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Best Racquet For Tennis Elbow Comfort On Intense Tennis Hours: 2024 Buying Guide

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Last Updated: June 11, 2024

Tired of aching arms and elbows during your intense tennis hours? 

Well, who isn’t?

So, to keep on playing for hours and hours, you must obtain proper equipment, especially a tennis racket.

Recently, tennis gear companies are aiming for creating comfortable and arm-friendly tennis rackets.

There are various such rackets on market, from which selecting an appropriate one could be a hassle. For that, the following tennis rackets for tennis elbow reviews and the accompanying buyer’s guide will be of much help.

The YONEX EZONE 98 Plus Tennis Racquet is the best overall, but do check out all the others as well.

The Best Racquet Brands For Tennis Elbow - Reviewed

1. YONEX EZONE 98 Plus Tennis Racquet - Overall Best

YONEX EZONE 98 Plus - Deep Blue Tennis Racquet (4 1/2" Grip Size)

Yonex is an extraordinary tennis racquet with excellent functioning, I’m not flattering, that’s how it is. Easy to use and highly versatile, EZONE 98 is a perfect choice for anyone looking for a sturdy and stable option, as compared to others on the market.

Thus, it is the perfect elbow-friendly tennis racquet, overall.

The head size is 98 square inches, smaller than many other racquets, though the pattern of the string is 16/19, which offers a higher sweet spot. The best feature of this tennis racket is that it can be used for all gameplay levels.

Particularly created for progressive play, this racquet will save you from elbow pain and injuries because of its low flex level. 

Yonex Ezone comprises a Dual Shut System to reduce friction and better absorb shocks.

It also offers solid and strong handling with an easy grip. The soft and easy grip allows you to play for a long time with high efficiency and precision. Lightweight and hard-wearing structures will make it last longer too, so win-win.


  • Combination of strength and control
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Shock and juddering balance
  • Spin friendly
  • Highly affordable


  • Less power
  • Not the most attractive design


Yonex Ezone is the best racquet for tennis elbow, period.

It is an incredible option for intermediate and pro players who are fed up with tennis elbow ruining their game and require a racket that guarantees exceptional performance while saving them from elbow or wrist pain.


2. Wilson Clash 100 - Best For Professional Play

Wilson Clash 100 Tennis Racquet

Wilson is acknowledged for making a vast range of arm-friendly tennis racquets that ensure safety and are highly operational. This product, in particular, the Wilson Clash 100, has a  distinctive style and set of features that make it different from all the others on the market.

It is considered the most malleable tennis racquet being highly bendable and having a stumpy flex ranking. All the juddering is effectively absorbed by the flex that allows powerful strikes without any concern of injuries.

The size of this racquet’s head is approximately 100 square inches, which allows a huge sweet spot, i.e. the area where the ball hits most efficiently and reduces any wrist or elbow pain whenever you hit the ball.

Wilson Clash 100 is an excellent choice for people at an advanced gaming level or who like to play with more spin and power.

Besides, the racquet is well-known for its intensity and precision as well.


  • Offers an outstanding arrangement of power and handling
  • Arm-friendly features
  • Comfortable
  • High maneuverability
  • Recommended for intermediate and professional players
  • Easy and effective swings
  • Better ball handling


  • No diversity in sizes and designs
  • Not made for beginners
  • Little expensive


If you want a tennis racket created exclusively for professional and advanced players and provides extraordinary play. The Wilson Clash 100 is well known for giving a comfortable feel.


3. Volkl V-Feel V1 OS - Best Shock Absorption

Volkl V Feel V1 OS Tennis Racquet

Volkl industry is evolving steadily by producing a huge line of some of the finest tennis rackets that are highly contented and arm-friendly.

The V-Feel is exclusively made to tackle elbow pain or other such issues on the court. With a large head size, the racket delivers a great amount of power with a larger sweet spot that makes it easier to hit the ball.

Easy handling and maneuverability make it the best arm-friendly tennis racquet that is capable of absorbing vibrations.

The design includes a tiny pin in the handle that assists in the rapid absorption of shocks created while hitting the ball. Plus, it contains a perfect combination of control, strength, and spin potential.

Volkl V-Feel is considered an amazing choice for tennis trainees so that they can acquire more skills. This is a low-powered, control-oriented, and comfortable tennis racket.  Lesser exertion also prevents injuries to your wrist or elbow and allows you to play for a long time.


  • Efficient in shock immersion
  • Appropriate for wrist or elbow injuries
  • Best for beginner tennis players


  • Slight power production
  • A little expensive


Volkl V-Feel is perfectly suitable for players with limb injuries, making it one of the best arm-friendly tennis racquets in the market.

A one-time investment can help ensure your safety no matter how much you play.

This racket is well appreciated for its effective shock absorption which makes it easy to use and handle, with no strain exerted on your wrists or elbow.


4. HEAD Graphene 360+ Prestige MP Racquet - Best Grip

HEAD Graphene Touch Prestige MID Tennis Racquet (4 5/8" Grip) Strung with Natural Color Tennis Racket String

HEAD is popular for introducing a series of the most impeccably designed and arm-friendly tennis rackets. The Graphene 360+ is exclusively designed so that you can have an amazing tennis experience without hurting yourself.

It does not let any of the shocks or juddering get to you as it efficiently absorbs all of them.

The racquet has a smaller head size with a closed string pattern that gives a comfortable feel.

Moreover, it provides easy handling with increased spin potential that induces excellent play. It also possesses Graphene Touch technology that gives a huge burst of power, so you can make strong swings without putting much effort into it.

The strikes are more precise and easily controllable, which allows extraordinary gameplay.

Its frame has ideal size and weight, plus the grip is soft that makes it easy to hold. The overall features of this racket were based on the idea to ensure your safety at any cost.  Along with immense power, the racket provides high stability and handling.


  • Extraordinary control
  • Flexible grip style
  • Suitable for intermediate to professional level
  • Excellent control
  • Flexible racquet


  • Power control makes it friendly for the elbow


HEAD Graphene is one of the best rackets for tennis elbow, because of its peculiar design and sturdy build.

The flexible grip and stiffer frame guarantee the safety of your arms and wrists.

If you want a tennis racket that allows high control over the ball along with effective shock absorption, HEAD Graphene is just the right option.


5. HEAD Microgel Racket - Best For Intermediate Players

HEAD Microgel Radical Tennis Racket - Pre-Strung 27 Inch Adult Racquet

The HEAD Microgel Racket, as the name suggests, contains a microgel mechanism that includes silicon-made bits and pieces having lesser density. The silicon raw material along with carbon fibers makes it a sturdy and hard-wearing tennis racket.

Carbon fibers allow effective damping of vibrations whenever you hit the ball without any injuries. It is one of the best rackets for tennis elbow, as it allows easy play and handling, plus it doesn't exert any negative pressures.

The racquet has a variety of size options to choose from that you can pick out the right one. The mid-size head is approximately 98 square inches, suitable for intermediate tennis players, and offers a sufficient amount of stability and control.

A well-acknowledged feature of this tennis racquet is the HydroSorb grip style that gives additional comfort and safety insurance. Microgel is considered a control-oriented tennis racket with a lesser flex ranking.

The unique structure lets you have intense gameplay without any threat of damage or injury.

Microgel Radical provides performance with high exactness and accuracy that somewhat lowers the strike power.  That's why it is best for professional tennis players as they possess more tennis skills that allow them to maneuver more power by their strength.

Being pretty easy to handle, even by players with tennis elbow, it has become an eminent choice all around.


  • Efficient shock absorber
  • Improved width allows increased swing
  • Sturdy and hard-wearing
  • Easy to maneuver and handle
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Adequate for intermediate players


  • Not good for beginners and new players
  • The sweet spot is smaller as compared to others.


HEAD MicroGel can produce immense power at each swing so that you won't have to put much energy into it. If you are an intermediate player and want to improve your skills, HEAD microgel will surely help you.


How To Pick Elbow-Friendly Tennis Racquets?

Looking for the best racket for tennis elbow, you must take into account the comfort and functioning that it can offer. Take time and go for the one that is compatible with your skills and gaming level.

These are some of the points to take into account before purchasing a tennis racket for tennis elbow:

Racquet Weight

The overall weight of rackets from the top tennis racket brand is an essential feature to consider before buying, as it will help lessen the damages and prevent elbow aches. Normally, a heavyweight tennis racket can captivate all the juddering and shocks entirely.

Thus, it is very advantageous to use a tennis racket with increased weight.

But, heavyweight racquets exert excessive pressure on your limbs which will lead to poor play and handling of the ball. In some cases, players tolerating tennis elbow prefer lightweight tennis rackets, which can get rid of pain and provide stress-free handling and operation.

Remember to pick out a tennis racket that is suitable for your limbs.

Racquet Stiffness

Racket grip and thickness are other attributes to look for before obtaining any tennis racket. Usually, a firmer tennis racquet is considered rough on your wrists and arm due to the juddering. More ambiance will exert more negative effects on your body.

Hand Holding a tennis racquet

In contrast, a tennis racket with lesser toughness possesses a more malleable structure that allows a better grip and easy handling.

Moreover, it should be good at dampening all the shock.

Head Size

The head or the frame size of a racquet is a must to know, as the right size will help to lessen tennis elbow. The tennis racquet with a bigger head size, like a Wilson tennis racquet, is much more qualified to comfort elbow ache and stress.

The amplified size of a tennis racket allows the strings to bend and take in the impact.

But a larger frame size can cause less maneuverability, and too much increase in size will cause a decline in performance.

String Tension

The tension created between the strings has a noteworthy effect on your gameplay.

Tennis rackets formed with lesser string tension tend to avoid injuries caused by shocks and vibrations. Less tension within the strings causes efficient shock absorption as it engrosses most of the power in the frame, yet allows a slighter control over the ball.  

In contrast, a racket with manageable strings will provide additional power and spin aptitude, which creates relief but brings reduced maneuverability and handling. An example of a string that can give more power to every shot is the best multifilament tennis string.

Tennis ball on a tennis racket

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions and their answers:

Which tennis racket is best for tennis elbow?

Juddering is produced as the ball hits the strings of a racket, which can proceed to the elbow and wrist, creating pain there. The tennis racket that is capable of absorbing the juddering and shocks can be considered a better option for tennis elbow.

Moreover, a racket that can generate extra power is preferred as it can operate without putting lots of strain on your body.

Is a heavier racquet better for tennis elbow?

The weight requirements are different for each player.

A heavyweight racket is much preferred by qualified players as it effectively dampens all the vibrations and offers comfortable play. But using heavier rackets can leave players exhausted pretty quickly.

However, beginners like to use lightweight rackets that require lesser energy and absorb fewer vibrations.

Does a bigger grip help tennis elbow?

Smaller grip size needs more strength to keep a steady play. Prolonged use of such a grip will lead to elbow and wrist damage.

The best tennis overgrip should have medium dimensions because a very large size can also be highly inconvenient.

Professional players prefer a bigger grip size over the smaller one

Before winding up everything, here is an ultra-helpful YouTube video elaborating how you can determine if you have tennis elbow:


Using the proper equipment can change the pace of any game, making an incorrect choice can trigger tennis elbow and many other related issues. To tackle this problem, go for a tennis racket that is comfy and arm-friendly.

A suitable blend of power and balance makes a racket easier and safer to use

The YONEX EZONE 98 Plus Tennis Racquet is my pick as the best tennis racquet for tennis elbow, but do take time to look at other options.

Pick the one that meets your interests, and leave all of your worries behind!

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