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The 5 Best Tennis String Brands To Improve Accuracy Of Your Spin, Control & Power

white tennis strings on a racquet

Last Updated: June 12, 2024

If you’re eyeing the best tennis string available in the market but you're having confusion by their types.


You’re in for an easier guide.

Strings are significant as they tend to control the performance of the racquet - spin, power, softness, and durability.

One of our recommendations for intermediate players is the Solinco Hyper-G Heaven which made it on top of our list. Take a read and find out why!

We hope that you find the tennis strings that suit your playstyle the most with the help of our tennis string comparison.

The Top 5 Best Tennis Strings Reviewed

1. Solinco Hyper-G Poly String – Best Overall

Solinco Heaven Strings Hyper-G Tennis String Set-17g/1.20mm The Solinco Hyper-G features an edged shape allowing you to deliver an eccentric spin. It is one of the best tennis strings for control in the market.

The reason why this product stands out is that compared to it, other polyester strings lack elasticity and control. Specifically, this model displays a nice touch and maintains its tension during use.

This is a good option for intermediate players who need polyester strings that can accompany every hand movement, making it easier to use.

Solinco Hyper-G is a newly developed, high-performance, and versatile co-polyester string. It helps in achieving good control and producing utmost power, exquisite spin, and enhanced aim.

This offers 40 feet or 12.2 meters of string enough to cover a whole tennis racket. Plus, this string is square-shaped, its thickness or gauge ranges from 16 to 20. 


  • Offers a good touch 
  • Durable
  • Gives no side effects on the arms
  • Square-shaped providing good spin
  • Offers long-lasting performance
  • Provides effortless power


  • Price and performance does not suit beginners
  • Restringing might be needed


This is the best tennis string that specializes in spin, durability, and control. It prevents any tension in the arms for better endurance.


2. Wilson Synthetic Gut Power – Best Budget Buy

Wilson Synthetic Gut Power Tennis String Set

The Wilson Synthetic Gut Power offers a specialty noticeable from its name.

Its multipurpose highlights compliments beginners. It specializes in durability and control. It can also provide immense power with a minimum force.

This product features a classic synthetic gut construction that displays one solid core nylon string. Also, it has bi-directional Nomex X Bands which offer responsive energy.

This model is flexible and can be used for a variety of playing styles. It has a gauge of 16 and is enough to cover a whole tennis racquet.

What makes this unique is that it offers so much power despite being made of synthetic gut. This gives plenty of action and opportunity.

This tennis string is ideal for beginners, the string will provide excess power for you, requiring less effort in returning the ball on the other side of the court.

Its only disadvantage is that its purpose gets defeated when used by intermediate and advanced players who can already exert maximum force.

Nonetheless, this is great for volleying and has nice pocketing. It offers long-lasting performance at the most affordable price. 


  • Provides high power for a synthetic gut
  • Does not have harmful side effects on the arm
  • Budget-friendly
  • Ideal for beginners who cannot generate power easily


  • Lacks sense of touch 
  • Expresses weak spin


This string makes a good choice for beginners as this model offers less maintenance and an affordable price.


3. Babolat RPM Blast Black 17g Strings – Best For Spin

RPM Blast Black 17g Strings

The Babolat RPM Blast Strings is one of the best tennis strings for spin. The material it is made of is a durable co-poly string that is octagonally designed.

This string is well known and highly used among players because it was once used by the famous Rafael Nadal in 2010.

This is a beginner-friendly string. Its highlights are its comfort, control, and touch despite being more beneficial for players with bigger strokes.

When it comes to strength, the slick surface of the product gives a chance for the main string to adjust its alignment, then grabs the ball and returns with a spin on the shot.

This product is said to perform more exceptionally than the other co-poly monofilament strings.

It also offers a softer touch than any other traditional polyesters, and contains the softest co-polyester available!

This is a great choice for tall players and those who have heavier racquets requiring maximum control, durability, and spin.

Its only disadvantage is that it lacks power, its 17-gauge string slightly makes up for it.


  • Offers an uncontested spinning potential
  • Provides softness on the arm
  • Designed for control and comfort within use
  • Suited and beneficial for various types of players
  • Proposes exceptional performance


  • High maintenance
  • Lacks power
  • Loses its tension quickly


This model offers its spin and protection for every type of player that aims for exceptional performance.


4. Luxilion Big Banger – Best For Intermediate Players

Luxilion Big Banger Alu Power 125

The Luxilion Big Banger is popular for various reasons. Although durability is its main offer, the product possesses more ideal qualities.

Its textured and rough-shaped polyester string gives a special touch that maintains the control and has a pinch of a spin on the ball.

This type of string was used by numerous popular players. It is constructed with unique co-polyester and aluminum combined into one, increasing its flexibility while staying on the right level on maneuverability.

This string is more recommended for intermediate players than beginners.

Its power is not the greatest compared to the other strings. It requires you to produce enough of your own which makes it ideal for training.

However, sensitivity is not its forte. In other words, this is ideal to be used from the baseline than from closer to the net. 


  • Exceedingly durable
  • Tension handling is not a challenge
  • Provides a great spin and control
  • Works best for advanced players


  • Lacks power
  • May strain the arm
  • Stiffness is not ideal for beginners


This product is perfect for those advanced athletes who are eyeing a string with durability, balanced power, great spin, and nice control.


5. Solinco Confidential Tennis String – Best in Durability

Solinco Confidential Tennis String (16) A newly developed and made from a versatile co-polyester string is what the Solinco Confidential is about!

It offers its new and improved tension maintenance so you don’t have to worry about hurting your arms anymore while playing.

This product’s shape complements its spin and ability to release maximum power through its swings and shots.

Its thickness is measured 16 and it contains a premium design, majorly colored silver.

This model has enhanced comfort, a harder bite, a stable control sensitivity, and an exceeding improvement of tension maintenance.

It is uniquely four-sided allowing you to achieve the satisfactory return of the ball and the right amount of power.

Its only disadvantage is that it may be too soft or fragile for advanced players, especially for those who hit hard.


  • Holds tension well
  • Comfortable and soft for a polyester string
  • Has a good balance between its comfort and performance
  • Works ideally for beginners
  • Constructed with high-quality materials


  • Not recommended for hard-hitting players


This item benefits beginners with its affordability, comfort, enhanced playability, harder bite, and stable control sensitivity which provides the satisfactory snap back of the ball.


What Is A Tennis String?

Tennis strings are the part of tennis rackets that make contact with the ball. These form a cross-hatched shape inside the racket’s hoop.

There are various types available in the market, they vary in their materials, composition, and properties like stiffness, tension, and gauge.

Why Are Quality Tennis Strings Necessary?

These strings are considered the soul of a racket as they affect your potential, accuracy, and comfort. They are crucial for your gameplay to improve.

They were made to make contact with the ball, molding and maneuvering it in the right direction.

Characteristics Of Tennis Strings

man stringing a tennis racket

When choosing a tennis string, you must consider each of its characteristics as well as its advantages and disadvantages.

Many terms like monofilament, poly, and gauge might confuse and give you a hard time. You’ll be shocked to know they play an important role.  

Types Of Material

Nylon Or Synthetic Gut

Nylon or also known as synthetic gut produces a smoother feel and touch despite its lack of control accuracy.

This material tends to be more durable as it is synthetically made.

It is highly recommended for beginners, not only is it more affordable but it is also safer and helps in avoiding light injuries and muscle strain. 

Natural Gut

This material is directly made from the gut of a cow, thus its name.

It allows players to achieve the ideal stability, control, spin, and touch of the strings for better gameplay.

Since this material is natural, it tends to be slightly more expensive and less durable compared to other synthetic materials on the market.

This is perfect for the best intermediate tennis racquet and for advanced tennis players.


This is the most popular and most used material. Polyester-made strings are everywhere in the market.

It is the strongest, most enhanced, and most durable material around.

Some find polyester material to be too stiff, and as a solution, polyester-gut combinations we’re made.

This is used by players regardless of their skills, it is recommended for advanced players too.


Monofilament String

Monofilament strings are commonly made with a single strand material. If you observe it thoroughly, you’ll notice that it has a singular solid core.

Most of these are made from polyester material. It is widely popular in the advanced tier and specializes in durability and control.

However, it lacks comfort, power, and a smooth feel which may affect your gameplay.

Composite And Co-Poly String

These two strings are greatly similar but often identified as separate strings in the market.

A composite string is basically a string having a singular solid core. This core is from a monofilament that has an outer layer of numerous fibers woven together.

On the other hand, a co-poly string is somehow similar but is majorly composed of polyester. It also has a touch of extra added materials which increases its popularity.

Textured String

Textured strings have been widely manufactured over the years.

If you slice these strings in half and observe their composition, you would find out that these strings are not round at all. That’s because textured strings are designed with edges to allow a spinning effect when they grab the ball with impact.

These come in different shapes such as hexagonal, octagonal, and twisted.


white and black strings of tennis racket

A string gauge or the thickness of a string also plays an essential role in its quality.

It ranges from 15 to 19, 15 being the thickest. A gauge of 16 and 17 are the most popular and common.

More gauge allows you to excel in releasing spin and power. However, it sacrifices its control and durability. 

What Should You Consider When Looking For Tennis Strings?

Finding the perfect tennis string for your racket gives you more confidence and can help improve your playing skills greatly.

Here are the three things you should consider when choosing the best tennis strings:


You need to identify what type of tennis string is ideal for your playing style, not just what is popular or highly recommended.

Similar to rackets having different sizes and weights that affect your experience, strings also provide different impacts when having contact with the ball.

Power, control, comfort, and spin are the key benefits you should keep in mind when looking for good tennis strings.


Power defines how quickly the ball returns after being in contact with the strings.

These strings are ideal for players who are yet to learn how to generate their force, and for young players who haven’t developed strong muscles.

Strings that specialize in power are usually made from natural gut or nylon.


tennis racket hitting a ball

When we talk about control we mean how long the ball dwells on the string.

Control strings work well for experienced players who are not dependent on the string’s power. It is also ideal if you want to rely on its control to maneuver where the ball goes, making it easier to aim.

It is typically produced from polyester and nylon.


Comfort defines the amount of tension you feel on your arm as you play.

Comfort strings aim for senior players or people who are prone to arm injuries such as a tennis elbow.

They are usually made of flexible materials like natural gut or nylon.


The name spin speaks for itself, it is the number of rotations the ball makes during and after making contact with the strings.

Spin strings are best for competitive players that make use of spinning as a strategy.

These are made of polyester that features various shapes and textures for a better spin.


These are the factors that make up the string you’ll be choosing.

Mainly, what material it is made of, but this also includes its gauge (thickness) and composition. You are to consider these three and view them as one functioning string. 


Take some time and ponder on how much you’re willing to invest just for the strings of your tennis racket.

Price varies from different types of tennis strings along with the materials and benefits it has.

For beginners, it is recommended to spend in the $4 to $10 range. For intermediate players, it is advised to spend $10 to $20. And advanced players are suggested to spend somewhere between $20 to $40.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Tennis String Is Recommended For Beginners?

The tennis strings recommended for starters are the ones that offer raw and sufficient power.  One that can produce its power will help the player at times they do not exert enough.

Natural gut and nylon strings work well, they provide both power and comfort.

Do Tennis Strings Affect Your Playing Style?

The answer is yes, the material and type of tennis strings have a significant effect on your playstyle.

Weight, balance, stiffness, and size are vital factors a player should consider.

They affect your force, aim, and comfort. They are also made to change the feel of the ball return, add spin, and make it easier for you to play at a faster pace.

What Type Of Tennis String Is Most Durable?

Kevlar is the most durable tennis string available. Its stiffness and uptight strings are reduced by being combined with nylon.

However, they are also weaker in terms of the power they produce are not comfortable to use.

An ideal alternative to Kevlar is monofilament strings which are polyester-made. It is less stiff but has a high initial tension loss.

The longevity of a tennis string highly influenced by the care it receives. Another major factor would be how it is strung and if it is properly knotted into the racket.

If you don’t know about string knotting or the different ways to do it, this is the perfect time to check out this video:

What Should You Avoid If You Are Injury Prone?

If you experience wrist and joints injury quite often, you should avoid going for polyester strings.

Polyester strings are tough and designed for professional players. However, they tend to pose an impact on amateur players as well.

They do not have much elasticity, resulting in quicker tension loss. And they also require frequent restringing to avoid dead strings.

What Tension Should You String Your Racket?

You may start by searching the recommended tension range of the racket from the manufacturer or wherever you have purchased it.

When you already know what the recommended tension is, consider the type of string you’re using.

If you have a polyester string, starting on the low end of the recommendation is advised. On the other hand, if you are using a synthetic gut, we recommend starting on the mid to high end.

Stringing your racket may affect the power and control of the string. We advise that you take this matter delicately but using the best tennis stringing machine can help you.

The Bottom Line

Choosing a tennis string may be challenging since you have to consider various factors. A tennis string comparison would help a lot when you find difficulty choosing from your options.

Nonetheless, we present our top picks which are the Solinco Hyper-G Heaven High Spin Poly String, and the Wilson Synthetic Gut Power Tennis String as a budget-friendly alternative.

The Solinco Hyper-G Heaven’s spin and feel are its specialties. It combines power, durability, control, and affordability into one. Also, it is designed for all types of players with different play styles and levels, giving you the best experience as you smash and play.

You can start winning games and be at the top of your journey with the best strings that suit your playing style the most!

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