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Best Head Pickleball Paddle: Picking the Right Equipment To Maximize Control & Power Shots

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Last Updated: May 13, 2024

Do you want to start smashing your way into wins in the game of Pickleball?

Well, then…

You got to get yourself the best paddles to make it happen!

Several factors can affect your gameplay, but it's crucial to pick sports equipment that provides you the right balance. I will go over and highlight several of the best-selling paddles from Head and a buying guide to help you in your selection.

My recommendation for the best Head Pickleball Paddle is the Extreme Tour. But other paddles might also suit your skill level, so let's take a look!

Reviewing The Five Best Head Pickleball Paddles

1. Head Extreme Tour – Best Overall

HEAD Extreme Tour Pickleball Paddle (Yellow) If you are an intermediate or an expert-level player, then the Head Extreme Tour comes out as a great choice. This piece allows you to maximize your control of the ball with its diamond shape face design and a graphite paddle surface.

It has a single-piece construction that enhances control and stability, while the Comfort Grip Technology reduces vibrations and allows a better feel and comfort.

Not only that, but its lightweight head also gives way for a faster swing speed. Additionally, its overall weight of 7.6oz provides enough power for a devastating strike to your opponent.

Let’s also not forget about the Optimized Tubular Construction (OTC) paddle technology, unlocking better playability and stability for the paddles.


  • High level of ball control
  • Great for intermediate and expert players
  • Paddle weighs light
  • The design maximizes control and touch 
  • Large sweet spot


  • Not recommended for power-oriented players
  • It can feel too light
  • Not economical for starters


The Extreme Tour might not hit hard, but it can deliver such graceful ball control that it can get your opponent off balance. For this reason and more, it is the best Head Pickleball Paddle available in the market today.


2. Head Radical Elite – Best Value And For Beginners

HEAD Fiberglass Pickleball Paddle - Radical Elite Paddle with Honeycomb Polymer Core & Comfort Grip Does the unusual mix of badminton, tennis, and ping pong games recently caught your interest? If yes, then the Head Radical Elite Pickleball Paddle is the best one for you to get into when discovering the pickleball sport.

With this paddle, you can expect raw power in every game with the help of its 8.1-ounce weight.

In addition, powerful technologies such as the Composite Hitting Surface and Fiberglass Face further boosts the paddle’s might.

Moreover, the Honeycomb Core and Ergo Grip feature help maintain the paddle’s stability and comfort. The grip measures 5 inches long, and its circumference is about four ¼ inches.

The Radical Elite might not be arming itself with technologies that pricier paddles have, but it can help beginners equip themselves with the game’s basics.


  • Great power
  • Inexpensive
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Stable and sturdy
  • Can produce good spins


  • You can outgrow it quite easily
  • Control may be lacking at times


The Radical Elite is undoubtedly the best paddle for beginners and those looking for a cheap paddle option. It thrusts your way into dominating the field, allowing you to gain fun, experience, and knowledge of the game. 


3. Head Radical Tour – Best For Power Shots

HEAD Graphite Pickleball Paddle - Radical Tour Lightweight Paddle w/Honeycomb Polymer Core & Comfort Grip, Yellow Do you prefer to power your way to victory rather than finesse the round for a point? Then the Head Radical Tour Pickleball Paddle is for you.

The paddle’s 8.1oz weight and its graphite surface create a combination of speed, force, and spin that equips power-hitters in blasting their opponents.

And if that’s not terrifying enough...

Radical Tour is also maneuverable and flexible due to its Dynamic Power Shape and Extreme Spin Texture. Both of these features enhance the sweet spot and spins that the paddle can generate.

Thanks to the Control Stabilizing Technology, you no longer need to worry about compromising your paddle's stability. At the same time, its five-inch Comfort Grip finish allows you to maintain a good hold and execute some forceful attacks.

With that in mind, once the ball enters the large sweet spot of the paddle, it may be time to kiss your opponents' goodbye.

However, it is equally important to note that the Radical Tour paddle is more suitable for intermediate to expert players.


  • Maximizes the game of power-oriented players
  • Great for intermediate and expert players
  • Surprisingly good at spins
  • Weight allows for powerful shots
  • 5-inch grip length helps in attacks


  • Paddle not suitable for control-players
  • Not ideal for newbies
  • Pricey


Making its way as one of the best Head pickleball paddles, Radical Tour is the brawn that can take over any game with power-driven attacks. Its speed and spins also increase the fear factor that this paddle can bring to the court.


4. Head Radical Pro – Best Spins

HEAD Fiberglass Pickleball Paddle - Radical Pro Textured Paddle w/Honeycomb Polymer Core & Comfort Grip The Radical Pro is best for players wanting to deliver some slick spins with a lot more ease in their game. This paddle is no one-trick pony, considering its spin capability with the help of the composite surface with Extreme Spin Texture.

The tapered edges found in its dynamic power shape design and its 8.1oz weight allow you to blast power shots with excellent control. Moreover, the paddle's dense structure at ½ inches will allow you to fire off with lesser effort.

These factors make it a tremendous intermediate-level paddle as it unlocks power capabilities while developing other essential game facets such as spin and control.

Meanwhile, the four ¼ inches Ergo Grip helps provide comfort and an overall better feel, resulting in increased stability and lesser vibrations.


  • Composite surface maximizes spin
  • Thicker make-up of paddle boosts power
  • Suitable for intermediate/growing players
  • Tapered edges for best power shots
  • Its dense structure requires you less effort


  • Composite surface limits control and touch
  • Not for control-oriented players


With spins and power in mind, the Radical Pro can surprise your opponents as you can hit them from unexpected angles. No doubt, it is an excellent piece to use as you continue to grow your game.


5. Head Extreme Lite – Best Lightweight

Head Extreme LiteThe Extreme Lite Pickleball Paddle is a master in maneuverability and control, earning its reputation as one of the best Head paddles.

Its carbon-graphite hitting surface allows superior control, allowing you to dictate the ball and apply power if you want to hit strong. Adding to this, the unique diamond head shape of the paddle pushes both the level of control and sweet spots even further.

Moreover, you can unlock great swerves and spins with the help of its Extreme Spin Technology.

Yet, among these factors, the real key to its adept ball control is its weight at 7.2oz., the lightest among the group.

These factors pave the way for Extreme Lite to pack a punch, albeit in a different method of attack. Relatively, the Optimized Tubular Construction and Honeycomb Core, which are common in most Head Pickleball Paddles, are responsible for maintaining maximum stability.


  • Great maneuverability and control
  • Can create good spins
  • Stable structure
  • Graphite surface can help apply power
  • Easy, swift swings


  • Too light for some players
  • Not for power-oriented players
  • Needs excellent effort to place in power


If you're looking to be the game's conductor, the Extreme Lite is the baton for the court. It can dictate the pace through its unbelievable maneuverability and control.


Things To Look At When Buying A Paddle

In Pickleball, the paddle is your weapon, and you wouldn’t like to have the worst weapon in a battle, right?

For this reason, you must carefully consider your preferences when buying a pickleball paddle set, and our Head Pickleball Paddle reviews aim to shed light on this matter.

If you are a control-type player, then you’ll get the most from Head’s Extreme Series.

Power-hitters out there, meanwhile, will be able to harness more from the Radical Series.

You also have to consider your skill level; if you are just starting with the game, pick from either the Radical or Extreme Elite paddles. They are also relatively cheap if you compare pickleball paddles for advanced players.

Other factors that you should take a look at when buying includes:


Deemed by experts as the most crucial factor in choosing a paddle, the weight can affect your feel and playstyle.

Most Head Pickleball Paddle reviews are focused on mid-weight paddles weighing around 7.6oz to 8oz. Within these boundaries, you can uncover the pros and cons of having different weights.

Like the Extreme Lite, paddles weighing lightly around 7oz have immense control and maneuverability than power. In addition, these paddles produce less strain to your body but may require you to put in more swing and force for long shots.

Meanwhile, heavy paddles with weights ranging from 8.5oz to 10oz possess stability. They can unleash destructive power, albeit with less maneuverability and a higher risk of injury.


Pickleball paddle and bucket of ball on court

When looking at the shape of the paddle, you have two choices, the elongated and traditional shape.

The traditional shape offers broader but less lengthy options. In contrast, most manufacturers, including Head, opt for paddles with elongated shapes since it allows better reach by sacrificing width for length.

Core And Face

Since most of the paddles’ core today, including Head's, are mostly Polymer-made, they focus more on the Face aspect. There are three types available - Fiberglass, Composite, and Graphite.

First, the graphite face can deliver a solid punch while providing reasonable control. Fiberglass, meanwhile, can give terrifying power but fall short in its control abilities, yet it is the most common and cheapest in the market.

And last among the choices is the composite face, which excels in creating spin thanks to its texturization.


Although often overlooked, the grip can heavily influence the comfort for you while playing the game, even potentially resulting in elbow injuries.

There are two measurements you need to look at, the grip circumference and length.

For grip circumference, most of Head’s Pickleball Paddles have a default measurement of four ¼ inches. However, depending on your height, you may need a different paddle with a grip size matching yours.

Another factor is the grip length, which is at five inches in length for the Head Paddles. The grip length is essential for the difference it can make in achieving a good and comfortable swing.

If you want to know more about these factors, you may watch a video discussing it through this link:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best Head pickleball paddle?

I picked the Extreme Tour Pickleball Paddle as the best overall product in my Head pickleball paddle reviews. I credit that to its excellent ball control and immense power.

However, for a player looking for some speed and power-oriented paddles, then the Radical Tour may be the best for you.

Where are Head pickleball paddles made?

HEAD is a sports equipment manufacturer that produces its pickleball paddles in China.

Why should you choose pickleball paddles from HEAD over other brands?

What places HEAD above other companies producing pickleball paddles is their experience in crafting sports apparel, building a reputation in the games of ski and tennis.

And with their expertise, HEAD can produce quality Pickleball paddles with up-to-date technologies.

One of its paddles, Extreme Tour, has found overwhelming success with Pickleball star Sarah Ansboury by winning the 2019 US Open Mixed Doubles.

Who should buy head paddles?

Anyone who finds interest in playing Pickleball should check out Head’s paddles. These paddles are suitable as the best pickleball paddles for beginners and professionals.

Not only that, but its two main series, Radical and Extreme, can accommodate both the control-type players as well as power-hitters.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a Picklehead Paddle may be easy at first glance, but you have to consider many factors to get yourself the most exceptional piece.

The Extreme Tour Pickleball Paddle is the best Head paddle on our list. It has excellent ball control and mobility combined with enough power to rip through opponents.

However, power-oriented players may find the Radical Tour Pickleball Paddle as the superior choice. This paddle is ideal for its newbie-friendly features and an excellent budget-friendly option if you're far from the advanced level.

With this in mind, we hope you can smash your way toward success in the Pickleball court.

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