Of The Best Wilson Tennis Rackets Models Reviewed: An Easy-To-Use Buying Guide

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Last Updated: June 9, 2024

Being a trustworthy and reputable brand, Wilson has a wide selection of high-quality tennis rackets.

However, with the number of choices having varying features, the challenge will be picking the best Wilson tennis racket that suits your needs.

Which is why:

We established a comprehensive Wilson tennis rackets review to simplify your choices, so you don't spend your money investing in the wrong one. 

We know that pain because choosing the Wilson Triumph Tennis Racket as our best overall hasn't been easy for us too. But if you keep reading, you will find out how it became our personal favorite.

2024 Wilson Tennis Racquet Review

1. Wilson Triumph Tennis Racket – Best Overall

Wilson (WRT31090U2) Triumph Tennis Racket, 4 1/4"This lightweight sports equipment never fails to impress recreational tennis players with its strength, performance, and stability in every strike. 

The Wilson Triumph Tennis Racket has a small grip, ideal for women, with a unique design that minimizes the vibration you feel in each hit. 

Even its oversized head works best for newbies with less accuracy since it provides significant responsiveness and allows you more control over your strikes.

Moreover, its reduced weight compared to other Wilson tennis racquets can improve your balance during a game.

The added advantage of the V-Matrix technology and its lightweight design are why this tennis racquet is prominent for beginners looking to improve their skills. 

All these hallmarks make the tennis racket conveniently navigable for users getting used to their hands' power. It also comes in a posh pink color and a soft and comfortable yet durable grip.


  • Elegant design
  • Soft, comfortable grip
  • Cushioned handle wicks away moisture
  • Lightweight design
  • Reduced vibration
  • Ensures more control
  • Long length
  • Affordability


  • No size variation
  • Only suitable for those with smaller hands


Many people love how this tennis racquet's distinct design and construction give more power to their game. The maximum comfort it provides can spell a lot of difference in easy maneuverability and enhanced control, perfect for practicing your backhand. 

It is excellent for newbies, but intermediary players can benefit from its outstanding features too.


2. Wilson Blade v7 16x19 Tennis Racquet – Best Value

Wilson Blade v7 98 16x19 Tennis Racquet (4 1/8" Grip)The Blade is among the different racquet lines, a well-known one at that, at Wilson. 

This tennis racket belongs to Blade's 7th generation, ideal for players seeking comfort and control simultaneously.

Its popularity is hardly surprising, especially this version since it not only has a superb design, but it feels comfortable enough to provide more flexibility in the game.

The Blade v7 offers more power and spinning capability when switching from one stroke to another than the Pro Staff version. Most people love its versatility, with the large-sized head that allows its users to play defense in tennis. 

This racket also has the perfect length to provide two-handed backhand users the suitable amount of grip they need for optimized control.

Further, its impressive weight distribution will also give you an improved feel of the ball in every shot, like going through butter for enhanced accuracy and stability. 

The incredible value it delivers for its price and its remarkable features is why you'd always see the Blade in a Wilson tennis rackets review. You will rarely encounter a tennis racket review without the Blade being part of it.


  • Suitable for average and complex players
  • Trendy, versatile design
  • 16 x 19 string pattern providing more controllable power
  • Easy to play with
  • Very stable
  • Longer grip


  • Not ideal for beginners
  • Lacks shot power
  • Difficult when generating own power per serve


Besides its popularity, I'm giving the Blade its due credit for being a high-quality, top-performing tennis racket. The combination of control and comfort is what I particularly like about it. 

I believe this racquet is suitable for those seeking more power in the game while combining it with other variations like smooth groundstrokes, etc.


3. Wilson Federer Version-2 Tennis Racket – Best Seller

Wilson Federer Tennis Racquet (EA)If you're looking for the best Wilson racquet that can make every single stroke naturally easy for you, then the Federer is something for you to consider. 

Besides being named after the world-renowned tennis player, Roger Federer, this tennis racket is also an excellent choice for novice to average players.

Its sturdy, lightweight construction is among its outstanding features that give players the right balance when using the racquet. 

You can use it for practice, recreation, or improving your techniques, but no matter what your intended use is, this racket will undoubtedly give you a good game.

On a personal note, my favorite feature among the many is its perforated, moisture-wicking grip that enables better airflow while keeping the hands dry.

I like how you won't have to worry about sweaty palms, which meant a secure hold for unsurpassed, long hours of gameplay.


  • Durable, lightweight design
  • Open-string construction adds more spin to your hits
  • High-quality materials
  • Excellent head size
  • Moisture-wicking technology
  • Maintains good balance
  • Maximum comfort


  • Some complaints about the string movement during a topspin
  • Not suitable for intense ground play


The above description is more than enough to explain how this tennis racket is ultimately the bestseller, a crowd favorite, I would say. It is a practical choice for amateur or average players wanting to experience a professional style in a game.


4. Wilson US Open 19 Youth/Juniors Racket – Best For Kids

Wilson US Open 19 Youth/Juniors Recreational Tennis RacketSome of the most reputable tennis racquets for kids belong to Wilson's, and the US Open 19 Youth/Juniors tennis racquet in review is one of them. It's every young player's favorite, especially those who are just getting started with the game. 

From its top-grade material to its lightweight design and rugged construction, it is no wonder that it is among the best Wilson tennis racket for kids.

You will find it amusing for its affordability how this racket is also USTA-approved and available in various sizes to suit a broad spectrum of consumers' needs. 

This tennis racquet highlights the Wilson logo at the center of the strings, in red color, with its corresponding size on the frame's edge and the words "US Open" on top of the racquet's head.

However, it would've been better if this tennis racquet came with an essential accessory like a cover, for instance.

If having a tennis racket cover is vital for you, you should know that it is not a part of the package, but it's a good thing that it is strung-ready, minimizing the need to have it done before use.


  • An excellent option for kids or beginners
  • Impressive responsiveness
  • Lightweight and handy for any time use
  • Available in vivid colors
  • Strung racquet in blue or red


  • Cover not included
  • Too small grip even for some kids


This tennis racket could help kids seeking to up their game or advance in their gameplay skills. You will mostly encounter it in many junior sporting events, and why not? 

Aside from the backhand pros, the bargain hunters also go crazy for this tennis racket. It could be weightless, but its high level of playability will leave you in awe.


5. Wilson Burn 100 Series Racket – Best Budget-Friendly

Wilson Burn 100LS Tennis Racket, 4 3/8"The Burn 100 Series is yet another household name in Wilson racquet reviews, and let me tell you why... 

First, intermediary and seasoned players love this spin-friendly tennis racket in the Burn series, delivering unbelievable bounce, responsiveness with only minimal effort.

That's something else, right?

Most baseline players like the weightlessness and head size design of the Burn 100 tennis racket. It allows them to swing the racket with ease at top speed for some strong hits. 

Even its handle is soft to the touch, very comfortable to use in a rough play. Nevertheless, it doesn't mean all good and no lousy feature because every product practically has that.

There will be times that the Burn will feel stiff, and having an open string pattern will make some crafty shots challenging. 

I understand how most people fear how this kind of string pattern will cause the racket to go out of control because it mostly happens with other models. Despite that, Burn won't cause you such an issue if you're proficient in using spinning to your advantage.


  • Unmatched potential in spinning
  • Lightweight design
  • Comfortable
  • Fun to use at high speeds
  • Perfect for topspin baseline players
  • The open-string pattern doesn't loosen up quickly


  • More challenging to control than other Wilson models
  • Adding more weight to it will serve its purpose for advanced players
  • Not arm-friendly
  • Quite stiff


The conflicting emotions that one has towards the Burn 100 are understandable, especially for those who will use it for the first time. It promises so much power, loads of spin even, which will be beneficial for average to seasoned players but not ideal for novices.


Factors To Consider When Looking For A Tennis Racquet

Tennis racket on ground

Every player has a unique set of strengths; each deserves a racket to hone their abilities and further enhance their skills. Here are some factors worth considering when buying a tennis racquet initially or when upgrading to a new one:


Longer tennis racquets give players more reach to hit the ball accurately. The increased length offers enhanced leverage that helps create higher velocity for a more powerful hit. 

Tennis rackets have an average length of 27 inches approximately; anything more than that will already be hard to control.


Among the essential things you need to learn about a tennis racket's weight is knowing how different weights can impact a player's performance. The most effective way to identify the suitable weight is to get the feel of it personally. 

Beginners would appreciate lightweight elbow-friendly racquets since they offer more maneuverability and comfort. Contrarily, advanced players prefer heavier racquets for more stability and the capability to absorb more shock.


Having a small grip can result in the excessive squeezing of the handle, which can stress-out your muscles and cause serious injury. By contrast, having a too-large grip will make it harder for you to utilize your wrists efficiently. 

You can tell a good grip by how it feels, making it comfortable for you to play in a full range of motion. Learn more about grips from this video:

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Wilson tennis racquet is best?

There are several good Wilson tennis rackets today, but choosing the best one varies for every type of player. 

Amateurs prefer tennis rackets with large head sizes, lightweight build yet still come with optimal power like Wilson Ultra. Intermediate and advanced players like racquets with medium-sized heads, having more control than power, like the Wilson Blade v7.

Is Wilson a good tennis racket?

Wilson offers a wide selection of tennis rackets for kids and for every level of play. They innovate different racquets to suit the needs of varying users depending on skill and preferred style. 

You might have encountered several Wilson tennis rackets review, so by this time, you already know that Wilson earned its way to fame with good quality and well-made products.

Therefore, I believe that Wilson engineers good tennis racquets, and I'm pretty sure you can always find one that works best for your every need.

Is Wilson or Babolat better?

Both Wilson and Babolat are leading brands in best value tennis racket innovation. 

To say that one is better than the other would be almost impossible since they are exceptional in their distinct ways. Choosing between these two leading brands depends on preference, and it's unquestionably more than just the brand hype. 

Babolat offers tennis racquets leaning toward the classic style, while for Wilson, it is the combination of both traditional and modern. 

Conclusively, the better one of the two is entirely irrelevant of the branding but more on the overall experience based on their consumers' perspectives.

Tennis ball on a tennis racket

Final Thoughts

After going through an in-depth Wilson tennis racquet review, we hope that we're able to help you decide and pick the perfect one for you. 

The Wilson Triumph Tennis Racket is my pick for the best overall for its top-tier performance and reliability. It adds more oomph to your swings for only a reasonable cost than other models. 

Additionally, the Wilson Blade v7 16x19 Tennis Racquet stood out as my best value for being a gamechanger by optimizing the right balance between control and comfort. 

It gives players more power with less pain, making it truly worth the purchase. We hope to have helped make the overall buying experience less daunting and more enjoyable for you.

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