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Best Head Racquet Options For Ultimate Control & Comfort: Beginner To Advance Play Level

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Last Updated: June 12, 2024

The tennis world is forever changing, right?


There are several types of tennis rackets to choose from which can be both intimidating and fun at the same time.

More and more brands are emerging with a range of tennis equipment. In fact, even in the HEAD tennis racquets category, there is a wide range of options to choose from. 

Today I’ll speak about the best HEAD tennis racquets. Without any doubt, these are among the most appreciated products, even by expert standards.

The HEAD PCT Speed Tennis Racket is my personal favorite, although I have listed some other excellent options on the list.

Let’s get started with the HEAD tennis racquets reviews.

Top 5 Best HEAD Tennis Racket Reviews

Here are some of the best-selling items you can buy based on your sporting style and personal preferences:

1. HEAD PCT Speed - Best Overall

HEAD PCT Speed Tennis Racquet (Strung)First on the list of best HEAD racquets is the PCT Speed racket and for all the good reasons.

The special construction of the Head PCT speed tennis racket offers optimum balance, power, and touch. With a somewhat oversized head, it offers a larger sweet spot. The product comes pre-strung with a string pattern of 16/19.

Due to its forgiving spot, it is ideal for recreational and beginner-level tennis players.

In this case, the frame weighs about 10.4 ounces. with a plasma coat.

This coating offers extra stiffness and enhanced durability. The PCT has about 75 in balance and a 23mm beam. This construction specifically facilitates an adult tennis player with varying skills. Despite being bigger, the weight gives the leverage of optimum control to any player.

The titanium technology offers additional power and smooth touch to swing. Additionally, the graphite composite construction helps to spin and control the racket with full swing speed. The handle is constructed with a contour cushion that adds comfort to the grip.


  • Perfect for adults
  • Ideal for recreational game
  • Offer better control as you swing and spin
  • Larger sweet spot
  • Contour cushion offers added tennis elbow comfort for long hours of playing


  • Oversize heads
  • Not suitable for teenage players 


With unique construction, it is an ideal option to build up your skillset faster.

The simple features are the reason why most professionals like and recommend this HEAD racket for adequate performance.


2. HEAD Liquid Metal - Best Sweet Spot

HEAD Liquidmetal 8 Tennis Racquet (Strung)The TSC (Total Sweet Spot) is the best feature of this product. It offers better control over your shot as you swing and hit; it also has a dampening system. Unfortunately, the lesser brands pay attention to reducing the vibrations.

With HEAD Liquid Metal, you can enjoy the No-Shox damping system which reduces the vibrations by up to 27%.

It has a 112 square inch head size, whereas the length is almost over 27 inches.

The racket's net weight is about 9.3 ounces, which is relatively light when compared to other rackets in the market. The racket beam measures 28x26mm. It comes pre-strung with a 16x19 string pattern. 

It is a responsive model with a maximum percentage of power and energy.

If you have a compact and short swing style, this is probably the best option for you.


  • Offers maximum sweet spot
  • No-Shox damping system offers reduced vibration as you play
  • Optimum control while you swing 
  • Ideal for compact and short swing style
  • Ideal for returning recreational players and beginners


  • Can be pricey
  • Might need to change it as you upgrade the skills


This racket is highly recommended for beginners or recreational players. The unique construction, along with a dampening system, makes it ideal for a player looking forward to upgrading the skills.


3. HEAD IG Challenge MP - Best Upgradability

HEAD Youtek IG Challenge MP Tennis Racquet Blue - StrungThis HEAD IG racket is the most suitable upgrade of the lot. It has a larger hitting surface which makes it easier to adapt and ascend to the next level. It also has a mid-plus size head that measures 100 square inches.

The IG Challenge MP allows for a dominant performance with a forgiving play.

The total length of the racquet measures 27 inches, and when strung, it weighs about 10 ounces. It also includes a cover that offers added protection to the racquet from varying factors and damages. 

As it is made of a graphite frame, you can enjoy additional power with no added weight.


  • Ideal for beginners
  • Larger hitting spot
  • Perfectly adaptable and can ascend with the stages
  • Allows dominant performance with a forgiving playing
  • Graphite frame offers more power without additional weight


  • Does not come pre-strung


It has a modern look with a solid construction, ideal for players looking for maneuverability and power. With standard weight and length, it is ideal for most players.


4. HEAD YUTek Graphene Instinct MP - Best Stability

Head YouTek IG Instinct MP Tennis Racquet - UnstrungThe YUTek Graphene Instinct MP racket weighs about 11.3 ounces in strung condition and about 10.6 without the strings. Although many might think it to be way too heavy, most users find it to be arm-friendly and highly controllable.

If you are looking for ease and maneuverability, it is one of the best HEAD tennis racquets you can pick.

It also offers superior stability, which is, again, an important factor. The unique design also delivers more power with less effort. The synthetic gut with a 16x19 string pattern also supports upgrading the skills.


  • Offers stability
  • Easy on the arm
  • High maneuverability
  • Ideal for beginners and long hours of practice
  • Ideal for building skills


  • Massive grip size


This racquet is ideal for beginners and delivers an ideal feel overall. Hence it is also suitable for recreational and advanced level games. Moreover, the power provided along the control and spin makes it a good choice for players of all skill levels.


5. HEAD MX Cyber Pro - Best For Intermediate Players

HEAD MX Cyber Pro Tennis Racquet (Pre-Strung)The HEAD MX Cyber Pro is an ideal option for intermediate-level players. This product features a 100 square inches head with a larger sweet spot. 

The sweet spot is suitable to get the most out of it without getting used to it as you upgrade your skills.

It has a sturdy and solid frame featuring a shaft that is designed to enhance balance and stability.

The racket's balance and strength work together to deliver any type and quality of performance an intermediate-level racket should have. 

It weighs about 9.5 ounces, is about 27 inches long, strung with a 16x19 style, and usually comes with a racket cover.


  • Best for intermediate-level players
  • Larger sweet spot
  • High-quality head construction
  • Better power and control
  • Ideal for working on defense


  • Comes in only one color
  • Fewer sizes to choose from


It is an ideal option if you are looking forward to moving from beginner to advance level, and it also allows you to do long hours of practice without any sort of muscle or bone injury.


What To Look For In A Good Head Tennis Racket?

The best racket is the one that inherits the features that match your needs and ensures high functioning and comfort. Choosing the right product, even a branded one like HEAD, is not very easy; I have listed some aspects to think of before you buy a tennis racket.

Carefully read these attributes and then select the one that is best for you:


The weight of a tennis racquet is an important factor if you want the best tennis racket. Each player has a different requirement for the weight of a tennis racket. The selection completely depends upon the personal preference of players.

Lightweight tennis rackets are mostly preferred by beginner and junior players as they are easy to use and handle. These racquets allow convenient swings and spins, thus providing a better understanding of the game to newbies.

While professional and intermediary players tend to pick out a heavyweight racquet to enjoy a challenging and thrilling game so they can improve their level, newbies are better off with the lighter end of the spectrum.

Head Size

Black and Gray Racket

The size of the tennis head can have a great effect on your game, as the head is the area a ball strikes.

Again, the choice for the head size depends upon the players themselves. You should pick out the one that is corresponding to your skills level.

A bigger head size provides a better sweet spot and effective shot; being easy to maneuver, such rackets are mostly preferred by beginners while the pro players go for a smaller head size to challenge themselves with a smaller sweet spot.

Grip Size

The size of the handle of the tennis racket is said to be its grip size. The grip size has an impact on your game as it ensures better performance and ease. Each player should select the head size in accord with their skills.

A normal grip size should be selected as an increased size would be difficult to maneuver while a smaller one will be stiffer and can be tough on muscles. HEAD rackets have a vast variety of rackets with different grip sizes for all types of players.

white handle of a tennis racket


The durability of a racket is important to consider so that your tennis racket is sturdy and long-lasting. The racket should be made up of top-class materials that would make them hard-wearing.

For instance, aluminum is both lightweight and durable.


There is a wide range of HEAD tennis racket products available at different rates on the market. Select the one that has excellent performance at a reasonable price. It is important to invest your money in a tennis racket that matches your skills and easy on your pocket.

FAQs About Head Tennis Rackets

1. Which HEAD tennis racquet is the best?

HEAD has always remained a preferable choice of beginner, advanced level, and experienced professionals. Their tennis racquet sense is highly competitive, which makes them stand out from the rest.

Do take a look at the products based on your experience and skill level. For instance, a newbie can look for the best HEAD tennis racquets for beginners, or you can search for top HEAD tennis racquets for intermediate and advance level players.

Thus there is no exact answer here, although my personal favorite is the HEAD PCT Speed Tennis Racket.

2. Is HEAD a good tennis racket?

Yes, HEAD is always known for optimum strength, innovation, and the latest technology in tennis racquets. HEAD also gives the players a variety of tennis bags, wristbands, hats, grips, visors, hats, racquet strings, and more.

It is among the pioneers to revolutionize wooden racquets to modern metal and plastic racquets.

Every single one of their rackets is designed to amplify enthusiasm, energy, and elegance.

The company continues to introduce advanced technologies and innovative ideas to meet varying requirements of tennis.

3. Is HEAD or Wilson tennis racket better?

HEAD and Wilson are competitors and offer almost the same frames.

Both are on similar lines to offer in terms of size, power level, etc. However, HEAD focuses on classic soft feeling frames, whereas Wilson is known for having a classic stiff feel to the grip.

Moreover, Wilson traditionally had a much broader offering of the frame than any other manufacturer or seller.

l prefer HEAD for the feel and play, but Wilson’s wider frame is the obvious choice if you want to play better with the broader frames.

Before we conclude, here is a helpful video for you to train for your tennis skills at home:


When it comes to buying an appropriate HEAD racket, the best way is to start by looking at a couple of HEAD tennis racquets reviews.

Think about your skills and pair them with personal preferences.

The above-shared reviews can give you an idea of which product falls under your specific needs. Later you might need to consider the ideal weight and size you like a racket in. We are sure that you can easily pick the best option.

My personal favorite is the HEAD PCT Speed Tennis Racket, but the other options are just as good, from an objective perspective.

That’s all from my side, let’s hear from you in the comments section below!

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