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Best Selkirk Pickleball Paddle: Top Brand Products & Ultimate Benefits To Your Gameplay

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Last Updated: May 15, 2024


This is the motto of Selkirk Sport.

If you know famous players such as Tyson McGuffin and Enrique Ruiz, then you probably have a broad idea of how great Selkirk paddles are. They are one of the most trusted brands when it comes to the game of pickleball.

The difference between other Selkirk pickleball paddle reviews and ours is that we will not only provide you a review of their best products but we’ll also thoroughly discuss their benefits to help you step up your game!

All of these paddles are high-performance and USAPA approved, but we recommend the Amped Epic paddle the most.

Top Selkirk Pickleball Paddles Reviewed

1. Amped Epic Paddle - Best Overall

Amped Epic PaddleThe Amped series uses brand-new technology in the pickleball industry to produce paddles that amplify both power and control.

The Epic model is all about balanced proportions - a perfect combination of a wide surface area with a long handle that lets you perform two-handed shots easily while staying accurate.

When it comes to structuring, it has a state-of-the-art FiberFlex fiberglass hitting surface that will help you perform great spins and diffuse opponent spins with ease.

It is also built with a thick X5 polypropylene core, providing excellent ball cushioning by reducing the amplitude and wave frequency of the ball upon hitting the paddle. The smooth feel of the paddle even helps with the symptoms of tennis elbow.

Additionally, its advanced torque suppression technology improves control and accuracy by reducing ball spray despite windy conditions and hard shots.

The paddle comes in two weight classifications - lightweight (7.4-7.7 ounces) and midweight (7.8-8.4 ounces). The Epic model has a 15.75-inch length (5.25 inches for the handle) and 8-inch width.

Its long handle has a grip circumference of 4.25 inches with an octagonal shape. It is made of cushioning material for a comfortable and confident hold.

Using EdgeSentry technology, the paddle features a low-profile and lightweight edge guard to increase its durability against impact.

Due to these features, the Amped line is quite expensive compared to other paddles. Upon purchasing this model, you may choose between five color variants.


  • Balanced proportions
  • Textured surface for a spin
  • Thick core for cushioning
  • Torque suppression technology
  • Low-profile edge guard


  • Pricey


The Epic model will surely “amp” your gameplay with its high-end technology as long as you have some budget to spare. Its balanced proportions will provide a comfortable grip while retaining strong power and smooth control.


2. SLK Neo Paddle Set - Best Budget Buy

SLK Neo Paddle SetThe SLK series’ Neo paddle is an affordable and lightweight (6.9-7.5 ounces) model if you are a beginner to intermediate player who is looking for maneuverability and control.

Using FiberFlex technology, the paddle is constructed with dual-layer G5 graphite to ensure a soft and comfortable performance that puts you in control of the game.

It is structured with an SX3 honeycomb polymer core paired with a large sweet spot that emphasizes control by providing constant speed while absorbing some of the ball’s impact.

“Neo” is classified as a wide-bodied paddle, measuring 15.67 inches long (5.25 inches for the handle) and 7.875 inches wide. This provides a large surface to ensure accurate shots.

The grip has a circumference of 4.25 inches and is made with Ultra-Comfort material that is impact and sweat-absorbent. This prevents you from fatigue even from prolonged periods of playing.

The Neo paddle set comes with two paddles, four balls, and a carrying bag. Paddles can be bought in either red or blue variants.

This model also uses the low-profile EdgeSentry edge guard, providing more protection and durability to the paddle.


  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Emphasizes ball control
  • Low-profile edge guard
  • High-quality grip


  • Not constructed with the latest technology
  • Power-driven players may find it too lightweight


Not only is the SLK series’ Neo paddle affordable, but it comes in a set that’s ready for doubles. All you need is a court and a net and you can start having fun with your friends!


3. Prime S2 Paddle - Best Sweet Spot

Selkirk Prime Pickleball Paddle | Fiberglass Pickleball Paddle with a Polypropylene X4 Core | Pickleball Rackets Made in The USA |S2, Red Sky | The Prime series remains true to the “uncompromising quality” of Selkirk products when it comes to performance and durability. This serves as an affordable option to the Amped series by having the same structure, except it’s behind on technology.

“S2” boasts the biggest sweet spot in the Prime series. With a wide surface, the likelihood of hitting shots is increased as long as you don’t mind the short handle.

Just like the Amped series, it has a FiberFlex Fiberglass face that magnifies the feel and performance of the paddle, with the textured surface improving spin while dampening the opponent’s spin at the same time.

It is structured with an X4 honeycomb polypropylene core that amplifies its performance attributes, such as balancing power and control.

By making use of torque suppression technology, the paddle’s unibody design increases stability by reducing the spray and twist of off-center shots, despite the wind and hard drives.

The model measures 15.75 inches long (4.5 inches for the handle) and 8 inches wide, weighing between 7.4-7.8 ounces for a lightweight feel.

Its grip has a circumference of 4.25 inches, made with Selkirk ContourGrip to prevent slippage during usage. The paddle also features EdgeSentry technology by adding a low-profile edge guard to increase its durability.

The S2 model comes in two color variants, which are Ocean Blue and Red Sky.


  • Affordable version of the Amped series
  • Large sweet spot
  • Textured surface for a spin
  • Torque suppression technology
  • Low-profile edge guard


  • Not constructed with the latest technology
  • Short handle length


If you’re not sure about investing in the Amped series but still want its features, the Prime S2 paddle is a great option, especially for its large sweet spot.


4. Amped Invikta Paddle - Best Reach

Amped Invikta PaddleThe Invikta is another model variant of the Amped series, keeping the same features when it comes to structuring.

It only differs when it comes to size, wherein its elongated shape emphasizes reach to help you hit over-the-head shots or receive far shots from your opponent. It measures 16.5 inches long (5.25 inches for the handle) and 7.375 inches wide.

Elongated paddles like this are best for intermediate to advanced players.

Since the paddle is slimmer, it has fewer sweet spots compared to other models so you have to adjust to its harder maneuverability.

Regarding its other features, it has the FiberFlex Fiberglass surface and an X5 polypropylene core to enhance its power and control while providing a textured surface for technical shots such as spin.

The paddle cushioning uses vibration dampening and torque suppression technology to increase accuracy and stability as you swing by smoothening the contact of the ball to the hitting surface. It even helps with symptoms of tennis elbow.

It comes in two weight variants which are lightweight (7.3-7.7 ounces) and midweight (7.8-8.4 ounces).

Its grip (4.25-inch circumference) is made of cushioning material for a comfortable and confident hold. The model uses EdgeSentry technology to apply a durable and low-profile edge guard to protect its sensitive components.

Invikta comes with five color variants you can choose from.


  • Extended reach
  • Textured surface for a spin
  • Thick core for cushioning
  • Torque suppression technology
  • Low-profile edge guard


  • Reduced sweet spot and maneuverability
  • Pricey


For intermediate to advanced players who are already familiar with the technicalities of the game, the Invikta model of the Amped series will help you reach every difficult shot you face in court.


5. SLK Atlas Paddle - Best Graphite Sweet Spot

SLK Atlas PaddleJust like the Invikta model to the Amped series, Atlas is another model variant of the SLK series, having the same features as Neo.

The only difference is that Atlas is wider, measuring 15.5 inches long (5.25 inches for the handle) and 8.25 inches wide. It is also heavier, weighing between 7.5-8.0 ounces. This provides more sweet spots and power output.

It keeps the G5 graphite hitting surface and SX3 polymer core, providing you a soft touch, excellent control, and constant speed as you hit the ball.

The grip (4.25-inch circumference) is made of Ultra-Comfort material to minimize fatigue as you play for extended periods. It also features a low-profile yet durable EdgeSentry guard to protect the paddle from impact.

The Atlas model comes in two color variants which are Atlas Blue and Atlas Purple.


  • Affordable
  • Large sweet spot
  • Emphasizes ball control
  • Low-profile edge guard
  • High-quality grip


  • Not constructed with the latest technology


The Atlas model is another great and affordable option especially for beginner and intermediate players since its large surface area increases the chance of hitting the ball.


What Is Selkirk Sport?

History And Reputation

Overlooking the Selkirk Mountains up in the northwest, Mike, Rob, and Jim Barnes journeyed to be the market leader in the pickleball paddle innovation and technology. Their family-owned business took on the name of the mountains due to its influence.

With its mission of “uncompromising quality,” Selkirk Sport strives to uphold creative excellence to improve the community that is at the heart of pickleball.

Whether it’s producing the best Selkirk paddle or promoting the sport, this family-oriented company redefines how the world looks at pickleball to inspire further generations to come.

It is greatly noticeable that the majority of approved paddles in the list provided by the International Federation of Pickleball are manufactured by Selkirk. 

Influence In Competitions

pickleball game doubles

With pickleball’s rise in popularity, Selkirk Sport has its share of contributions through competitions and sponsorships.

At the 2018 USA Pickleball Nationals, Selkirk offered a grand total of $100,000 in prize money for participating players. Surely enough, 2,300 competitors from all around the world aimed for the cash prize.

Selkirk sponsors over 100 pro players, most notable are Tyson McGuffin who is the best pickleball player in the world in men’s singles, six-time national champion Enrique Ruiz, and even professional tennis players who play pickleball such as Kaitlyn Christian, JoAnne Russell, and Cammy MacGregor.

They even have pickleball coaches to teach at a recreational to professional level as the influx of players increases over the years.

A prime example is TeamSelkirk member Morgan Evans, who is the first-ever Professional Tour Pickleball Coach. He helped Tyson McGuffin win his first major pickleball competition at the Men's Singles Open Division of the 2017 USA Pickleball Association National Championships.

What Are The Benefits Of Selkirk Pickleball Paddles?

red and orange pickleball paddles on court

Despite being one of the newest pickleball manufacturers, they uphold a reputation for producing high-quality equipment using top-notch technology and materials.

They are one of the leading manufacturers in the market and players have a high demand for their products which is why they are often sold out.


Each part of a Selkirk paddle from the core, hitting surface until the edge guard makes use of advanced technology to fine-tune every aspect of a paddle’s desired performance.


The latest core technology is X5 honeycomb polypropylene which gives the paddle a thick structure and large sweet spot to provide more power and control.

Since it is made of polymer material, it combines the strength of a Nomex core and the control of an aluminum core without producing any noise.

Their core technology even has vibration dampening which reduces the wave frequency as the ball hits the paddle surface to give players a smoother feel upon contact.

Hitting Surface

There’s a variety of hitting surface materials depending on the paddle series. 


First is QuadCarbon which has two layers of cross-weaved carbon fiber on both sides of the paddle. This creates extra stiffness which flattens the ball in each hit, providing better consistency, feel, and spin.


There’s also FiberFlex which is made of meticulously engineered fiberglass to provide a sleek surface to the paddle, improving spin and enhancing ball control.

G5 Graphite

Finally, the G5 graphite which is made using FiberFlex technology focuses on amplifying ball control by providing a soft feel to the paddle.

Edge Guard

As we mentioned multiple times, all of their paddles use EdgeSentry technology to add durability to the paddle while keeping the edge guard low-profile and lightweight.


Using the aforementioned technology, they produce different paddle series that suits your skill level, playstyle, and budget.

They have the Amped and the newly added Vanguard series, which are their top-rated pickleball paddles made from the latest technology in the pickleball industry.

If you’re looking for an affordable alternative while staying true to the high-performance quality that Selkirk is known for, the SLK and Prime series are their options, especially in choosing the best beginner pickleball paddles.

Additionally, each paddle series offers different models that vary in shape and weight. This opens many great options to find the best Selkirk pickleball paddle for you.

You can compare some of their best paddles in this video:

Customer Service

Selkirk Sport allows customers to register a lifetime warranty for all of their paddles. They want to minimize the risk of having to buy new paddles due to manufacturer defects regarding materials and craftsmanship.

However, the warranty does not cover regular wear-and-tear, paddle negligence, damage from modifications, and the natural degradation of materials.

This is why they publish information on how to take proper care of your paddle so it can retain its performance in court for many years to come.

Moreover, they even have resources regarding different paddle weights and grips and how they affect gameplay. This way, you can have a greater perspective when selecting the best Selkirk pickleball paddle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Are Selkirk Pickleball Paddles Made?

Each Selkirk paddle is handcrafted in the USA using high-end materials and advanced technology. The people behind Selkirk Sport believe in doing business the right way.

What Is The Paddle Face Of A Selkirk Pickleball Paddle Made From?

The materials used in constructing the paddle face differ based on the series, directly affecting the paddle’s performance and pricing.

The Vanguard series uses QuadCarbon carbon fiber, the Amped and Prime series uses FiberFlex fiberglass, while the SLK series is made of G5 graphite.


Once again, our pick for the best Selkirk pickleball paddle is the Amped Epic model. For an affordable option, we recommend the SLK Neo paddle set.

The Amped Epic is made of leading-edge technology such as a FiberFlex fiberglass face, an X5 honeycomb polymer core, vibration dampening, and torque suppression.

Not only that, but its balanced paddle proportions will amplify your power and ball control in court while keeping a comfortable and soft touch.

Out of all the Selkirk pickleball paddle reviews out there, we hope ours helped you find the perfect model for your playstyle.

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