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Best Balls For Racquetball: Lightweight Options For Players During Indoor Or Outdoor Games

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Last Updated: June 12, 2024

New racquetball players often have the misconception that various colors in racquetball balls are for aesthetic purposes only.

And so...

It leads them to just pick any balls at random.

Hence, it beats the goal if you intend to look for the best racquetball balls.

That's why I rounded up several of today's best balls for racquetball to simplify your decision-making process and help you pick the suitable balls to meet your need.

So keep reading and find out what makes Wilson 20/20 Pink Racquetball my ultimate favorite and the best overall product.

Best Racquetball Balls Review 2021

1. Wilson 20/20 Pink Racquetball – Best Overall

Wilson 20/20 Pink Racquetball

You probably wonder how it got the Wilson 20/20 in its name. Don't worry because it's all right to be curious about the 20/20 thing. I was once marveling at the same thing, too, until recently when I became keenly aware of its meaning.

Many people consider the 20/20 model as the best racquetball ball because of its increased visibility. It has a bright pink color, allowing it to become effortlessly eye-catching in both open-air and indoor games. You'll also love how it has a soft, cushiony feel.

This racquetball's exceptional quality helps users enjoy a fast-paced and vigorous game, not to mention that each can includes three balls, weighing 0.25 pounds only.


  • High visibility
  • Convenient to use
  • Affordable and durable
  • Excellent bounce feature
  • Suitable for any skill levels


  • Bounces heavily
  • Quite slow


This pink racquetball boasts more than just its visual appeal. It is a fine choice for newbies and even those who already play more frequently. You can't ignore its impressive durability as well, especially after frequent uses.


2. Penn Ballistic 2.0 Racquetball – Best Value

Penn Ballistic 2.0 RacquetballWhenever you're scanning different product reviews online for good racquetball balls, you will always notice the Penn Ballistic as part of almost every list.

It makes a suitable choice for players looking for a fair balance between speed and control.

It has a bright red shade that allows you to see it in court quickly and bears the reputation of being remarkably fast. The pack includes three balls, each weighing about 0.35 pounds. Although you also have the option to get the 36 balls in twelve cans if it suits you best.

While you can use Ballistic 2.0 in any type of space, you can maximize its fullest potential in outdoor racquetball games. Let's not forget its durable rubber material, too, that will surely last you several gameplays.


  • Extremely fast
  • Affordable
  • Perfect for intense outdoor play
  • Excellent bounce
  • Brilliant red shade


  • Quite challenging visibility
  • Not suitable for indoor use


As bright as its shade might be, red-colored balls could have quite challenging visibility. It tends to blur at high speeds, especially during indoor plays. Nevertheless, the durable construction of the Ballistic 2.0 means replacing your balls for every game will be highly uncalled-for.


3. Penn Ultra-Blue Racquetballs – Best For Beginners

Penn Ultra-Blue Racquetballs (2 cans), 3 Ball can When you start checking a racquetball ball review, you will often notice the Ultra Blue from Penn there since it's a crowd favorite. I don't find that surprising at all since this ball is famous, especially for recreational use.

It is among the popular choices of racquetball beginners due to its bursting power, control, and speed.

Tennis players are familiar with this ball since it has a similar size to a tennis ball. The balls feature a striking blue shade, which is among the primary selections during tournaments.

Penn also offers these racquetballs in two cans, with three balls for each can, making it an excellent choice for practicing beginners. It is well known as one of the best balls for racquetball for its powerful grip due to its microscopic texture.


  • Perfect for newbie players
  • Balanced control and speed
  • Ideal for long-playing racquetball games
  • Impressive grip on any type of surface
  • Multipurpose ball; suitable even for playing with dogs


  • Quite a weighty bounce
  • Compromised visibility in poorly-lighted areas


The Ultra-Blue could be one of your best options if you need a racquetball with medium speed and suitable for various floor types. The ball's versatility allows you to use it for whatever purpose suits you best; ideal for both newbie players or professionals.


4. Propenn HD – Best In Speed Indoors

Propenn HD Purple RacquetballThe thing with purple racquetballs is they are less sturdy, but they are also the fastest.

It is what makes the Propenn HD an optimal preference for players enjoying a fast-paced game. The can is inclusive of three balls, with each weighing approximately 0.24 pounds.

This ball is comfortably soft and conveniently playable, making it a top and official choice in the International Racquetball Tour.

The Propenn HD's high playability also ensures a lesser risk of pain on your shoulder and elbows, even with long games.


  • Intense speed perfect for tournaments
  • Suitable for various use like targeted practice and recreation
  • Soft materials and lightweight construction
  • Comfortable to use


  • Not durable and long-lasting
  • Relatively unnoticeable in dim-lighted surroundings


The Propenn HD's unmatched speed is very tempting, especially for serious players. However, as with most purple racquetballs, it may also not be long-lasting but will certainly keep you on your toes throughout the game.


5. Gearbox Racquetball Balls – Best For Elderly Players

Gearbox Racquetball Balls-3 Ball Pack (Black) The Gearbox is another reputable name when it comes to racquetballs delivering consistency and exceptional durability.

It is not as quick-moving as most racquetballs and only has a standard bouncing capability.

You can get these balls in three balls per pack. Each Gearbox ball weighs an impressive 0.02 pounds only and with a premium rubber material.

Nevertheless, those mentioned above are why Gearbox is a suitable option for the elderly crowd or long matches. These long rallies encourage players to use brilliant moves by giving them more time to anticipate the shots instead of depending on strength alone.


  • Bounces consistently
  • Ideal for long matches
  • Suitable for older players
  • High playability


  • Slow-moving
  • Steep price tag


The best part of using the Gearbox is it allows you to feel more natural while in the game. The ball's slow movement could help you predict your opponent's next move, making it among the best options for older players. It's also ideal if you'd want to concentrate on your techniques.


6. Python Blue Racquetballs – Best In Comfort

Python 3 Ball Can Blue Racquetballs (Standard Color w/Tournament Quality!) (1) The Python Racquetballs provide you the edge in an unmatched performance by allowing you to use them comfortably.

These balls are relaxingly lightweight, each weighing 0.37 pounds only, so you won't have to worry about having stressed arms after the game.

It allows you to use it at the most appropriate speed level and versatile enough for fun indoor and outdoor play.

Moreover, the Python Racquetballs have the essential sturdiness to let you enjoy hours of a consistently enjoyable game.


  • Bounces well
  • Easy to control
  • Lightweight construction
  • No arm and shoulder strain
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Best for both indoor and outdoor gameplays


  • Not ideal for a fast-moving game
  • Relatively pricier than most brands


I can't think of a better deal than these Python racquetballs having extreme speed yet still easy to control. While these balls are suitable for any surface, it works best when using them for indoor gameplay. They also have impressive grip and excellent bouncing too.


Helpful Racquetball Buying Guide

The racquetball ball is the second primary piece of equipment in this sport next to a racket. Besides knowing the best features that each racquetball has, there are several things that you must consider before making that purchase.

Before you start looking for the best balls for racquetball, you need first to understand some essential things. The different balls you commonly see in indoor and outdoor courts have the same functionality.

However, each ball has a unique design, varying in weight, speed, and control. To help you choose which ball is best for you, here are some factors worth considering:

Understand The Differences In Colors

The color variety in racquetballs is more than just for the visual appeal. Don't make the mistake of choosing what looks attractive to you or based on your favorite color.

Every color has a different representation, depicting each ball's remarkable speed, bounciness, and visibility.

Playing racquetball in an indoor or outdoor court can have a significant effect on your need for visibility.

Indoor courts most likely use artificial lighting, which makes black or blue balls more suitable to use. Outdoor courts will mostly rely on natural lighting, to which red balls are more befitting to use.

Consider The Material And Size

An average racquetball size and recommended by the United States Racquetball Association is about 2.25 inches.

Regardless of the manufacturer and color variation, these balls have soft rubber construction to ensure optimal speed and bouncing capabilities.

Control Element

Having the right amount of grip and control over your racquetball ball is crucial. It allows you to generate more power in every shot.

When you have more control over your shots, you can seamlessly deliver the perfect swing even with the best racquetball racquet for beginners and make rapid adjustments when necessary.

Speed Element

man diving on floor hitting racquetball ball

Choosing between control versus speed can be confusing at times. Picking one of these two elements could mean having different features in your racquetball.

Heavier balls have more power, while lighter balls are bouncier and rely on their users for force.


To enjoy your racquetball game to the fullest, you need to ensure that you get a ball that doesn't break easily.

Fast-moving balls are typically prone to breaking more quickly than most racquetballs.

If you invest in something durable, that would mean saving more money too.

The Benefits Of Playing Racquetball

Playing racquetball can significantly improve your physical health. It allows your body to burn calories and excess fats naturally.

This sport can also strengthen your bones and muscles, and it works even better for your heart's overall health.

Using the right equipment such as the best racquetball glove, protection like the best racquetball glasses, and learning how to control your movement will help you maintain a good posture, balance, and agility.

You will realize that you improve your performance with frequent practice, enhance your skill shots, and increase your flexibility.

Moreover, playing racquetball could also be an excellent stress reliever. By doing it more often, you get to focus more and become more productive at work.

A racquetball game is fun and entertaining and, beyond that, a positive way of keeping a healthy lifestyle.

For racquetball beginners who would like to ensure their success in this sport, here's a short video on proper footwork techniques:

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do Racquetball Balls Last?

Several factors affect racquetballs' longevity. The things and surfaces the ball gets in contact with have a crucial role in whether how long a racquetball will last.

Good racquetballs typically last for about six to ten games on average.

However, from an even broader perspective, the racquetballs' longevity will still be dependent on the frequency of usage and how you utilize them.

Professional players generate powerful shots; hence the ball will wear out faster than with a beginner playing with it.

How To Choose The Best Racquetballs?

Knowing what factors matter the most for your game is crucial when selecting the best racquetballs.

Before stepping into the game, consider the ball's speed, color, visibility, size, and material. All of these factors will play a vital role in how you will perform in the game.

The ball's durability also matters because it is practical to choose one that can last you several matches.

When Should You Replace A Racquetball?

Waiting for your ball to break before replacing it is one of the most typical mistakes that players make. If you think you're practical by doing that, you're wrong!

Racquetballs need to have excellent textures for them to deliver exceptional results.

Nevertheless, you can still keep your old balls for practicing shots, but you should refrain from using worn-out balls in competitive plays for the most reliable results.

Additionally, you should store your racquetballs with caution. The best way is to put them inside a case with much-needed pressure to help the balls retain their hardness. It prevents the air from leaking out, so the ball gets to keep its original form.

What Do The Different Colors Of Racquetballs Mean?

The differences in racquetball colors can help players determine which among them is the right one for them. Each color indicates different features such as the ball's speed level, bounciness, and visibility.

These colors can help determine how fast the ball moves during gameplay, the amount of bounciness, and the quality it is capable of delivering. Depending on the color, each ball has varying travel speeds when hitting the floor or ceiling.

Different colors of racquetball balls

Here are some of the most common racquetball colors and their features, so you can decide which among these colors is the more appropriate one for you:


Since this is the liveliest color variation, it is more suitable for all racquetball newbies. The blue ball features medium speed, and you will often see players using it for recreation.


A red ball's construction, speed, and visibility make it a top choice for outdoor games. If you're just learning how to play outdoor racquetball, you should know that a red ball is typically heavier, but also the fastest and most vital of all the racquetball types.


These balls have impressive durability and move much faster than blue balls. Most players use this ball during indoor plays, and they love how it has excellent visibility. It's perfect for players who enjoy having a combination of speed and control.


Black racquetballs have slower speeds than most balls. They are bold and have exceptional visibility. This kind of ball is suitable for players who prefer a slow-paced game and requires more time to make any movement.


The original concept for these pink balls is to support the cause of breast cancer research. These pink balls also have superb visibility due to their bright color, and currently, only Wilson manufactures such racquetballs.


These balls are indisputably the fastest for indoor use. They're also bouncier and more vigorous, making them the best option for professional players. However, purple balls are less durable because of their light construction.

Final Thoughts

In summary, I chose Wilson 20/20 Pink Racquetball as my best overall due to its high visibility and top-grade quality.

Nonetheless, the Penn Ballistic 2.0 Racquetball stood out as the product with the best value. It is a cost-effective way of enjoying the remarkable features less the steep price tag.

If you're someone new to this game, it is normal not to know anything about buying the best racquetball ball. Hopefully, this comprehensive review of today's best sellers will help you decide which one is right for you and help you achieve racquetball success.

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