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Best Intermediate Tennis Racquet: How To Choose The Right Racket For Your Every Game

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Last Updated: June 12, 2024

What do great tennis players like Roger Federer and Serena Williams have in common?


They were all beginners when starting their careers. 😉

At least you're past the beginner stage and you have improved your strokes and court coverage. Let's get you a tennis racquet suitable for your intermediate player status.

From our research, the Babolat Pure Aero 2019 stood out as the best tennis racket for intermediate players. Find out why you should get it as we look at:

10 Best Tennis Rackets For Intermediate Players

1. Babolat Pure Aero - Best Overall

Babolat 2019 Pure Aero Tennis Racquet (4-3/8) You may not have shared a tennis court with famous players, but you're about to use the same brand as Rafael Nadal and Dominic Thiem.

Is that a smile on your face? It sure is a great feeling to know what the legends use. 😉

Now, let us tell you what this racquet can do for your game. First, this racket has five grip sizes.

Therefore, if you don't know your grip size, you can pick the size of the one you had as a beginner.

These grip sizes range from 4 1/2 inches to 4 5/8, making Babolat Pure Aero unisex. In this review, we're talking about the 4 3/8 grip size.

But not to worry, as we'll show you how to calculate your grip size later. Lastly, when using this racket, expect a more powerful play, plus better ball spins, as its head size is 100 inches squared. 


  • Wide range of grip sizes
  • Standard racket length
  • More spin and power
  • A large head size
  • It's a famous racket used by pro players


  • It's expensive


Using a racquet that attracts the likes of Rafael Nadal doesn't come cheap. That's why you may pay more for the Babolat Pure Aero racket. It delivers excellent spins, more power than other models, and enough grip sizes to suit your hand.


2. HEAD Geo Speed - Best For Head Size

HEAD Geo Speed Adult Tennis Racket - Pre-Strung Head Light Balance 27.5 Inch Racquet - 4 3/8 In Grip So, HEAD gives you two color options, black and white, to make the racket feel as personal as possible. You also have several grip sizes, the one we're discussing here being the 4 3/8 design.

It comes with a head size of 105 inches squared to give you enough power for excellent strokes.

Also, this head size has a large sweet spot; consequently, most of your strokes will be effortless.

HEAD Geo Speed is half an inch longer than others we'll discuss here, meaning you'll have more stability and power.


  • Several grip sizes
  • Color options
  • Oversize head
  • Geo power technology calculates its geometry


  • The grip isn't sturdy.


Since power is essential when playing tennis, the HEAD Geo Speed racket uses Geo Power Technology to optimize the shaft for better performance. It's the best intermediate tennis racquet because it has an oversize head that makes it stable.


3. HEAD Ti S5 - Best Heavy Racket

HEAD Ti. S5 CZ Tennis Racket - Pre-Strung Head Heavy Balance 27.5 Inch Racquet - 4 3/8 In Grip Here's another one from HEAD, this time weighing 1.5 pounds to have better control over your strokes. You'll also play with more power as it's head-heavy at 107 inches squared.

It's a titanium build; thus, it's durable, taking away the hassle of getting a new one soon.

The HEAD Ti S5 is affordable and cost-effective because you're an intermediate player with other levels to go that'll need new rackets.

Further, it dampens the impact of your shots to prevent wrist pain or discomfort.


  • Dampens the impact of your strokes
  • Has grip size ranges
  • Oversize head for more power
  • Heavy design for stability


  • The string may lose tension.


The HEAD Ti S5 is the best tennis racket for intermediate players looking for a heavy design. It fits in your hand perfectly and gives you control over your shots.


4. HEAD Ti S6 - Best For Beginner To Intermediate Level

HEAD Ti S6 Tennis Racket - Pre-Strung Head Heavy Balance 27.75 Inch Adult Racquet - 4 1/4 In Grip They say the third time's a charm. Here's our third attempt at finding you a good racket from the HEAD brand.

So, you might have improved your delivery, but you're not yet sure you have the skills to move on to the intermediate level. In that case, get one that helps you furnish your skills, like the HEAD Ti S6 racket.

You may lack the muscle strength to swing a heavy racket like seasoned intermediate players. Hence, this racket is lightweight, as expected at a beginner-intermediate level.

Additionally, it comes in several grip sizes to suit your hand as you master swinging a racket with a head size of 115 square inches.


  • More power in your swing
  • Suitable for beginner-intermediate level
  • Durable frame
  • Oversize head with a large sweet spot


  • Not for experienced intermediate players
  • The string may not dampen all vibrations


The HEAD Ti S6 is ideal for beginner-intermediate players honing their skills, so it's lightweight. On top of that, its large head also boosts your swing.


5. OPPUM Graphene Full Carbon Pro - Best Sturdy Frame

OPPUM Adult 27" Graphite 100% Full Carbon Pro Tennis Racket, 360 Super Light Speed ​​Team Match Tennis Racquets, Professional Players Tennis Rackets Trainning Rackets We hope for a sturdy racket that serves us for the entire intermediate level. Hence, the OPPUM Graphene Full Carbon Pro design comes in a graphene material that's sturdy and light.

Out of that, you'll enjoy three benefits - stability, ball speed, plus better spin. What more could a player want?

Even better, there are eight color options, a chance to make your selection more personal since this sport is all about style.

This racket suits various tennis opportunities, from school games to professional competitions and family tourneys.

Its grip is worth noting, for it feels comfortable in your hand. 


  • Firm, comfortable grip
  • Heavy-duty string
  • Durable, sturdy frame
  • Lightweight design
  • It's affordable
  • Suitable for casual and professional games


  • The grip size is too small for large hands.


It's lightweight to suit school games, plus it has the strength and control for a professional game. However, it's also the best intermediate tennis racquet for a game with a colleague or family member. In short, you can use the OPPUM Graphene Full Carbon Pro anywhere.


6. Senton 27-inch - Best Budget Option

Senston Carbon Fiber Tennis Racket for Adults, Professional Tennis Racquet 27 Inch White As soon as the reasonable price of the Senton 27-inch catches your attention, you'll start looking at its features to see how they suit your player level.

First, you'll discover that it's 27 inches long with a head size of between 96 and 100 square inches.

We've talked about power and stability several times, but it doesn't hurt to repeat that you can get these two benefits from a racket with that length and head size.

What's more, the Senton 27-inch is durable as it has a carbon fiber frame. It hits well without causing wrist pains because of its standard 4 1/2 grip size.


  • Carbon fiber material for durability
  • Suitable for casual and professional games
  • It has a vibration damper
  • One-piece design for stability


  • The grip size suits a small hand.


You can get this racket for your child as it comes with a 4 1/2 grip size. It has a sturdy frame and a vibration damper to shockproof your strokes.


7. Fostoy Recreational Tennis Racquet - Best Racket Package

Fostoy Adult Tennis Racket 2 Pack 27 inch Tennis Rackets, Professional Tennis Racquet with Balls, Bag, Overgrips, Vibration Damper If you have a tennis buddy, this Fostoy Racket package of two tennis rackets and two balls suits you. However, you can also get it for yourself to have enough equipment until you move to the advanced level.

If you're getting it to share with a friend or partner, your conversations on the tennis court may include discussions about the power of this racket, as it's 27 inches long and its head size is 100 square inches.

Additionally, it's lightweight to ease the weight on your elbows and wrists. More so, the grip size is 4 1/4 inches, so you'll have an excellent grip.

This Fostoy racket has vibration dampers to increase stability as you switch the racquet angle as often as you like.


  • A racket package inclusive of tennis balls
  • Shock absorption technology
  • Excellent hit acceleration
  • Lightweight to prevent elbow pain
  • High tension string
  • Durable design


  • Small grip size, only 4 1/4 inches


The Fostoy Recreational Tennis Racquet has a high-tension string that makes it durable. It has a vibration damper, plus it comes in a package containing two rackets, balls, and a bag. Now, you only need a tennis buddy and an outfit.


8. Lunnade Adult Tennis Racket - Best For Color Range

LUNNADE Adults Tennis Racket 27 Inch, Shockproof Carbon Fiber Tennis Racquet Light-Weight, Pre-Strung and Regrip, Suitable for Beginners to Intermediate PlayersPlaying tennis is also about adding your sense of fashion and style to your equipment. Haven't you seen how famous players flaunt their styles?

The shaft is one area that distinguishes one racket from the other.

Hence, the Lunnade Adult racket gives you a range of four colors. If you don't like a flashy green handle, you can opt for pink, purple, or yellow.

This racket has a one-piece structure to make it more stable and comfortable in your hand.

Further, the handle has polyurethane foaming material; thus, it's shockproof. The Lunnade Adult Racket has a head size of 102 inches squared, giving you a large sweet spot to make the best strokes with little effort.

This racket is not too long, at 27 inches, so it suits most players at the intermediate level.


  • One-piece structure for stability
  • Head heavy for better momentum
  • Excellent grip size
  • Durable design
  • A shockproof sweatband
  • Four color options
  • Affordable


  • Too light for experienced intermediate players


Who says you can't get tennis supplies on a budget? They are wrong because the Lunnade Adult Racket is budget-friendly. It has a sturdy one-piece design, it's a head-heavy racket for more power as you play, and it comes in four colors.


Now you have ten rackets to think about as you search for the best one for a 3.5 player. Before we look at some burning questions on this topic, we can discuss the essential features of tennis rackets to know the following:

Choosing An Intermediate Level Tennis Racquet

As an intermediate player, you're beginning to develop tennis muscles and create your own pace in the game as you have more power and control. Therefore, your racket must change. The following are your priorities,

colorful set of tennis rackets

The Racket Head Size

We can put the head size range of all rackets at between 85 and 135 inches squared. A larger head size gives you more power and spin, and that's why beginners start with oversized head size (106 to 135 inches squared). The best Head racquet is a great example of this.

Since you're past the beginner level, you've grown your tennis skills beyond using an oversize head size, but you're not yet in control to use a mid-sized one (under 95 inches squared).

Therefore, you're in the mid-plus head size range, between 95 and 106 inches squared. The sweet spot, the magical spot that uses less player effort but gives the most game power, is small.

Thus, you'll use more power on your strokes. It's nothing to worry about since you have tennis muscles now, unlike in your beginner stage.

Also check:

The Weight

You can't afford to ignore the weight of your racquet. When you go to the extreme, either too heavy or too light, you risk health problems. Have you heard about a condition called the tennis elbow?

Using a heavy racket can cause it when your swift movements hurt the outer part of your elbow. It's a painful condition that'll put you out of the game until your tender elbow heals.

We're not scaring you, just stating facts.

So, what's the ultimate racket weight for an intermediate player?

It should be heavier than the one a beginner uses because it's more stable.

Check The Grip Size

man holding a tennis racket upside down

How you grip the racket matters because you have to be comfortable to play well. Therefore, measure your palm size to determine your grip size. It's so easy. First, 

  • Take out your ruler.
  • Hold out your racket hand, with the fingers together.
  • Find the bottom-most crease on your palm, where the butt of the racket handle will likely reach.
  • Place your ruler in your palm, parallel to your index finger.
  • Measure from the crease we mentioned earlier to the tip of your ring finger.

You'll get a figure between 4 and 4 5/8 inches, and that's your grip size. Interesting, right?

When shopping, you can check out grip sizes above or below your size to see how they fit. 

The Racket Length

green tennis ball beside an orange tennis racket

Your racket will be between 27 and 28 inches. A long racquet gives you the power to hit the ball, whereas a short one has better control and less shot power.

The price also matters, so...

Set a Budget

If you've played at intermediate level for a while, you have the skills to use a Babolat Pure Aero 2019 despite its high price. It's an investment because you can use this racket for casual games or professional competitions.

On top of that, as a seasoned intermediate player, you know your grip size, so a lower chance of buying the wrong size. On the other hand, if you're not sure of your grip size or the best head size for your stature, it'd be safer to buy a cheaper racquet.

What's The Beam Width

Never thought about the beam width when buying a racket? Well, a thick beam has more power than a thin one.

FAQs About The Best Intermediate Tennis Racket

What Is A Good Tennis Racket For An Intermediate Player?

It should have moderate weight and a mid-plus size head to give you better control of the game. If you're smaller in stature, a head-heavy racket suits you to generate more power and spin.

On the other hand, if you're athletic, you can withstand a grip-heavy racquet as your wrist and elbow have the strength for that.

To fully control the tennis racket for the intermediate player, here's a video of helpful technique and skill you need:

What Is An Intermediate Tennis Player?

An intermediate player has more skills than all players between 1.0 and 3.0 ratings. The players in this range are the new, beginner, and beginner-intermediate.

As your skills grow from having limited experience (new player) to gaining directional control, you also learn the effects of the racket choice on your game.

That's why there are different racquet types for beginners and intermediate players.

But, intermediate players don't have the experience of advanced players, so their rackets differ.

Discover these differences in the next question...

What Is The Difference Between A 3.5 And 4.0 Tennis Player?

The intermediate player, 3.5, has better court coverage and control of the direction of shots. However, this player lacks depth, which the 4.0 player exhibits.

A 4.0 player is in the advanced level; therefore, this player has the muscles to withstand the weight of heavier racquets than a 3.5 player. Also, the 4.0 player needs a grip-heavy racket with a light head for better control.

Have we answered all the questions you had?

Then let's conclude our discussion.

The Verdict

Congratulations on advancing to the intermediate level. You're now closer to the advanced player status, so you need a racket like the Babolat Pure Aero 2019. Its head size is suitable for your level, and there are several grip sizes.

But, if you're hoping to spend less, choose the Lunnade Adult Racket. It has a larger head size than the Babolat Pure Aero 2019, making it suitable for players who have just joined the intermediate level. It's long, at 27 inches, and there are four color choices.

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