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Best Pickleball Paddle For Spin: Quality Features For Comfort & Smooth Ball Control

Pickleball paddle and orange ball on a court

Last Updated: May 13, 2024

What looks stylish?

Adding spin to your service in pickleball looks stylish and makes it harder for your opponents to receive the ball.


Aside from practice; the material, shape, grip, and weight of your paddle also affect how you execute spins.

We arranged the best pickleball paddles for spin review along with a guide in picking a paddle based on different elements, so read further to find out!

Out of all the options, the paddle we recommend the most is the Engage Encore Pro paddle.

Top 5 Best Pickleball Paddles for Spin Reviewed

1. Engage Encore Pro - Best Overall

Engage Encore Pro Pickleball Paddle | USAPA Approved | Textured FiberTEK Fiberglass Face & ControlPRO Polymer Core | Standard Weight 7.8-8.3 oz | Red The Encore paddle line is all about smooth ball control, whether you’re a soft or hard hitter.

The Engage Encore Pro’s main features are the ControlPRO polymer core and a specialized skin using FiberTEK Fiberglass to provide an excellent surface roughness, giving the ball great power, control, and spin.

Compared to its predecessors, this paddle has a larger sweet spot which allows you to receive the ball easily.

The paddle’s engineering maximizes the amount of time the ball stays on the paddle, which is a feature originally developed by EngagePickleball. This gives a soft feel that allows you to take control of the ball.

Its ergonomic grip is 4.75 inches long with a 4.25 circumference, weighing between 7.8 to 8.3 oz depending on the grip wrapping.

Additionally, the paddle is noise-free which is ideal if you have many neighbors or if your area has noise restrictions.

This paddle is used by professional players such as Brian Staub and Marcin Rozpedski, yet it’s still beginner-friendly.


  • Smooth ball control and power
  • Rough fiberglass surface for a quality spin
  • Specialized features
  • Noise-free
  • Used by professionals


  • Expensive
  • The weight can potentially strain the elbows


The Engage Encore Pro has specialized features designed to provide excellent ball control while keeping great power. This is the best pickleball paddle for a spin if you’re willing to invest in one.


2. TICCI Pickleball Paddle - Best Budget Buy

TICCI Pickleball Paddle USAPA Approved Set 2 Premium Graphite Craft Rackets Honeycomb Core 4 Balls Ultra Cushion Grip Portable Racquet Case Bag Gift Kit Men Women Indoor Outdoor (Gorgeous Kit) Despite its low price, TICCI is made with a premium-grade polymer honeycomb core that can withstand strong strikes from a ball, paired with a large sweet spot.

It is a wide-bodied paddle (15.47 inches long and 7.91 inches wide) that weighs 8oz ideally for players who prefer middle-weight paddles.

The paddle’s surface is made of fiberglass with good stiffness for a perfect strike. The material also offers great energy in executing spins.

It also comes with an edge guard that’s 0.55 inches thick.

The ergonomic grip (4.76 inches long and 1.5 inches wide) provides ease and comfort when holding, which improves balance while decreasing slippage. It is also sweat-absorbent and prevents wrist fatigue.

However, the grip length may not be ideal if you have big hands since short handles force you to squeeze harder.

It comes in a set of two paddles, one paddle case, and four pickle balls. The paddles come in six different designs.

The TICCI pickleball paddle’s premium fiberglass is suitable for all ages, genders, and skill levels at an affordable price. 


  • A wide paddle for sweet spots
  • Fiberglass offers energetic spin
  • The design prevents wrist fatigue
  • For all skill levels


  • The short handle may not be suitable for all players


This is a good option if you’re on a budget. The wide paddle and medium weight are perfect for beginners and those who prefer a balanced playstyle.


3. Selkirk Amped Paddle - Best for Advanced Players

Selkirk Amped Pickleball PaddleThe Selkirk Amped pickleball paddle is called “amped” because of its features that were made using entirely new technology.

It has a revolutionary X5 polymer honeycomb core that dampens the amplitude and frequency of vibrational waves, resulting in smoother ball handling and consistent speed.

The reduced vibration also helps with the symptoms of the tennis elbow.

The paddle uses a state-of-the-art FiberFlex fiberglass surface that doesn’t only provide great spin, but defuses enemy spin as well!

Selkirk also makes use of advanced torque suppression technology, which stabilizes gameplay and increases accuracy even in windy conditions.

The Amped series features three (3) paddle variants: ‘Epic’ which is an all-around paddle, ‘Invikta’ which is an elongated paddle for extended reach but reduced sweet spot, and the new ‘S2’ which boasts the largest sweet spot in exchange of some grip length.

These paddles vary in shapes and sizes, but all handles have a 4.25-inch circumference with an octagonal shape. They also come in lightweight (7.4-7.7oz) and midweight (7.7-8.3oz).

Additionally, Selkirk paddles are used by professionals such as Tyson McGuffin, Enrique Ruiz, Joanne Russel, and Kaitlin Christian.

The only downside is that this paddle is extremely expensive, even more than Engage Encore Pro paddle which may drive beginner players away.

Each paddle is bought individually and comes in seven (7) designs.


  • Thick core
  • Reduced vibration and torque suppression
  • Fiberglass surface offers great spin
  • Paddle variants for different playstyles
  • Used by professional


  • Price is not beginner-friendly


The Selkirk Amped series uses excellent technology that will “amp” your gameplay! This is recommended if you are an advanced player who is willing to invest a lot of money.


4. JP WinLook - Best in Comfort

JP WinLook Pickleball Paddles Set - 2 Graphite Lightweight USAPA Racquets, 3 Pickle Balls, Portable Racket Bag, Cushion Comfort Grip, 4-¼ Inch Grip Size, Honeycomb Core, for Men Women Indoor Outdoor The JP WinLook paddle is lightweight (7.8oz) and provides comfort for all ages and skill levels, men and women alike.

It’s structured with a polymer honeycomb core to provide a balance of power and control, with a wide surface area (15.8 inches long and 7.77 inches wide) to ensure the perfect hit on the sweet spot.

The top-notch resilient graphite face not only provides durability, but also better impact, power, and great ball spin. This causes shots to become more accurate.

It includes a slim edge guard to protect the paddle head from ground hits.

The handle grip (5.27 inches long with a 4.25-inch circumference) is made with an ultra-cushion that is soft and non-slip. It has an elite overgrip to ensure maximum comfort and maneuverability.

Additionally, the handle is sweat-absorbent and provides flexibility to ensure long game sessions. It works for indoor and outdoor play.

The set comes with two paddles, one paddle case, and three pickle balls that are precisely drilled for a perfect flight path and minimized wind resistance. However, there is no color customization.

JP WinLook’s manufacturers are pickleball players too, so they know what equipment players need and care about. Your satisfaction is their trophy award.


  • Balanced power and control
  • Graphite surface improves spin
  • Top-notch handle
  • Suitable for all skill levels
  • Manufacturers know customers’ needs


  • No customization options
  • The edge guard is not durable


The JP WinLook paddle is ideal if you want a well-rounded paddle that provides excellent comfort and maneuverability, even after long games.


5. Uteeqe Pickleball Paddles - Best in Durability

Uteeqe Pickleball Paddles Set USAPA Approved Lightweight Texture Graphite Surface Polymer Honeycomb Core Pickleball Racket Cushion Comfort Contour Grip Pickle Ball Racquet with Carrying Case & 4 Balls The Uteeqe paddle boasts specialized features that don’t only improve its power and control, but durability as well.

This 7.8 oz paddle is made with a polymer honeycomb core using their proprietary polymer technology, giving an extra edge to players of all skill levels.

Its rough-textured graphite surface offers excellent spin. Combined with its proportions (15.88 inches long and 7.88 inches wide) that provide a large sweet spot, the paddle ensures high-quality hits.

To prevent damage on ground impact, the paddle has a slim and low-profile edge guard without adding too much weight to the paddle.

Its strong and fail-proof grip (5 inches long with a 4.25-inch circumference) is sweat-absorbent and soft cushioned. There’s also a specialized design at the bottom of the handle that gives it durability and an additional look.

The Uteeqe set is composed of two paddles, one paddle case, and four pickle balls. However, the paddles come in only one design.


  • Rough graphite surface for a spin
  • Great proportions for sweet spots
  • Balanced power and control
  • Specialized features
  • For all skill levels


  • Not customizable


The Uteeqe paddle is built with specialized features to increase its durability and a graphite texture that helps with spin.


What A Pickleball Paddle Is

set of pickleball paddles with different colors

The paddle is the most important piece of equipment when playing pickleball. It is shaped like a square with round edges, and smaller than a tennis racket but bigger than a ping pong paddle.

Originally, it was exclusively made out of wood, but paddles nowadays are also made out of lighter materials, such as aluminum and graphite.

Why Having the Right Paddle For Spin Makes A Difference

Apart from your abilities, the paddle determines how the ball is launched to the other side of the court.

The paddle composition and structure that complements your playstyle can help improve your power, control, and overall pickleball techniques and strategies whether you’re a casual or competitive player.

How To Choose The Best Pickleball Paddle For Spin

Type Of Pickleball Paddle

There are three types of paddles, which are wood, composite, and graphite. All of these can perform spins, but some can do better than others.

Regarding the best pickleball paddles for an excellent spin, we recommend composite and graphite paddles since their textured surface offers great spin.

Composite Paddles

In simple terms, “composite” refers to something made up of different elements.

Composite paddles like the Head pickleball paddles have a hitting surface made of carbon fiber or fiberglass, with a composite core made of either Nomex (rigid nylon), aluminum, or polymer.

Graphite Paddles

The core of graphite paddles is similar to that of composite paddles. The only difference is the graphite hitting surface.

The graphite layer is usually around a few centimeters, about the thickness of a fingernail.

The hitting surface offers a soft control while retaining strong power, which is why graphite paddles like the Paddletek pickleball paddles are one of the best-selling paddles and the kind preferred by competitive players.


As the word suggests, the core is the central foundation of the paddle which makes up its structure. You can’t see the core of a paddle since it’s covered by the face and the edge guard.

Most cores mimic the pattern of a honeycomb. These cores are designed to have hollow cells which reduce the weight of the paddle while retaining its power.

The core determines how much force the paddle applies to the ball, so it’s crucial to choose the core that fits your playstyle.

Serving ball in a pickleball paddle

Nomex Core Paddles

Nomex is made of rigid nylon that has been dipped in resin to harden the structure, thus, improving its durability.

Nomex is one of the first materials used in making composite cores. It’s the leading core material in the pickleball market and widely popular among serious players.

How is it so popular?

The honeycomb structure of Nomex cores is tiny, making it dense. This results in a lightweight paddle that carries a lot of force and speed. The paddle becomes easy to swing and the shots are fast and hard.

Additionally, the Nomex core is the loudest and hardest core. Each shot carries a loud “POP” sound that is famous in the pickleball community.

However, its main drawback is control. Due to its density, receiving the ball will be harder since it will bounce off the surface quickly.

Nomex core paddles like the best Selkirk pickleball paddles are recommended if you are an offensive and fast-paced player who already knows how to control the ball. 

Aluminum Core Paddles

This core is the lightest among all core types. Of course, it is made of aluminum—a metal that we interact with every day.

Due to its weight, handling the ball is easier. You don’t have to worry about hitting the ball too hard and losing control.

This also affects the paddle’s center of gravity. Compared to other core types, aluminum cores are so lightweight that the paddle’s center of gravity is shifted to the handle, making it easier to swing the paddle.

Despite this, the aluminum core is the weakest among all core types. Its weight makes it difficult to deliver powerful and fast shots to the opponent.

Aluminum core paddles are best if you panic easily and aren’t used to fast-paced sports. The lightness of aluminum dampens the pace of the ball.

Polymer Core Paddles

The polymer core is made of blended plastic. Due to polymer’s flexibility and durability, as well as the latest technology developments, polymer core paddles gained a good reputation.

This core is the softest (not lightest) among all core types, which offers great control over the ball while retaining power. Think of it as a combination of the Nomex and aluminum cores.

Polymer core paddles are also the quietest, which is ideal if you are playing in an area with noise regulations.

Additionally, the majority of pickleball technology focuses on the development of polymer materials, so the polymer core is bound to improve from here on out.

Not only that, there are many options of polymer core paddles to choose from in the market. The only issue is that they are more expensive than other paddles.

Polymer core paddles are recommended if you prefer a balance of power and control, with more budget to spend.

Paddle Shape

blue and violet paddle with balls on a court

The paddle shape determines the amount of space that can be used to hit the ball. If you want to add spin to the ball, you need to hit it on the paddle’s sweet spot.

According to the specifications, the sum of the paddle’s length and width must not exceed 24 inches. This is the only limitation when it comes to size, so you can experiment on different paddle shapes to find what suits your playstyle.


The length and thickness of the grip are also crucial when choosing the best pickleball paddle for a spin. The right grip provides comfort and prevents injury while playing.

Having a grip that’s too small forces you to squeeze the handle which causes tension to the hands, arms, and elbows. On the other hand, a grip that’s too big restricts movements and requires more strength to use.

There are tests that you can do to determine the ideal grip based on your height and hand size.

If you’re stuck choosing between two sizes, choose the smaller one like the best Gamma pickleball paddle since a smaller grip encourages wrist action, which helps in executing spins. Additionally, you can apply an overgrip if you need to increase its size.

Edge Guard

The edge guard serves as protection to the core of the paddle to prevent it from chipping away during play or when you accidentally drop it onto the floor.

It is normally made of plastic or rubber and covers the exposed part of the core, which is between the front and back surface of the paddle.

However, the edge guard, as well as other parts of the paddle, is not the only factor that affects durability. You also have to maintain the paddle if you want it to last long.


The paddle’s overall weight (the core, grip, edge guard, and surface combined) determines the amount of power you can exert to the ball and the comfort you feel while playing.

Light paddles (<7.3oz) offer more control at the expense of power, best for players who prefer a touch/feel game. They require less strength to swing and are more popular with doubles players.

Medium paddles (7.3-8.4oz) maintain a balance between control and power. These are recommended for players that are unsure about their playstyle.

Heavy paddles (8.5-9.5oz) provide power and pop while reducing control. They require more arm strength and are preferred by offensive players. These paddles are more popular with singles players.

You can purchase a paddle that fits your preferred weight, or you can just add more weight to your paddle by using lead tape to save more money.

You can check out this Youtube tutorial below to learn the proper way of installing lead tape to your paddle for more weight:


If you want the most value out of a paddle, take some time to assess how much you are willing to invest and continue playing pickleball.

It’s your money to spend, but it’s not a wise idea to buy an expensive paddle if you’re not going to use it in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Legal To Add Spin On A Pickleball Serve? 

Absolutely! As the name suggests, spin refers to the rotation of the ball as it moves across the court, compared to simply lobbing it to your opponent.

Adding a spin to a service may be challenging, but it makes it harder for the opponent to receive the ball since the spin changes its direction.

It is a completely legal move as long as you abide by the pickleball serving rules.

What Is Spin for Pickleball Paddles?

Spin is the number of rotations a pickleball does right after making contact with your paddle and being guided into a new direction. It helps with accuracy and force.

Just like in any other sport, it is not recommended to do the same moves repeatedly because it becomes predictable.

If you keep adding spin to your service, your opponent will anticipate this and prepare a counterattack.

Additionally, it increases the probability of the service going out of bounds, especially if you haven’t mastered the proper technique.

What Else Do I Need To Improve Spin?

Apart from the proper equipment, you also need to enhance your abilities. As we mentioned, performing a spin is challenging, so you have to pay attention to your form and swing.

As you practice, you may also learn how to read your opponents’ spin shots and how to counter them during the process.

Final Remarks

Our choice for the best overall product is the Engage Encore Pro paddles. The TICCI paddle is also a good option if you are looking for an affordable alternative.

Our top pick is a composite paddle with a rough fiberglass surface that optimizes spin. Its core is made of polymer which combines the power of Nomex and the control of aluminum.

The paddle has a large sweet spot and maximizes its contact with the ball, ensuring a soft feel and control.

We hope that you find the paddle that will help execute the best spins with these pickleball paddles for spin’s review!

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