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Choosing The Best Tennis Grip: All You Need To Know For An Outstanding Tennis Experience

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Last Updated: June 12, 2024

If you play tennis regularly, you are probably very particular about the rackets that you use. After all, a good grip on your tennis racket is an essential factor in winning your matches.


This guide will cover all the essential qualities you need when looking for the best tennis grip from quality material, affordability, and sturdiness. We identified the 2015 Wilson Pro Tennis Racquet Overgrip as the ideal all-rounder choice.

There are plenty of other products to discover and pick from, and here's where this comprehensive list will help you the most.

The Best Tennis Overgrip Reviewed For 2021

With tennis grip tapes, you can significantly increase your tennis rackets’ maneuverability. They allow you to perform sudden, agile movements without the worry of your hand slipping.

1. 2015 Wilson Pro Tennis Racquet Overgrip - Best Overall

Wilson Pro Tennis Overgrip 12-Pack White Nothing beats the Wilson Pro tennis overgrip when it comes to overall quality. This overgrip will offer you a premium tennis experience at a very affordable price.

You can enjoy a tacky, durable, absorbent, easy-to-install grip in this all-in-one product.

With its adaptable design, the Wilson Pro Tennis overgrip uses conveniently thin, stretchy material perfect for cold and hot weather. Although it provides a quality grip, this tennis grip tape is also comfortable and easy on the eyes.


  • Adjustable to different handle sizes
  • It remains sticky even after hours of use
  • Easy to peel and comes with simple instructions
  • Lengthy enough to prevent unwrapping
  • It feels like brand new even after a month of regular play


  • Only available in white which makes grime and sweat noticeable


The Wilson Pro tennis overgrip is close to no downsides, which is how it got its spot as the best tennis grip out in the market. If you want a durable, convenient, premium tennis overgrip, you don't need to look any further because this Wilson model has it all.


2. ADV Tennis Dry Overgrip - Best Value

ADV Tennis Dry Overgrip - 12 Pack - Ultra Absorbent Grip Tape with Exclusive FeltTac Material for High Velvety Comfort - Pro Tested & Designed (Midnight) It is not surprising that the ADV Tennis Dry Overgrip ranks high in many lists like this one.

Featuring a bristled cotton-based layer, you can practically win any match with this gentle overgrip as tested by plenty of professionals.

The ADV tennis dry overgrip can survive all sorts of harsh conditions while maintaining a reinforced grip. You can play all your future tennis matches with comfortability and security using these sturdy overgrips. 


  • Very absorbent
  • Multiple color options
  • It offers enough tackiness for dry but comfortable grip
  • Individually pre-rolled
  • Accessible price


  • Thick and adds weight to your handle
  • Finishing tape tends to tear easily
  • High temperatures cause less tackiness


With its durability and quality material, the ADV tennis dry overgrip will give you a run for your money. Although its tackiness wears off under certain conditions, it earns its place as one of the best tennis overgrips overall.


3. Alien Pros Tennis Racket Grip Tape - Best For Beginners

Alien Pros Tennis Racket Grip Tape (6 Grips) – Precut and Dry Feel Tennis Grip – Tennis Overgrip Grip Tape Tennis Racket – Wrap Your Racquet for High Performance (6 Grips, Black) New to tennis? Fortunately for you, this racket grip tape from Alien Pros is perfect for beginners.

This overgrip offers you plenty of absorbent material that feels great on your skin. With its instructions and pre-cut grip tapes, this is the best overgrip for newbie players.

Alien Pros tennis racket grip tape works on virtually any type of racket due to its universal compatibility. These tennis grips are very durable and make any handle feel brand new. You can enjoy countless matches as they absorb sweat without losing tackiness.


  • Suitable on various handles outside of tennis
  • The material “squishes” into your hand for efficient maneuvers
  • Simple installation that is beginner-friendly
  • It has a particular dry feel, unlike other brands


  • It falls short when it comes to thicker and lengthier handles
  • Although durable, they have an overall short lifespan


This model is arguably the best tennis grip for newcomers. The fabric is flexible and squishy, offering a comfortable grip at a significantly low price.


4. Head Xtreme Soft Racquet Overgrip - Best Seller

HEAD Xtreme Soft Racquet Overgrip - Tennis Racket Grip Tape - 3-Pack, White The Head Xtreme soft racquet overgrip makes it to this list for its low price but superior feel.

Although this overgrip looks standard in packaging, many tennis players choose this brand because of its enhanced gripping capabilities and absorbency.

This brand serves as a standard overgrip that tennis players can buy with confidence. The Head Xtreme soft racquet overgrip enables you to cover your handles in one full wrap with its flexible material.


  • Lightweight on your hand
  • Excellent tacky adhesion that is not too sticky
  • Easy to apply on handles
  • 2-3 weeks longevity with regular use
  • Long enough to work on other handles as well


  • Slides around your hand after several rounds of intense play
  • The application strip is only at the end of each grip


With its low price, the Head Xtreme is effective enough to provide a soft grip over a few months. They are not the best but still serve their purpose wonderfully for their affordability.


5. Tourna Mega Tac Extra Tacky Overgrip - Best Design

Tourna Mega Tac Extra Tacky Overgrip, Black, 10-Pack Last but not least on the list is the Tourna Mega Tac Extra Tacky Overgrip. Among the best tennis grip tapes available, this brand is probably the most well-known.

With its balanced long-lasting tackiness, you will never have to worry about slipping ever again.

The Tourna Mega Tac Extra tacky overgrip uses material that “grabs you back.” These comfortable and highly durable overgrips can survive several rounds of extreme matches.


  • It offers the best tackiness for extra firm grips
  • They come in various colors along with the signature “Tourna” name
  • Provide maximum durability and absorption
  • Reasonably priced for its quality and amount
  • Feels great and comfortable on your hands


  • You might find it too tacky 
  • Although very tacky, they do not perform well when wet


If the amount of positive tennis replacement grip reviews are not an indication, you can also trust the testaments of many professional players. The Tourna Mega Tac Extra Tacky Overgrip is second to none in terms of tackiness and is an all-time favorite.


Factors To Consider Before Buying A Tennis Overgrip

Naturally, each person has their unique reason for buying tennis overgrips. However, you will most likely feel lost and clueless on which overgrip is best suited to your needs.

To help you decide which overgrip to buy, we created a condensed guide of factors you may want to consider:

  • The first thing you need to determine is your price range. Just how much are you willing to spend for an overgrip? You need to set a budget to narrow down your choices.
  • Moisture Absorption. Perspiration is a case-to-case situation. Some tennis players have sweatier hands than others. If you think you don’t need much moisture absorption, then you can save money in that area.
  • Tackiness. Many players are very particular about tennis overgrip’s tackiness, and you should be too. Some brands offer incredibly tacky overgrips, while some offer dry and moderately tacky ones.
  • Durability. Everyone would want to have purchases that last long. If you plan to buy an overgrip, you have to make it worth your money. Ensure that the product you are buying can cope up with your tennis activity needs.
  • Thickness. The last thing you want is a tennis racket that feels awkward to swing. You always need to factor in the thickness of your overgrips and how they may affect your performance.

Most importantly, you should be able to replace worn-out overgrips. To learn the best way to wrap your tennis racket handles, here is a short instructional video:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it okay to put an overgrip over the original overgrip?

While it is okay to apply an overgrip over the base grip, using an overgrip over another overgrip is ineffective. Adding two layers of overgrips may make the tennis racquet heavy and harder to swing.

Unless you are using an extra thin overgrip for double wrapping, you should regularly remove old, worn-out overgrips before applying a new one. This way, your racquet can feel more balanced.

In what situations do you need a tennis overgrip?

There are quite a few situations where overgrips may be needed. We decided to compile some of these situations for your convenience:

  • Many tennis players use overgrips due to thin, hard base grips on racquets. Base grips tend to wear down quickly, which is why overgrips are a necessary replacement.
  • Overgrips are cheaper than buying a best value tennis racket. This guide had discussed some of the many best tennis racquet grip tapes for your price range and comfort.
  • You can also extend your tennis racquet’s lifespan by using overgrips. Since you wear down the overgrip instead of the base grip, your racquet's lifespan can last virtually forever.
  • Each game of tennis will squeeze plenty of sweat out of you. Base grips are not efficient enough to absorb all moisture. Overgrips effectively absorb sweat and grime while maintaining tackiness and comfortable gripping.
  • Overgrips generally improve your performance. Using the best tennis racket grip can help you finish intense matches with ease. A comfortable overgrip also reduces calluses and injuries on your hand.

When do you replace an overgrip?

blue overgrip of a tennis racket

Replacing an overgrip is entirely situational. Depending on how much you play, you could be replacing an overgrip each week or maybe every few months.

Plenty of oil and sweat accumulates in your overgrips with enough matches. Sweat accumulation often causes handles to feel loose and uncomfortable.

In general, however, you want to monitor your handle’s tackiness and texture. If you feel that your grip is getting slippery and worn out, you should consider replacing your overgrip.

Final Thoughts

Selecting the best tennis grips can be pretty confusing when you don’t know where to look. In essence, the 2015 Wilson Pro Tennis Racquet Overgrip is the clear best choice among others.

This overgrip provides you with quality material and an extra thin, tacky surface ideal for any tennis match.

However, you can also try the ADV Tennis Dry Overgrip if you are looking for the best value alternative.

Your tennis journey will be a difficult and sweaty one. However, the tennis experience will be a lot more enjoyable with the use of an overgrip that's suitable for your style and needs.

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