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7 Best Tennis Ball Machines For Different Kinds Of Play: Reviews & Buyers Guide

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Last Updated: June 11, 2024

Tennis ball machines are trending among players because they possess features that resonate perfectly with the players.


Buying one can be a tremendous investment for players of all gaming levels who are eager to improve their existing skills and learn more.

Due to the vast variety of tennis ball machines in the market, it is difficult to pick out the right one, but not to worry, this article has all the info you need.

Hang tight and read through my tennis ball machine reviews and instructions of what to look for before buying, and you won’t be confused anymore.

The Spinshot Player Tennis Ball Machine is the best overall, but do care to check out all the others as well, it’ll be worth it!

Top 7 Tennis Ball Launcher Machines Reviewed

1. Spinshot Player Tennis Ball Machine - Best Overall

Spinshot-Player Tennis Ball Machine (Best Seller Ball Machine in the World)
Spinshot Player is easily controllable via wireless link with an app on your smartphone. Players can adjust the speed, spin, and height of the shots. The app is helpful and can be used to change the settings in no time.

It coordinates perfectly with the players’ movements, thus allowing them to bolster their skill levels. The design is innovative: it is a battery-operated portable machine, and not to worry about the battery timing either, the life and durability are both praiseworthy.

The Spinshot player programming makes it convenient to use, even for beginners.

Intermediary and professional players can adjust the settings to high feed and spin control and thus relish a more intense game. It comes with an adjustable drill feature that allows you to generate practice drills that go with your level.

This machine can hold up to 120 balls and offers arbitrary oscillations that will keep you on the move because it shoots the balls across the court for better practice. Spinshot is light in weight and composed primarily of aluminum, making it both sturdy and durable.


  • Easily controllable
  • Supported by phone remote
  • Offers a range of oscillation settings and other customizable features
  • Program drills are adjustable


  • Have to purchase a separate battery
  • Charging the battery takes approximately 12 hours


Spinshot Player is an extraordinary tennis ball machine that ensures outstanding performance at an affordable price. If you want to buy a ball machine that will help you quickly enhance your skill level, the Spinshot player would be the best option.


2. Spinshot Pro Tennis Ball Machine - Best Portable Option

Spinshot Pro Tennis Ball Machine (The Best Model for Easy Use)
The Spinshot Pro is affordable, multi-functional, and portable.

It inherits a wide range of outstanding features and is also easily accessible by players of all skill levels. The Spinshot Pro tennis ball machine is created using hard-wearing and finest raw materials that keep it operational for many years.

This tennis ball launcher is primarily composed of aluminum that makes it both lightweight and sturdy. Moreover, the design is powder-coated which makes it highly stable and generates endurance.

It offers a decent speed, feed rate, and spin control that allows you to alter the playing strategy that adjusts it to your level.

This tennis ball machine has a compressed body and numerous spin options that assist you in acquiring additional skills and upgrading your skill level. Spinshot Pro also permits automatic adjustment, which helps you avoid continuously changing the settings manually.

It also features a two-button remote control that you can use to operate the mechanism; you can easily turn the machine on or off.


  • Adjustable controls</span
  • Portable and easy to move
  • Modifiable oscillations
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Premium quality material


  • Approximately 2-3 hour battery life
  • No standby power source included
  • No modifiable drill


If you wish for a ball machine that allows you to get physical exercises without any worry of difficult-to-use setup controls, then the Spinshot Pro is simply perfect. This machine can shoot balls side to side with random oscillations, all over the court.


3. Spinshot Plus 2 Machine - Best Intermediate Level

Spinshot Plus-2 Tennis Ball Machine (Plus2 Model =Plus Model + Player Model)
Spinshot Plus 2 is a hard-wearing machine, made up of top-class premium material.

Its design combines the features of many Spinshot machines, making it the best tennis serving machine. With adjustable feed, swiftness, and spin, all easily controlled with a tap on your smartphone, this machine offers all the versatility and challenge that you need.

Its speed settings extend from 18 to 68 mph; for different drills, you can accurately adjust the right speed. A wide range of back- and top-spin is also present from which you can select the one that suits your gaming level the best.

This machine has a ball capacity of up to 120 balls that prevent frequent refilling.

The best feature of this tennis ball machine is that it has already programmed drills, all meant to enhance your training session. But you can also easily set your own desired drills as well.

This portable machine contains a battery life of 2-3 hours.


  • Pre-programmed drills present
  • Offers 18 spin levels
  • Battery timing of 2-3 hours
  • Phone remote control
  • Features a control panel with LED screen


  • Charging time is approximately 8-15 hours


If you want a tennis ball machine that can assist in refining your abilities and learning more skills, the Spinshot Plus 2 is the best one for you.

It offers settings that are for players of different skill levels.


4. Wilson Portable Machine - Most Reasonably Priced

Wilson Portable Tennis Machine w/Remote - from The #1 Name in Tennis - Wilson Sports
The Wilson Tennis Ball Machine hosts several extraordinary features, all at a reasonable price. Its qualities make it an absolute choice for beginners and intermediate players. Adjustments can be made to the settings in accord with your gaming level.

The battery lasts for 3-4 hours depending on the duration of use, the ad gets fully charged in approximately 18 hours. You will also find great utility in the safety mechanism that keeps the machine from overcharging.

You can also buy an additional charger that decreases the charging time to 5-6 hours so that you can quickly return to the court.

The machine offers a range of top and backspins that can be adjusted based on the player’s level. Wilson Portable device contains an easy oscillation function that makes your training very convenient.

Plus, it can be used by two players at a time.


  • Contains 6 drills
  • Material is lightweight
  • Easy to transport
  • It contains a variety of oscillation
  • Ideal for beginners and intermediate players


  • Slower customer support from the manufacturer


If you’re looking for a highly effective tennis ball machine that offers easy mobility and effective performance, then Wilson's Portable Tennis Ball Machine is worth buying. As it is one of the best lightweight tennis machines and is easy to move around.


5. Tennis Tutor Plus - Best Automatic Machine

Tennis Tutor Plus Player Model w/2-Button Remote. Includes Patented 'Player Mode' That simulates a Real Player. Tennis Tutor is The #1 Selling Tennis Machine Brand Worldwide.
Tennis Tutor Plus is an improved tennis ball machine that is suitable for intermediate and professional players. It is a highly versatile and user-friendly machine, allowing you to select the preferred settings, and it will select the suitable speed and spin of the ball on its own.

This surely is the best tennis machine for automation, as it will help you focus on your weakness and improve your skill level.

This tennis ball machine contains random swaying along with changeable options of ball speed and spin. These oscillations allow shooting the balls all around the court, completely mimicking a real game.

It lets you quickly move to the next level.

The device holds a long-lasting rechargeable battery that can survive up to 4-6 hours of play.

A wireless 2 button controller can be used to turn the machine on or off and also controls the ball wavering.

It is one of the fastest tennis ball machines on the market, and thus offers a real challenge to players who wish to push their practice to the next level.


  • User-friendly and easy to use
  • No programming needed
  • Completely random oscillation
  • Modifiable speed, spin, and feed rate
  • Up to 150 ball capacity


  • Remote control sold separately
  • A bit expensive
  • Heavyweight, thus difficult to move


If you are looking for a tennis ball machine that is user-friendly and convenient to use, then the Tennis Tutor Plus is an outstanding choice. It is the best automatic tennis ball machine as it sets the program drills for you.

All you have to do is to decide the game level and it will do the rest.


6. Lobster Sports Elite One - Best For Advanced Level Players

The Sports Elite One Tennis Ball Machine from Lobster is a reasonably priced, battery-operated, and portable ball machine.

It also features corner to corner swaying.

The indiscriminate oscillation will challenge beginners as well as pro players.

Moreover, the device comes with a fast-charging battery that lasts for over 4 hours, plus, it contains a protective mechanism against overcharging.

This machine is an amazing option for players eager to gain more skills and knowledge of the sport. It can shoot the balls at different angles so that you can try overheads. The speed and spin of the ball are easily adjustable based on the gaming level of the players.

The overall structure is meant to make it easier for the player to move around.

And, its oversized wheels are designed for providing better mobility.

The Lobster Elite One features the finest quality and sturdiest materials with outstanding performance.

In a Tennis Tutor vs Lobster comparison, the edge would go to Lobster in terms of portability, although both machines are quite excellent at what they do.


  • Incredible strength
  • Exceptional battery life
  • Easy and convenient mobility
  • Adjustable spin and speed
  • Assist in practicing a wide range of shots


  • Doesn’t have enough drill options
  • The battery takes a long time to fully charge by an ordinary charger


If you want to experience an amazing thrill in the game, Lobster Elite One would be best for you as it has a lot of amazing features that will allow you to have a challenging play.

Try out any number of Lobster tennis ball machine reviews and you’ll find the brand to be worthy of your trust.


7. Playmate Smash Ball Machine - Best Upgradeability

Playmate Smash Ball Machine, Green
Playmate Smash is one of the most progressive battery-operated upgradable tennis ball machines.

The innovative design allows you to customize your drills to set the speed and spin of the ball.  This tennis ball machine is mostly used by player clubs and is perfect for beginners, intermediary players, and advanced-level players.

With a ball capacity of up to 300 balls, this tennis ball machine reduces the hassle with training and allows you to fully immerse yourself in the session with a seven-shot direction program drill.

And it is also very easy to set.

The best attribute of this machine is that it can be upgraded to the next level whenever you feel like it. 

Playmate Smash is user-friendly and produces less noise during gameplay.

Moreover, it comes with a two-way remote control that you can use to turn the device on or off.

Lastly, its lightweight body allows easy mobility so that you can transport the device anywhere, whenever you feel like it.


  • Features a huge ball capacity
  • Highly durable
  • Bigger wheels for easy mobility
  • Upgradable design
  • 7 shot direction program
  • Two-way remote control


  • A bit expensive for occasional players


The Playmate Smash is an upgradable tennis ball machine, it is perfect for players who want to keep challenging themselves by increasing the difficulty of their training sessions.


What To Look For In A Good Tennis Ball Machine?

An extensive variety of tennis ball machines have been introduced in the market, however, this variety can make the selection process very tricky.

You can narrow down the choices by thinking about what kind of play you are aiming for.

Here are some important factors to consider before making a purchase:


Price is the most important factor to study before buying a tennis ball machine.

You should go for an affordable tennis ball machine that offers all the desired characters. There are a lot of models in the market with varying prices and characteristics. However, after a thorough tennis ball machine comparison, you can select the right one.

A tennis ball machine with the finest performance and functioning is worth investing, as it will provide more speed and spin.

You will come across tons of the best tennis ball machines under $1,000 as well. Carefully select the device that suits your level and is easy on your budget.


Normally, as the functioning of a machine increases, so does its weight. Most tennis machines are not very heavyweight but are difficult to move from one place to another. Recently, manufacturers have built such tennis ball devices that are comfortable to move around.

Lighter bodied with larger and sturdy wheels assist in better mobility.

The players, who need to own their tennis machine, should pick out the one with easy portability.

Machines that are not easily portable need additional accessories set up to move from one place to another.

Ball Speed

tennis ball on court
Speed is another factor to think through before buying a tennis ball machine.

The selection of the speed level depends completely upon your expertise.

You should consider buying a machine that allows you to adjust the ball speed with ease.

Machines with slower speeds are preferable for beginners and junior players. As the speed increases, so does the difficulty level of the game. High-speed tennis balls are used by intermediary and pro-level players to polish their skills.

Some devices allow adjustments in the 10-95 mph range while some of them are limited to just 20-65 mph. Ball machines that range up to 65 mph are perfect for most players, but countless machines offer a lot more.

Hence, you should look for the speed varieties that suit your game level.

Ball Spin

The ball spin is also just as important to consider as the ball speed. A tennis machine needs to add spin to pressureless tennis balls. Recent models of tennis machines, even the cheapest ones, include settings for ball spin.

Take a look at a couple of tennis ball machine comparisons and select the option that offers a wide range of settings for ball spin.

tennis ball turning around


The finest ball machine is the one that is sturdy and durable. It should be constructed from top-quality materials that are lightweight and compact. You should pick out the one that is easy to use and is user-friendly.

If the machine is not durable and doesn’t work properly, it will not only cause problems for the user but also waste the sum spent on it.

You should select the most durable and strongest one of all if you want to avoid any troubles.


The capacity of a tennis ball machine refers to the number of balls that it can hold and shoot before refilling. Like all other features, this one is also just as important as you make it, however, a machine with increased ball capacity is considered an ideal choice.

It will save the effort of frequent refilling and help create a rhythm in your practicing sessions.

The least capacity for most machines is 50 balls in a hopper, enough for a single player at beginner or intermediate level. For dual practice rounds or professional-level training, players require a greater ball capacity to get a steady game flow.

Battery Life

Most of the tennis ball machines are now built battery operated, so the lifetime of the battery becomes a concern for the users. Tennis machines with more battery timing are better as they allow you to play for a long time.

Many machines last for just 2 to 8 hours, while most can last up to 12 hours as well.

Apart from battery life, you should also consider the type of charger used.

A good charger will assist in fast charging so that you can charge the battery in no time, however, some models also work with separately bought fast chargers, so don’t be too quick to reject a machine.

FAQ Section

Here are some commonly asked questions and their answers in this regard:

Is it a good idea to make a tennis ball machine for family use?


DIY is not only possible but very rewarding too, of course, it will require lots of hard work. But it provides an

amazing opportunity to spend some lively moments with your family.

Are tennis ball machines safe for kids?

Many tennis ball machines are exclusively made for junior tennis players.

They have all the features that make it safer and convenient for children to use.

So my answer is yes, many tennis ball machines are made with lesser ball speed, spin, and a lightweight body.

Tennis ball machines are so expensive. Is it worth buying?

Tennis ball machines are expensive because they include advanced technology and first-class components that allow hitting the ball from different angles and positions.

In my opinion, they are worth your investment because they will help you to groom your skills and teach you more tricks and techniques.

Here’s a tennis ball machine training video that you might find very useful:


Tennis ball machines can help you to practice more and enhance your skills, but a poor choice (i.e. a cheap tennis ball machine) can slow down your pace and could exert negative effects.

You should always go for a machine that offers a wide variety of settings for ball speed and spin.

Plus it should be portable and easy to use.

In my opinion, the Spinshot Player Tennis Ball Machine is the best of all, but feel free to go for any product that suits your needs the best, just be sure to check the buyer’s guide for reference.

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