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6 Best Tennis Stringing Machines In 2024: How To Choose The Top Quality Stringer

stringing tennis racket using a machine

Last Updated: May 13, 2024

How long do you think it takes to string a tennis racket?


So many factors control your speed and accuracy, such as your experience as a stringer.

The other factor, which is the topic of our review, is the stringing machine you're using.

When you have a sturdy, simple mounting system, you'll not lose tension or tangle your string between clamps.

Many machines claim to have that, but we found one that fits the title of the best tennis stringing machine. Have you heard about Gamma X-2? We'll tell you why you should consider it as we look at it.

Tennis Stringing Machine Reviews: 6 Top Picks

1. Gamma X-2 – Best Overall

Gamma X-2 Racquet Stringing Machine: X-Stringer X-2 Tennis String Machine with Stringing Tools and Accessories - Tennis, Squash and Badminton Racket Stringer - Tabletop Racket Restring Machines The Gamma brand is synonymous with excellent stringing machines, but we picked one and elevated it to best overall. Why? It combines functionality with a reasonable price.

Thanks to its two composite floating clamps and its 2-point mounts, your racket is secure as you work on it, meaning you won't lose tension in the process.

The Gamma X-2 is also durable because it has an aluminum extrusion base, and its rotational racket gripper is diamond-coated.

It uses a drop-weight racket system; therefore, its work is accurate without the need for frequent adjustments. The Gamma X-2 comes with the tools you need, an essential feature for a first-time user without a supply of stringing tools.


  • Easy to use floating clamps
  • Excellent work quality
  • Suitable when practicing stringing
  • Affordable
  • A drop weight system for constant pull


  • It's a 2-point mount.


It's easy to plug the parts and mount the Gamma X-2, and the tools that come with it are enough. It's the best tennis racquet stringing machine for beginners who want to test different strings and tensions or to do it independently without the help of a club or racket store.


2. Gamma XLT – Best Tabletop Design

Gamma XLTYou see, we'll have to discuss several Gamma machines in this review, as it's popular in stringer circles. Here's a second one, the Gamma XLT. It's a portable machine as it's a tabletop design, which lets you move it around in your workstation.

It has a digital control panel with memory settings to make it easier to recall the adjustments you make.

This panel also gives you other benefits like an internal diagnostic check and pulling speed.

Expect meticulous, accurate work as it comes with an electronically controlled pull tensioner from 11 to 90 pounds in 0.1 increments.

The Gamma XLT has a 6-point mount system with V mounts that hold your racket frame firmly to avoid loose tension. Additionally, its slim string clamps have high friction surfaces to grip the strings using less clamping pressure.

Have we mentioned that it has a removable tool tray that can serve your other DIY tasks? It also comes with enough tools; thus, no need to spend more money.


  • A foot pedal switch
  • A 360 turntable rotation
  • Essential tools like awls and pliers
  • A removable tool tray
  • 6-point mounting system
  • A digital control panel


  • The stand is separate
  • High price


The Gamma XLT is a portable tabletop machine with a digital control panel. This panel enables tension adjustment, knot function, plus a diagnostic check. It lets you mount your racket on 6 points for better stringing.


3. Gamma Progression ST II – Best Versatile Stringer

Gamma Progression ST II Machine: 360 Degree Rotation Tabletop Racquet Stringer Machines with Stringing Accessories/Racket String Tools - Strings Racquetball, Squash, Tennis or Badminton Rackets We ranked this stringer as the most versatile in our review because it restrings more than just tennis rackets. You can use it for badminton or squash racquets.

On top of that, the Gamma Progression ST II has a 6-point mounting system for extra safety as you weave your way through the strings.

It's more expensive than the standard stringer but with a good reason as you can use it for home or commercial needs.

This machine isn't complicated, and it has heavy-duty buttons that confirm it's of high quality. The Gamma Progression ST II is portable, which lets you change your workstation when necessary. You'll get it as a complete set containing pliers, different awls, hex wrenches, and a diagonal cutter.

As you work, all your tools will be within reach as it has inbuilt tool trays. It gives you control over the stringing process using a manual spring tension winder.


  • For personal or commercial use
  • 6-point mounting system
  • It's portable
  • Easy to use


  • Made of steel, not rust resistant


The Gamma Progression ST II offers a 6-point mounting system, so it's safe and easy to use. You can use it for personal or commercial stringing. Additionally, it's a multipurpose machine you can use on your tennis, badminton, or squash rackets.


4. Gamma Progression 200 – Best Budget Option

Gamma Progression 200One of the main differences between the Gamma Progression 200 and the Gamma Progression ST II above is the mounting system, as this one has a 2-point system. It makes it easier to use because you have only two points to mount.

Further, this machine is durable, offering you a diamond-coated rotational gripper.

The Gamma Progression 200 comes with a set of tools needed when stringing your racket, so you can start using it as soon as it arrives.

The price is also attractive, bearing in mind that you're getting an excellent entry-level stringer at an affordable price.

Its quality of work is professional, offering perfect string tension thanks to its drop-weight tensioning using a 360-steel turntable. The downside is that its floating clamps reduce the speed and accuracy of the process, unlike fixed clamps.


  • Sturdy build
  • Tools are inclusive
  • Drop weight mechanism for accurate tension


  • You need some practice to master a drop weight machine.


The Gamma Progression 200 has a 2-point mounting system and two floating string clamps. To perfect the tension on your racket, it uses a drop-weight tensioning mechanism.

On top of that, it's sturdy since its rotational racket gripper is diamond-coated. It's the best tennis stringing machine for the little money you've saved so far.


5. Gamma 6004 – Best Standalone String Machine

Gamma Professional 6004 Tennis Racquet Stringing Machine: Standing Racket String Machine, Tools and Accessories Included – Tennis, Squash, Badminton, 6pt SC Suspension Mounting System If none of the tabletop designs above is of interest to you, here's a standing one.

It has an adjustable height between 36" and 48" to suit different users. On top of that, the alloy steel material makes it durable.

The Gamma 6004 has a diamond-coated linear string gripper that secures the grip on your racket to make the stringing process professional and safe.

What you'll love most about this machine is the ease of use and the choice between a 6-point and a 2-point mounting system. 


  • A large tool tray
  • An adjustable height from 36 to 48 inches
  • A 360-degree rotating turntable
  • Easy to use
  • A floor stand


  • It lacks a foot pedal tensioner switch
  • No digital control panel


We ranked it as the best tennis racquet stringing machine for users looking for one with a floor stand. Plus, you can adjust its height up to 48 inches.


6. Tourna 600-ES – Best Digital Option

Tourna 600-ES Constant Pull Stringing Machine This machine introduces an advanced constant pull system with six adjustable pull speeds to suit your experience with stringing machines. It has a digital control panel, and it can string badminton and squash rackets too.

Further, you'll have four pre-stretch levels to remove any tension loss in the string. For that reason, when you restring your tennis racket, it'll maintain the tension longer.

It also gives you a knot function that increases the stringing tension when you pull your tie-offs to retain the desired tension.

Its quick-action rotating swivel clamps secure your strings as you work on the next part. What's more, it's a standalone machine with a tension foot pedal to help you work faster.


  • Four pre-stretch levels
  • Quick action swivel clamps
  • Digital control panel
  • Tension foot pedal
  • For stringing badminton, tennis, and squash rackets
  • A 360-turntable rotation with a braking system


  • It's heavy


The Tourna 600-ES machine has four pre-stretch levels, a tension foot pedal, and quick action swivel clamps, three features that prevent loss of string tension.


After these thorough tennis stringing machine reviews, we need to help you differentiate the best features. Therefore, here's:

How To Choose The Best Stringing Machine

Now let me help you with choosing the best stringing machine in the market today... 

Racquet Support System

woman putting string on a racket

To prevent damage to the delicate frame of the racket, it ought to stay under low stress as much as possible. If the support system puts too much pressure on the racket frame, it can create minor cracks that weaken your racket.

You'll come across three support systems that are 2, 4, and 6 mounts. The 2-point mount supports your racket on two opposite sides, while the 4-point introduces two more supports at 2 o'clock and 10 o'clock.

If you have a 6-point mount, you have four additional supports.

The 2-point makes the shape of the racket rounder when stringing vertically and returns it to its usual frame shape when stringing horizontally, causing stress to the frame.

For that reason, having more support mounts holds the racket frame better, so it doesn't move as you string.

The downside of using several support mounts is that they come in your way as you string through the holes.

Quality Clamps

Clamps hold and maintain the tension needed for the job without damaging your racket frame.

To know you're getting the best, they should have a surface that doesn't damage the best tennis racket strings.

Further, the string shouldn't slip through the clamps, as this can cause inaccuracies. You'll probably use a machine with fixed clamps, but there are also designs with flying clamps.

You can move the flying clamps as much as needed, but this may affect accuracy when they wobble.

Also, think about:

The Tensioning System

We've talked about a few drop-weight tensioning systems in our review above. Other tensioning systems are electric and hand crank.

Of these three, the drop weight is the least popular with beginners though it gives accurate results. Such a machine uses a metal rod and a weight to build tension.

For the hand crank, you insert the string and engage the crank to pull the string until you get the best tension. In an almost similar fashion, the electric system pulls and holds the string using a brake when it attains tension.

The Purpose

For example, if you need a stringer for commercial purposes, it should have a quick-mounting system to reduce the amount of time you take on each racket. If it's for occasional personal use, you'd not worry so much about such a feature.

Tabletop Or Standing Machine

yellow and black racket in a stringing machine

It may not be a high-priority feature like the mounting system, but there's a big difference between a tabletop machine and one with a floor stand.

For example, it's easier to move the tabletop design, even though it's not very light.


If stability matters more than portability, the standing racquet stringer wins.

The Accessories

Buy a machine inclusive of essential tools like awls and pliers to eliminate the extra cost.

Also, if it's your first stringing machine, you'll be more confident when the manufacturer gives you all the tools you need to start stringing.

Other considerations to make are the space and sturdiness of the table to hold your machine.

By now, you know the machine to purchase. But, before we conclude our discussion on stringing machines, I’ll get you the answers to the frequently asked questions, below.

Popular Questions About The Best Tennis Stringing Machine

Is It Complicated To Use A Tennis Stringing Machine?

Once you learn how to mount your racquet and operate the machine, it'll take you a short time to string each racket. The most important steps are:

  • Cut the old strings to leave your racquet bare. It's easier when you start in the middle of the racket.
  • Inspect the grommets and replace them if necessary.
  • Cut about 35 to 40 feet of the new string. It might be too big, but it's better to start with more than to run out of string in the middle of the job.
  • Mount your tennis racket on the machine; it should be firm but not too tight or too loose. 
  • Start stringing from the middle, working your mains from the head toward the handle. Finish working in one direction first, either left or right from the middle of the head.
  • Clamp the string to tighten it, and do this repeatedly until you string all the holes until you have two end strings left or right of the head.
  • Clamp each of the end strings and tighten them. Next, make a knot, tighten it, then cut the excess string. You'll have a series of parallel strings running from the head to the handle.
  • Insert the first cross string parallel to the main strings and clamp it, then make a knot. Start at the head, and alternate each cross string to pass either above or beneath the main strings. At the end of the process, you'll make a knot and cut the string.

Remember, the machine you're using also guides your method. The method we've explained above is just one of the many ways to string your racket.

What Is The Advantage Of Buying A Stringing Machine?

Let's look at a few benefits of getting a stringing machine,

It's Cost-Effective

You can buy the string in bulk, which is cost-effective. Additionally, you can string your rackets whenever necessary to eliminate the need to purchase many tennis rackets as a backup.

It boosts...


Allows you to try stringing patterns that suit your tennis skills because you can control the power of your shots plus the spin by choosing a suitable string pattern. For example, you can use a dense string pattern for more power and an open one for better ball spin.


You can restring your rackets as often as possible, even once every month. Also, getting a machine ends the search for a club or a tennis store with a stringer. You'll also schedule restringing at your convenience.

Liberty To Use Any String

Testing different strings such as best multifilament strings and racket tensions are part of the learning process for a tennis player. Therefore, it doesn't matter if you'll use expensive ones like the natural gut string, as your purpose is elasticity and managing tension.

If you'd prefer synthetic gut strings, multifilament, hybrid, or even polyester, it's up to you.

The Verdict

To start stringing your rackets at home, get the Gamma X-2. It won't give you a headache with a complicated mounting system as it's a 2-point machine. Its parts are durable, its work is accurate, and it's affordable.

But, you can save some money by getting the Gamma Progression 200. It's a portable tabletop machine with a drop-weight tensioning mechanism for accuracy. Plus, the tools are inclusive, saving you more money.

You’ll notice that these two designs come from the same brand, so if none of them suits your present need, you can always check the others in our review above.

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