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A Closer Look Into The Top Tennis Racket Brands & Companies To Consider In 2024

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Last Updated: June 10, 2024

Whether it's Roger Federer brandishing Wilson frames similar to how Rafael Nadal uses Babolat, these renowned superstars are distinguishable with their selection of racquets as part of their success.

With the growing number of tennis racket companies nowadays, each claiming to be the best among the others, potential buyers, sports enthusiasts become increasingly overwhelmed.

Which is why…

We came up with this article, highlighting relevant features to help onlookers and confused consumers decide today's best tennis racquet brand.

The Top 7 Tennis Brands Of 2024

The confusion among consumers is hardly surprising because of the wide selection of tennis racket manufacturers nowadays. To help alleviate the perplexity, here are today's top tennis brands and essential facts you should know about each of them:

1. Wilson


Wilson continues to be among the best tennis brands, and even more so after its partnership with Roger Federer and the Williams sisters. They design and manufacture the best sporting equipment, whether it's tennis, football, or baseball.

It was founded in 1913 as Ashland Manufacturing Company when the Wilson company distinctively uses slaughterhouse byproducts from a meat-packing business.

They use these byproducts in manufacturing tennis rackets, surgical sutures, and violin strings. Thomas Wilson saw the limitless possibilities of this company in 1916 and started to name it after himself.

Due to its increasing presence and reputation in the marketplace, Westray Capital Corporation procures Wilson Sporting Goods in 1985 through an affiliate, WSGC Holdings, Incorporated. 

Since then, Wilson's rise to fame continued to soar until their brand name is equivalent to sporting equipment up to this very day.

Wilson's Top Players

Here are several of Wilson's top headliners, with the first one having his top-selling, signature racquet after winning the Grand Slams:

man wearing red shirt playing Tennis

  • Roger Federer
  • Serena Williams
  • Venus Williams
  • Stefanos Tsitsipas
  • Laura Robson
  • Pete Sampras
  • Milos Raonic
  • Gael Monfils
  • Philipp Kohlschreiber
  • Kei Nishikori
  • Mardy Fish
  • Petra Kvitova
  • Flavia Pennetta

Famous Wilson Racquets

There's a wide selection of renowned Wilson tennis rackets, from beginners to expert levels. 

Here are several of their top models:

  • Wilson Pro Staff 97
  • Wilson Clash 100
  • Wilson Blade 98
  • Wilson Blade 104 v7
  • Wilson Ultra 100
  • Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3
  • Wilson Juice 100
  • Wilson T2000

2. Babolat


Before the invention of tennis, Pierre Babolat creates natural gut strings for musical instruments for a living. He was initially selling tennis strings before he started getting a hand on racquets. 

In 1981, the company introduced "The Electric," their first electric stringing machine, which provides more accuracy in the stringing method.

His big break into the tennis industry started in 1992, giving way to the family business's foundation that continues to thrive until today. Currently, Babolat manufactures the sturdiest tennis racquets, thanks to the carbon fiber that they incorporated in its body.

Babolat's Top Players

Babolat has a tremendously loyal following and reputation with its well-known tennis players, including the following:

  • Rafael Nadal
  • Caroline Wozniacki
  • Bryan Brothers
  • Jo-Wilfried Tsonga
  • Garbine Muguruza
  • Andy Roddick
  • Dominic Thiem

Famous Babolat Racquets

Babolat's availability and affordability make it excellent for people who are merely starting to get into the game. 

Here are several of their most prominent rackets:

Black and Yellow Racket

  • Babolat Pure Aero 2019
  • Babolat Pure Aero Lite
  • Babolat Boost Strike
  • Babolat Boost Drive
  • Babolat Pure Strike
  • Babolat Pure Drive Tour
  • Babolat Nadal Junior
  • Babolat B Fly

3. Head


Head is a European-based company, although it initially started in a small town named Kennelbach in the Austrian Alps. The brand itself was first established in 1950 by Howard Head when he replaced the wood with metal when making more efficient skis.

The tennis racket revolution began in 1969 when he used layers of synthetic resins and an aluminum frame when manufacturing rackets. 

The well-celebrated Arthur Ashe used this tennis frame at Wimbledon to overthrow Jimmy Connors in 1975.

After years of study and emergence, they experiment with different materials like carbon, fiberglass, Vectran, Dyneema, and more. 

They collaborated with Howard Sommer, an aerospace engineer, to develop better technology to offer users outstanding performance and maximum comfort.

Head's Top Players

As one of the best tennis racquet brand, Head partnered with famous ATP players such as the following:

  • Novak Djokovic
  • Andy Murray
  • Marin Cilic
  • Ash Barty
  • Maria Sharapova
  • Steffi Graf
  • Andre Agassi

Famous Head Racquets

What is the best brand of tennis racquet, you might wonder? If you ask around for the opinion of most sports enthusiasts, it will never be without HEAD.

The best Head tennis racquets offer powerful shots and strong responsiveness, making these tennis racquets equally famous as the brand and the players associated with them. 

Here are some of their top rackets:

Black and Gray Racket

  • Head Ti.S6
  • Head Graphene 360 Instinct MP
  • Head Graphene 360 Radical MP
  • Head Ti.Conquest
  • Head Instinct Junior
  • Head Speed Junior

4. Prince


Prince is also one of the top tennis racket brands with humble beginnings that started in 1970 when Howard Head sold his company to another sports equipment manufacturer.

He gave tennis a try among his other pursuits but got frustrated since he can't hit the ball squarely with the small rackets he used at the time.

That unfortunate event inspired Howard to design a better tennis racquet and continued improving the oversized, metal racquet to supersede the small, wooden one he first used. 

Howard Head patented it in 1975, eventually produced his innovation, and tried selling it in the same way he did with the aluminum skis. He also bought the Prince Company.

The company started having a worldwide operation in 1980, with Prince dominating a significant percentage of the entire tennis racket market.

However, the decreasing sales growth in 1983 has lead Chesebrough-Pond's to purchase Prince Sports. At present, the company operates as a private-owned company.

Prince Top Players

Prince continues to be among the best tennis brands that touch the lives of players worldwide. 

Among their top players are the following:

  • Patrick Rafter
  • Jennifer Capriati
  • Bryan brothers
  • John Isner
  • Juan Carlos Ferrero
  • Martina Navratilova
  • Gabriela Sabatini
  • Jelena Jankovic
  • Michael Chang
  • Patrick Rafter

Man playing tennis

Famous Prince Racquets

Prince tennis racquets are renowned for allowing their players to hit with power, spin, and develop consistency with every stroke. 

Here are several of their top rackets:

  • Prince Textreme Premier 110
  • Prince Textreme Warrior 100
  • Prince Textreme Tour 100P
  • Prince Textreme Beast Pro 100
  • Prince Phantom Pro 93P
  • Prince Graphite 100 Longbody

5. Yonex


After the first attempt in wooden fishing floats that eventually died out, founder Minoru Yoneyama finally decided to make a significant switch. 

In his determination to run the long race, he started manufacturing tennis rackets for other companies until 1961, when he began creating them under his name.

Yonex commenced being part of the best tennis brands in 1969 by introducing aluminum racquets for badminton and tennis. However, it was only until 1971 that the company officially released this innovation. 

Yonex continued being a prominent brand up to the present; however, some would have it at the bottom of their list due to its steep pricing.

Yonex Top Players

As one of the leaders in the tennis racket industry nowadays, Yonex has prominent endorsers, including the following:

  • Richard Krajicek
  • Nick Kyrgios
  • Monica Seles
  • Martina Hingis
  • Marcelo Rios
  • Denis Shapovalov
  • Stan Wawrinka
  • Belinda Bencic

Famous Yonex Racquets

As a world-class producer of tennis equipment brands, Yonex manufactures tennis rackets having the best of a comfortable touch and excellent power evenly.

Belonging to the list of their well-known models are the following:

Tennis racket

  • Yonex VCore Pro 97
  • Yonex R-22
  • Yonex VCore Pro 100
  • Yonex VCore 95
  • Yonex VCore 98
  • Yonex EZone 98
  • Yonex EZone 100
  • Yonex Astrel 105
  • Yonex EZone Lite
  • Yonex EZone Ace

6. Dunlop


Even when Dunlop began revolutionizing the sports market way back in 1909, it was only in 1932 that they launched the first tennis racquet in multi-ply laminated wood, the "Maxply."

There's a massive amount of memorable tennis rackets, also for women. Still, only a few of them are legendary, like the Maxply, which Rod Laver, John McEnroe, and Ilie Nastase used in their entire career.

Dunlop's innovation did not stop at Maxply; consequently, the production came to a halt in 1983, but the breaking news in 2016 became the real gamechanger for the company.

SRI Sports, a subsidiary of Sumitomo Rubber Industries, bought Dunlop and immediately relaunched its products.

Moreover, they even made the public announcement of Dunlop Sport being the ATP Tour's official ball in 2019. The company continued its brilliant technology, molding graphite and nylon into more refined models and even lightweight frames like those we have to this day. 

Dunlop Top Players

Besides Dunlop's successful partnership with legendary players James Blake and Michael Chang, the company has many world-acclaimed tennis giants connected with the brand.

man wearing white shirt holding a racket

Here are some of them:

  • Jamie Murray
  • Donald Young
  • Kevin Anderson
  • Heather Watson
  • Marjolein Buis
  • Zarina Diyas
  • Taylor Townsend
  • Bjorn Fratangelo

Famous Dunlop Racquets

Unsurprisingly, one of the reasons that got Dunlop to the top tennis brands is that their racquets were part of the success that made their way to multiple grand slam championships.

Here are a few of Dunlop's well-loved designs:

  • Dunlop CX Tour 18×20
  • Dunlop CX Tour
  • Dunlop CX 200 LS
  • Dunlop SX 300 Tour
  • Dunlop SX 300
  • Dunlop FX 500
  • Dunlop FX 500 Tour
  • Dunlop CS 8.0
  • Dunlop CS 10.0
  • Dunlop NT One 07
  • Dunlop NT Tour
  • Dunlop Nitro 27
  • Dunlop Max 200G

7. Volkl


While it may seem that Volkl is an uncommon name compared to other leading top tennis racket brands, its success, in truth, had a rich heritage. The brand's founder was originally a ski manufacturer who made its way to sports equipment, specifically the tennis industry, in 1923. 

The Zebra racquet's success, the world's first-ever racket with fiberglass construction, is Volkl's claim to fame.

Furthermore, their consistent cutting-edge innovations, as seen in their rackets' evolution, gave this brand a reputable name in the industry. Even Boris Becker, a former tennis legend, made his way to Grand Slam championships using Volkl rackets.

Volkl Top Players

Besides Boris Becker, whom we earlier mentioned, Volkl has an expansive roster of successful partnerships with tennis superstars like the following:

Man wearing blue shirt

  • John McEnroe
  • Yannick Noah
  • Petr Korda
  • Barbora Strycova
  • Laura Siguemund
  • Michael Stich
  • Jana Novotna
  • Sergi Bruguera
  • Nicolas Almagro
  • Jean-Julien Rojer
  • Liezel Huber

Famous Volkl Racquets

Volkl's prestige is due to their never-ending pursuit when it comes to the development of their technology.

They set the highest standard in the broad spectrum of innovative racquets, targeting beginners and intermediate players by simultaneously offering them quality and affordability. 

Here are several of their famous racquets:

  • Volkl Super G 8
  • Volkl Organix 8
  • Volkl V-Sense 10
  • Volkl V-Sense 10
  • Volkl Team Speed
  • Volkl Cyclone
  • Volkl V-Sense 8 315
  • Volkl V-feel V8 Pro

Frequently Asked Questions

Which brand of tennis racquet is best?

It takes many essential factors to distinguish and consider one brand as the best over the other. 

Since a tennis racquet plays a vital role in being your best game companion, knowing what makes each of these brands unique is important. It provides you with effortless decision-making on what tennis racquet will best suit your needs, right?

With that in mind, I'm sure no one would want to pay for something as costly as a tennis racquet unless they are optimistic that it is the best one for them.

Deciding what the best brand gets more convenient once you know and understand what exactly it is that you need from your racket.

You have to determine the type of swing you have, your style in playing tennis. Then you start narrowing down to the other technical aspects like the size, balance, durability, and reliability that a racket can provide. 

Considering all these is what gets you the answer of what the best brand of tennis racket is. Well, it's the most accurate and efficient way, in my opinion.

In this video, you'll learn how a Yonex racquet is being made:

Final Thoughts

With the increasing number of sporting equipment manufacturers today, narrowing down to today's best among the best tennis brands can quickly become too overwhelming.

For this reason, we highlighted a few of these brands in our article, so you will get to know the story behind their success.

It's fun to discover and learn about each brand's humble beginnings in the industry, the challenges they had to overcome, and how they turn out to be among the prestigious names in the world of tennis nowadays.

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