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Gamma Pickleball Paddle Reviews In 2021: Get Smashing Fine And Accurate Shots In Game

Blue pair of pickleball paddle

Last Updated: May 15, 2024

Sometimes, we are dreaming of being the person behind some incredible pickleball moments.

But what can we do?

Sadly, without the right equipment, such as a paddle for hitting great shots, becoming an outstanding athlete will only be a dream and not a reality. Primarily, you have to sift through the different factors you deem necessary in choosing a paddle and be ready to pick for one.

And now, to help you, I am highlighting some of the best Gamma pickleball paddles. My pick is the Compass Neucore, though there are still other great paddles worth the second look.

Top-Selling Gamma Pickleball Paddle Reviews

1. Gamma Compass Neucore Paddle – Best Overall

Gamma Compass Neucore PaddleTaking this paddle into the court is like being Thanos ready to snap with all the Infinity Stones.

Gamma Compass Neucore has everything; the paddle can dish out powerful shots and even provide you with great control and even spins.

Speedy and powerful barrages are likewise possible, thanks to the ⅝ inch paddle thickness and its 7.75oz weight.

Not only that, but the textured graphite face and Neucore Technology adds more power while opening up for excellent touch and control.

Meanwhile, the dimensions of the paddle, measuring 16 ⅝ inch in length and 7 ⅛ inches in width, allow for better responsiveness plus a sizeable sweet spot. Thus, making way for a more excellent feel of the ball.

And with varying available grip lengths equipped with Honeycomb Technology for comfort, the Compass Neucore is your best choice in bringing home the bacon.


  • Can punch through with power shots
  • Great ball control
  • The grip allows for great comfort
  • Also able to create spins
  • Well-balanced


  • Expensive
  • Not recommended for Pickleball beginners


Gamma Compass Neucore has this reputation of eyeing for the win. It has an excellent balance of all factors that should help in tallying points. Anyone looking for the best Gamma paddle should give this a second look, although this is more suitable for advanced players.


2. Gamma Micron 2.0 Paddle – Best Value

GAMMA Sports 2.0 Micron Pickleball Paddle: Mens and Womens Textured Fiberglass Face Pickle-Ball Racquet - Indoor and Outdoor Racket: Yellow, ~7.9 oz Are you looking for cheap equipment to test this exciting game? Well, the Micron 2.0 is the best Gamma pickleball paddle for the pocket.

The paddle, featuring a textured fiberglass face, is hitting the field with devastating spins as well as powerful shots boosted by its 7.6oz weight.

Blending in with this is an Aramid Honeycomb Core that provides control abilities perfect for a start-up player.

Adding to this is a large enough sweet spot and comfortable grip with 5 inches of length contributing to responsive gameplay and great learning opportunities.

Therefore, Micron 2.0 is a practical choice for a well-balanced paddle that will equip you to learn all the invaluable lessons in the court.


  • Well-balanced paddle
  • Cheap, economic paddle choice
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Excellent trainer option


  • The paddle may come as lacking for advanced players


Opening up yourself to different facets of the game with the Micron 2.0 on your hand will be helpful. After all, it contains the balance of power, control, and spin necessary to put you in front of the learning curve and the game itself.


3. Gamma Needle Graphite Paddle – Best Control

GAMMA Sports Needle Pickleball Paddle Using the lightweight feature to its advantage is the Gamma Needle Graphite Paddle. Through lightning-fast maneuverability and insane ball control, it can leave a definitive impact on the court.

What makes the Needle the best in control among other paddles from Gamma is the Sensa Poly Core Technology. Not only that, but another innovation enhancing this capability is the textured graphite face.

All in all, these quirks are utilized in creating great placement, precision, control, and even weight distribution all around.

But if you think this is the only way the Needle can smack for a score, well, that is where you are wrong!

The elongated face shape also increases power allowing you to strike deep into the enemy.

However, the grip only has a length of 4 ¼ inches and a size of 4 ⅛ inches, making it uncomfortable to some players. But if your hands do fit into it, then comfort will not be an issue since you have the Honeycomb Technology embedded within. 


  • Impressive ball control
  • Helps in creating great placement and precision
  • Perfect for advanced players
  • Lightweight


  • High Price
  • Grip length may not fit players with large hands


Gamma's answer to players looking for a control-oriented paddle does not disappoint; in fact, it amazes them. You can count on the Needle to thread the court reliably with its superb control and precision, thanks to all the brilliant innovations that it features.


4. Gamma Dart Pickleball Paddle – Best Spins And Precision

Gamma Dart Composite Pickleball Paddle: Pickle Ball Paddles for Indoor & Outdoor Play - USAPA Approved Racquet for Adults & Kids - Black/Yellow “You spin me ‘round right, baby!” 😉

With the Gamma Dart Pickleball Paddle, every ball can fall into a spin generated by its textured composite face and Sensa Poly Core Technology.

Moreover, being impressively lightweight, weighing only 7.4oz, this piece of equipment hits like a dart.

You'll appreciate how it seems to grab every available opportunity with bullseye precision.

Launching surprise attacks and building confusion are possible with this weight range, too, as it enhances maneuverability and even some power!

And if you are still worried, brace yourself since the Honeycomb core of Dart paddle can still help you give the “pop.”

Nonetheless, similar to the Needle, the Dart also suffers from identical grip problems, making it uncomfortable for some large-hand players. 


  • Made for creating spins
  • High precision
  • Maneuverable
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable, worth-it for its price


  • Grip length may not fit players with large hands


Sharpshooting with style is Gamma's Dart Poly Core Pickleball Paddle. It strikes with precision and spins unlike any other paddle to take enemies off guard, hence making this one of the best Gamma pickleball paddles. 


5. Gamma Voltage 2.0 Paddle – Best Widebody

GAMMA Sports 2.0 Voltage Pickleball Paddle: Mens and Womens Textured Graphite Face Pickle-Ball Racquet - Indoor and Outdoor Racket: Green, ~7.6 oz Electrifying the court with speedy responses plus sparks of powerful impact is Gamma’s Voltage 2.0 Pickleball Paddle.

Equipped by its unique Aramid Core and its 7.6oz load, Voltage can batter the enemy court with speed and power while remaining durable. Meanwhile, the textured graphite surface of the paddle pushes in control for balance, making it famous to intermediate and advanced players.

Another highlight of this piece is its reinforced periphery frame that enlarges the sweet spot by reducing dead areas.

The boosted sweet spot in this 8 ⅛ inch width paddle makes handling the ball more manageable. It allows you to strike the ball with utmost precision and control.

Capping off these features is the Honeycomb Tech for the grip that adds comfort as you volt into the victory.


  • Befitting advanced players of the game
  • Large sweet spot
  • Highly Responsive
  • Provides an outstanding balance of power and control


  • Grip size may not fit players with large hands
  • Expensive


Widebody paddles might be fading away in popularity, but the advantages it offers do not. Voltage 2.0 shows that it is still up to the task of creating shock through waves of aggressive attacks with elegant finishes. 


6. Gamma Mirage Pickleball Paddle – Best Power

Gamma Mirage Composite Pickleball Paddle: Pickle Ball Paddles for Indoor & Outdoor Play - USAPA Approved Racquet for Adults & Kids - Blue/Yellow Packing an overall weight of 8oz., Mirage indeed lies on the heavier side of weights and can flex its power capabilities, unlike any other Gamma pickleball paddles.

And its case doesn’t end there since its textured composite face plus Sensa Poly Core also provides additional punch and enhances overall accuracy.

In addition, these technologies help in providing excellent control and bite, thus, opening up for placement of well-timed dinks.

It's pretty comfortable playing with Mirage, thanks to its 4.25-inch Honeycomb Grip that assures a subtle touch throughout your games.

Conclusively, the Unibody process provides the necessary stability, so worry not about wrecking the paddle when you go for smashes.

Just a word of precaution, though, the paddle's weight may cause wear and tear if you are not used to heavyweight equipment.


  • Popular to power-oriented players
  • Minimal swing needed
  • Highly comfortable to use


  • Weight may induce wear and tear
  • It may make for an uneasy transition if used to lighter paddles


Dominating its way to the top of the best Gamma Pickleball Paddle for power-oriented players is the Mirage. The paddle’s relatively heavyweight and composite face will give you the power you may need in obliterating the match in your favor.


A Prime Solution: Overgripping The Paddle

In our Gamma Pickleball paddle reviews, one of the major cons of some paddles is their small grip size. Unfortunately, it serves as a detriment to some players, considering how important grip size factors in comfort.

But if you’re reaching to get your hands into the best pickleball paddle with great specs outside grip size, there is still an effective solution to this.

Applying overgrips to your paddle will allow the circumference to grow larger, making it more comfortable for large-handed players.

So if you’re one of those looking for an upgrade to the handle, then buckle up as we discuss the steps in applying the overgrip.

I also advise you to check out this video to get a visual look into the process that helps in following the correct steps.

Matter Of Choice

In selecting the overgrip that you will apply, it is essential to look at these three particular factors:

  • Comfort - It is the main factor that excellent grips provide to unlock better focus and overall player performance.
  • Tackiness - Your hands simply have to stick into it. Excellent tackiness opens up a better grasp of the handle, allowing you to get by those clutch moments with triumph.
  • Absorbance - Who wants to play with a lot of sweat dripping through the handle? A highly absorbent grip further contributes to giving comfort during your intense, heart-pounding games.

There are also other types of Pickleball overgrips that you may check out depending on your needs.

And with these three in check, color and style preference can follow, allowing you to feel more confident as you destroy your competition in style.

Applying The Overgrip

When placing the overgrip, we only have to grab a single important tool you need, scissors, so don’t mess up and be sure to remember. Anyways, with that out of the way, start opening the packaging, though be careful in not throwing the tape as it is useful later.

Now that you’ve unwrapped the grip check for the plastic cellophane on the grip and remove it. Do this to expose the adhesive, which will hold onto the paddle’s handle.

Then, find the thinnest part of the grip and start to envelop the butt cap. Bear in mind that it is necessary to wrap it tightly, so you have to pull the grip.

Afterward, start following the angle present in the paddle’s grip, continue this process to the top while making sure it is as tight as possible.

Once you have reached the top, grab the scissors and prepare to cut the grip at a very shallow angle. After trimming, apply the final wrapping, open the finishing tape we have saved and attach it to the grip’s end.

Tada! The paddle is ready to start smashing again, and you may now get a feel of the new grip.

A Time For Change

pickleball paddle and balls on a bench

Nothing is going to last forever, not even the overgrip you are applying.

Sometimes, the grip may get tattered due to the frequency and intensity of your play, and this is not acceptable if you want maximum comfort. Hence, stocking up some grips is a great option.

Many players also decide to change up their overgrip once a month, especially when they notice it getting dirty or incapable of absorbing sweat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Gamma pickleball paddles made?

Gamma, a well-known sports company with years of experience, bases its production in the United States. 

Are Gamma pickleball paddles good?

Each with their perks, the paddles in discussion in our Gamma Pickleball Paddle reviews are highly impressive in the courts of outdoor and indoor pickleballs.

Not only that, but their paddles usually present an outstanding balance of power, control, and spin. From the best beginner pickleball paddle Micron 2.0 to the highly remarkable Compass Neucore, Gamma paddles can certainly excel everywhere on the court. 

What is the Best Gamma Paddle?

Among the Gamma Paddles discussed in our review, the Compass Neucore is the best Gamma Pickleball paddle. It combines exceptional power, control, and it is one of the best pickleball paddle for spin with a large sweet spot to help you obliterate any opposition. 

Final Thoughts

Reach for the stars with Gamma’s Pickleball Paddles! Featuring a well-balanced line-up with minimal setbacks, you can undoubtedly shoot up in the ranks through the help of these paddles.

The best among them is the Compass Neucore Pickleball Paddle, which features an excellent mix of every bit you may need to win the game. But, if you are a beginner looking to start up with a budget-friendly piece, then Micron 2.0 is the best Gamma can offer.

Hopefully, you find all this relevant information beneficial. May it help you burst through every opponent, just like a ray of gamma blasting through space.

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