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Best Paddletek Pickleball Paddle: Class & Quality For Ultra High Track Performance In Game

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Last Updated: May 15, 2024

Paddletek is a household pickleball brand that helps picklers better their game all-around, but mainly through their paddles.


We understand there are plenty of brands to pick a paddle from,  but we want to make your search as specific as possible when you look the Paddletek way. As such, the team and I compiled a top 5 lineup from their arsenal of paddles.

Want a spoiler?

The Tempest Wave Pro is the best Paddletek pickleball paddle hands down. It's also one of the best in the game, with its forgiving core, unmatched control, and fast hands.

However, the rest are awesome in their specialties. Let’s see…

Top 5 Paddletek Pickleball Paddle Reviews

1. The Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro – Best of the Bunch

Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro Pickleball Paddle | Thin Grip | Barium (Green) Probably the most talked-about paddle in history is the Tempest Wave Pro.

When I played with this paddle, I quickly realized why the finest picklers love this paddle. Aside from a handful of 4.0 players on my court, stars like Aspen Kern, Dave Weinbach, and Daniel Moore have used the Tempest Wave Pro at national tournaments.

Furthermore, the Tempest Wave Pro was named the official paddle of the 2017 US Open Pickleball Championships. But that's enough bragging.

Its weight is right in the middle at under 8oz but slightly heavier than most regular paddles. This puts a smooth rhythm on shots and allows a consistent performance.

Also, the Tempest Pro is green zone friendly. Plus, its Advanced Pro Poly technology helps to reduce technology if you think it's light.

The paddle has a decent sweet spot with its 4.25” grip circumference, 5" handle, and a sizable 16" x 8" paddle face.

Perfectly built for those who want ultimate control and response on-court. However, if you are a strategic player who prioritizes speed and precision, the Tempest Wave Pro was designed just for you.


  • Its balanced weight gives fast hands 
  • Delivers potent shots at every corner of the court
  • Impressive control and accuracy on its graphite surface 
  • Puts exceptional power and spin on the ball.


  • Most expensive line of Paddletek paddles 


The Tempest Wave Pro is a complete paddle, perfect for anyone who appreciates the subtle differences between decent and pro paddles.  


2. Phoenix Genesis Pro – Best for Power

Paddletek Phoenix Genesis Pro Pickleball Paddle | Horizon (Yellow) | Standard Grip Do you like power and control when you play? Try the Phoenix Genesis Pro. It is a brilliant paddle by a mile.

With a textured fiberglass epoxy hybrid paddle face, it gives decent power and superior control.

In addition, the high-tech polymer honeycomb surface dulls vibrations. As a result, you won't experience as many shoulder and neck strains after games.

The Phoenix Genesis Pro's grip is similar to that of the Tempest Wave Pro when it comes to comfort, but it's narrower and longer. Overall, it makes the paddle pretty comfortable when you consider the high-tech face.

It weighs 8.5oz – heavier than the Tempest Wave Pro. It uses the additional weight to pack more power and punch to your shots. Its weight also offers you maximum balance to hit controlled shots.

This paddle is perfect for people looking to achieve more power and improved spin. And for those who want a good grip, large sweet spot, and overall balance.


  • Power, power, power!
  • Handles sweaty palms well
  • Extra-protective surface to prevent scratches.
  • Fiberglass for bouncy shots.


  • Awkward grip design.


It's all about the power. If your go-to is power moves and less controlling, go for the Genesis Pro.


3. Bantam New Era Ex-L – Best Mid-Weight Paddle

Paddletek Bantam EX-L Pickleball Paddle | Aurora (Purple) There is a famed Bantam Paddle Series by Paddletek, and leading the model is the Bantam New Era Ex-L.

The Bantam Ex-L is designed to give you precision. Yep, just for you to move the ball across the court with precision and some power. Its top-weighted design and sizable sweet spot give you the chance to hit calculated shots in split seconds.

The Bantam Ex-L is a middleweight paddle – weighing between 7.8 – 8.4 ounces. This is excellent if you have a tennis background because you can still hit powerful shots with less wrist action and retain some control.

That's not all. The face of the "New Era" Bantam Ex-L is made from velvet polycarbonate. This material holds the ball in place, giving you the chance to calculate your shots and do clinical spins.

Even in stifling weather conditions, you don't have to worry about sweaty palms when you're using this Bantam paddle. Its breathable leather cushion grip does an excellent job of keeping the palms dry.

The Bantam Ex-L also allows you to precisely roll over shots from the back of the court for extra precision and power.

Finally, the build of the Bantam Ex-L eliminates the chances of wrist overextension.


  • Good mix of power and control with minimal wrist action
  • Unique surface for lasting spin shots
  • More bounce for the ounce
  • Durable and soft leather grip
  • Ideal paddle for fast-paced indoor games


  • Only available as  4 ¼”  grip 
  • Loud response


The Bantam Ex-L is a mid-weight paddle that's also ideal for picklers with a tennis background. And it's a good bargain at its price.


4. Bantam TS-5 – Best Lightweight Paddle

Paddletek Bantam TS-5 Pickleball Paddle | Aurora (Purple) The Bantam TS-5 is a lighter version of the Bantam Ex-L I just reviewed above. It weighs 7.2 to 7.5 oz but features the same technology and specifications just as the Bantam Ex-L.

The difference is simply down to weight. It is designed to pack the same powerful punch but with better control, speed, and maneuverability.

The Bantam TS-5 also lets you make lightning-quick moves. Also, it's perfect for older folks looking to take as much pressure off their arms and players with smaller hands.

Like the Bantam Ex-L, the Bantam TS-5 is an excellent pickleball paddle and even shares the same price tag. On a final note, the TS-5 exhibits that top-spin we love to see.


  • Delivers exceptionally powerful shots for a lightweight paddle
  • Remarkable response
  • Best-in-class lightweight paddle
  • Perfect grip for an average player


  • Miniature grip handle for taller players
  • The edge guard occasionally might come loose 


If you play a game of control and prefer a lightweight paddle, the TS-5 is the best Paddletek has to offer.


5. Paddletek Bantam Sabre Pro - Best Pro-Level Paddle

Paddletek Bantam Sabre Pro Pickleball Paddle | Standard Grip | Riptide (Blue) The Sabre Pro is the preferred choice of the legendary Scott Moore – six-time Triple Crown winner and one of the most celebrated greatest pickleball players of all time.

The Sabre Pro has an excellent structure – designed to help you get out powerful and accurate shots.

This paddle features the Bantam SRT core, which offers you absolute control while in action.

Like its Bantam brothers, the Sabre Pro features the Ultra Cushion High Tack Performance Grip that remarkably absorbs sweat and vibrations in the heat of a game.

Also, the Sabre Pro's long 6 1/4″ grip makes the entire length of the paddle 16 1/2″ long. Although skill matters more, this extra length can increase shot return percentage on the court. 


  • Designed for power
  • Suitable long grip for backhands 
  • Superior velvet polycarbonate face is great for spin shots 
  • Long-lasting face texture


  • Pricey


It's a decent premium paddle. One of the best Paddletek pickleball paddles.


How It All Started

Paddletek was founded in a basement and grew to become the 4th largest US manufacturer of pickleball paddles in only 26 months.

The founder, Cody Smith, started making his own paddles when his wife called his attention to how much of the family's money he'd splurged on paddles.

With some early success, he knew it was time to get serious. And so, for six months, Cody bugged his brother, Curtis, to partner in the venture, which they finally did in October 2012.

It was at this point things really started to take off. Most of their sales came from friends and players at the Fountain Hills, Arizona club in the early days.

Then, they started engaging potential customers – amateurs and professional pickleball players — about what could be better in the paddles to be top pickleball paddles.

The million-dollar question: What makes a perfect paddle?

After extensive surveys and research, the brothers figured out what the players loved and exactly what needed to be done to take over the US paddle market. And they got to work. The rest is history!

As of 2019, Paddletek had 10 pickleball paddles listed on its website, including – the Tempest Wave and its Pro version, Bantam Ex-L and its Pro version, Bantam TS-5 and its Pro version, Phoenix Genesis Pro, and Bantam Sabre Pro.

Why Paddletek?

green pickleball paddle on a green court with orange ball

Paddletek has stamped its recognition of quality in the industry.

The brand represents quality and class among players.

This is because so many pro players use their paddles voluntarily in a branding campaign for Paddletek.

For instance, the Bantam Sabre Pro was designed for the No.1 senior pickleball player Scott Moore.

Paddletek paddles, by default, offer a sure-fire guarantee against dead spots. Rarely do players complain of one till well after a few months.

Also, their Advanced PolyCore materials, a patented technology, offer sound dampening capabilities and are easy on the joints.

But more importantly, the passionate founders of Paddletek understand what players want and infuse them in their paddles in the best way possible. It's why there is a Paddletek paddle for anyone, regardless of skill level.

Factors When Picking The Best Paddletek Pickleball Paddle

Browse through select Paddletek pickleball paddle reviews, and you'd find a treasure of information hidden about your product of choice. Basically, you’ll get firsthand information about the following factors you should consider: 

1. Weight

The first thing you want to consider is the weight of the paddle. It’s not only important in preventing injury or constant arm and shoulder strain.


A slight difference in weight can affect performance on the court. It’s why top pickleball players go the extra mile with antics like adding lead tape to the paddle to gain an edge over opponents.

For instance, a heavier paddle can send powerful shots that would put you on the offensive if your opponent doesn’t have the best control of the ball. 

2. Grip

The grip is another crucial factor when it comes to picking a paddle, regardless of brand.

An overly large grip (circumference) is the worst, so first, try out a smaller size. It feels awkward in the hand and can cause a tennis elbow, especially if it slips out. Standard Paddletek grips use the Ultra High Track performance grip for ultimate comfort.

On the other hand, a paddle with a smaller grip is more suitable for agile players. It facilitates wrist action for timely and precise shots and you can quickly switch to your other arms if you’ve got the trick up your sleeve. Thin-gripped Paddletek paddles use the high tack performance grip.

The best way to test grip is in person, which is impossible online (at least for now). But If you’re new to buying paddles and feel the need to, you can do it all yourself. Watch the video below to learn how:

3. Price

I saved the best for the last. Paddletek paddles don’t come cheap.

Premium Paddletek paddles with graphite or hybrid face will set you back no less than a hundred bucks.

However, the lightweight Phoenix G6 is the cheapest I've come across, which goes for under $70. But it’s mainly the best pickleball paddle for beginners.

The rest of Paddletek’s “affordable” models are closer to the $100 mark.

Are they worth the price? Totally. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Are Paddletek Pickleball Paddles Made?

Paddletek paddles are proudly made in the USA and successfully run by the Smith family. The facility is located at 1990 South 11th Street, Suite 44, Niles, Michigan.

Who Should Use Paddles From Paddletek?

Although it's a matter of choice, just about anyone, from pros to weekend players, can use Paddletek paddles.

They offer all types of surface materials, are long-lasting, and are competitively priced. Essentially, there's always an option with Paddletek if you're looking. 

Wrapping Up

It's fascinating how Paddletek has grown into a distinguished brand with no bad paddles. All it takes to find one that's right for you is a budget and style of play.

If you're looking for an all-around suitable for casual and pro-level play, the Tempest Wave Pro is the best Paddletek paddle for that.

Alternately, if you value spin, control, and balanced weight, the TS-5 and New Era Ex-L are the best Paddletek pickleball paddles to consider.

Hope you find a paddle that suits your game.;)

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