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Top 5 Best E-Force Racquetball Racquets In 2024: Ideal Models For Different Play Styles

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Last Updated: May 13, 2024

If racquetball has a special place in your heart and you want to experience the e-force racquet’s amazing qualities, then this guide fits you well.


This is one of the many e-force racquetball racquet reviews after all.

But our top pick, the E-Force Bedlam has been on top of the line and a leader in tournament plays.

Take a read and find out why!

Top 5 Best E-Force Racquetball Racquets Reviewed

1. E-Force Bedlam-170-Lite – Best Overall

E-Force Bedlam-170-lite The E-Force Bedlam is considered one of the best e-force racquetball racquets with its best-selling frame constructed from graphite for power and easy maneuverability.

It includes a 22” long string for ripping immense power, as well as total carbon head and tri-carbon for lightweight, frame stiffness, and additional power transmission exerted through the ball.

This item offers 2 zero richer tubes, power boosters, launchpad technology, and a string-free system. Its quality lets you grasp the perfect feel, immense power, good control, solid grip, top-performing spin, and nice balance.

It has a tri-tear head shape, 170g weight, 17g black platinum string, and a 3 5/8 grip. This may be bigger compared to others, however, the model tends to be lightweight and affordable.

It comes with pre-strung strings and a wrist cord that evenly distributes weight across the whole racquet for good balance. Plus, sweet spots are easily found with this racquet allowing return and kill shots to be performed.

The recommended tension for this racquet is within the range of 32 to 25 pounds. This is to account for lost tension during transportation and time.

This E-Force model suits every player, skill level, and style of play.


  • Lightweight and stiff
  • Affordable
  • Suitable for all players
  • Widebody surface
  • Produces balance between power and control


  • Does not come with a case or cover


Beginner, advanced, or professional player, this best e-force racquetball racquet suits everyone with its lightweight and stiff features.


2. E-Force Chaos Racquet – Best Budget Buy

E-Force Chaos Racquetball RacquetThe Chaos Racquet presents its 8 center main strings that stretch from the head of the frame in free space up to the handle, giving the ideal power and ability to withstand strikes. These strings are for maximum vibration dampening.

This model can be considered constructed well as its touch weakens and stops the vibration that may go in your arm, making it a good and enjoyable racquet during use.

Plus, its by-pass stringing system enhances its power and produces an improved response.

Its design of 2 main strings skip holes ensures that the ball does not strike them at the same time causing damage. Not to mention, the cross-strings attached to the exterior area of the racquet frame refines the racquet’s feel and response.

This item is well-balanced, durable, and well-conditioned. Its unstrung weight is over 205g, while its strung weight is 252g. Its head size measures 107 square inches, and a length of 22 inches made from graphite.


  • Reduces vibration
  • Durable
  • Heavily made and rugged
  • Affordable
  • Produces powerful, accurate, and precise shots


  • Does not have a large area for the sweet spot


The Chaos Racquet delivers a big blast for a friendly price with its maximized and improved high-end quality features.


3. E-Force Apocalypse – Best Power

E-Force Apocalypse Racquetball RacquetThis E-Force Apocalypse racquet is equipped with tons of technology features such as G2 power boosters and richer tubes. These make the Apocalypse an outstanding, efficient, and durable racquet regardless of its weight.

Weighing 160g, this racket is considered to be lightweight resulting in a better balance for optimum speed, accuracy, and power.

This product comes in various weights and grip sizes ranging from 160g to 190g. The surface area is measured 108 square inches and is quadraform shaped.

Plus, it contains a frame constructed from graphite with a desirable sweet spot that allows a large surface to hit and make contact with the ball.

It has launchpad technology included within its construction.

Its lightweight characteristic makes better control and accurate shots possible, making this racquet ideal not just for intermediate players but also for beginners who are in search of a powerful performance.


  • Produces powerful and accurate shots
  • Ideal for beginners and intermediate players
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Comes in different weight and sizes


  • Loose tension may occur


This model’s efficiency and durability are assured, making it considered a professional racquet with standard technological incentives.


4. E-Force Dark Star – Best Balance

E-Force Dark Star Racquetball RacquetBeing one of the latest models and best e-force racquetball racquets, the Dark Star offers medium weight with its teardrop-shaped design. Majestically releasing power is its specialty, making this considered as the enhanced version of the Apocalypse Beta.

This product comes in 4 different weights and 2 different shapes. Namely, the 160g and 175g are in the shape of quadraform while the 170g and 190g come in a teardrop shape.

Its redesigned frame structure which is in a hybrid of the G2 power technology does not affect its swinging height, but rather improving its other qualities.

This item can be considered a top pick with its well-constructed and well-engineered design. This weighs over 170g and its head size measures 108 square inches. Its teardrop shape has a length of 22 inches and its advised string tension is 28-34 pounds.

It has a factory string of e-force oxygen having the best e-force racquet reviews that have 17g, black with a frame of variety of colors – blue, orange, and black.

The package does not include a cover and its strings come unstrung. This is ideal for players with a fast wrist snap, and those with experience and an uphold technique.


  • Offers beautiful design and great construction
  • Solid feel
  • Easy maneuverability
  • Ideal for experienced players
  • Has a variety of colors
  • Produces immense power


  • Does not come with a racquet cover
  • Not budget-friendly


Release your power with style is what this model offers with its amazing teardrop design and quality features.


5. E-Force Lethal Reload – Best Longevity

E-Force Lethal Reload 175 Racquetball Racquet-3 5/8 The Lethal Road is considered one of the best e-force racquetball racquets you can ever find.

Its materials have high-end quality resulting in its beautiful and distinct design. These are recommended for all types of players but are more beneficial for beginners to intermediate players.

This medium-sized racquet measured 175g, makes use of power boosters and long strings. Its frame is composed of tri-carbon and contains a by-pass stringing system with hi-compression wing tech.

Its launchpad technology, zero richer tubes, and fiber alignment zones ensure this product’s long-lasting feature and durability with its dual cylinder construction and power boosters.

This item’s length is measured 22 inches, being available in 3 different colors. This is also pre-strung with e-force oxygen 17g. Plus, its carbon head provides immense power, fast-paced swinging speed, and invaluable strength.


  • Attractive design
  • Great construction
  • Ideal for all types of players
  • Long-lasting durability
  • Solid touch and great control


  • Does not come with a racquet cover
  • High-cost


This product offers more than a distinct and amazing design, but also reliability accessible for all types of players.


What Is E-Force?

E-Force is a company that concentrates on racquetball equipment with a graphite component for the past few years. The products the company contains may be a bit on the expensive side but also offers good quality.

What Are The Features Of E-Force Racquetball Racquets?

racquetball racket hitting a ballSimilar to all product companies, E-force racquets also share certain characteristics. The features of E-Force mixed along with the proper qualities produce an ideal racquet that will help you with your racquetball journey. 


Most of the time, power is the main focus of the design and construction of E-force racquets. This is because it concludes the shot you can exert, portraying your strength as a player.

Most E-force racquets consider this and come up with an idea of innovative technology that can help them such as power boosters and utmost long stringing.


Similar to power, control is also a crucial factor for E-force racquets. This improves your capability to master precision and maneuvering, especially for the best beginner racquetball racquets.

This offers an energetic, responsive feel which allows a higher sensitivity for better gameplay.

With this, you’ll be able to make longer contact with the ball giving yourself the chance to maneuver it in your desired direction.


E-force racquets are renowned for their extraordinary appearances and style. Combinations of various elements allow them to stand out.

The range of its shape and colors dictates its compatibility with numerous styles. With this, you can easily find the best racquetball racquets that suit your style most.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is E-Force A Good Racquetball Brand?

E-Force has found its reputation to be one of the most respected companies within the sport of racquetball.

Racquetball players tend to have e-force racquets for their innovative technology and quality design.

Watch this review of what makes E-Force Racquet a good one:

Are E-Force Racquets Expensive?

Indeed, the E-Force racquets’ prices are higher in comparison to other brands and products.

With its highest-rated and high-end racquets, the quality it possesses does not disappoint and overlaps the expected quality for its price.

The Bottom Line

Finding the right partner may be a hassle but our top picks, the E-Force Bedlam-170-Lite possesses great qualities, and E-Force Chaos is an alternative for a budget-friendly quality may help.

The Bedlam-170-Lite’s specialty is its best-selling frame plus its ability to produce immense power, great control, good balance, top-performing spin, solid grip, and nice balance. With its widebody, it can assure that it hits and produce the pop you are looking for.

This racket is perfect for all types of players and suitable for all skill ranges.

There are numerous  E-Force racquetball racquet reviews online, which is why we hope ours guided you well in choosing the best racquet.

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