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5 Best Racquetball Racquet For Beginners: A Simplified Buying Guide & Proven Tips

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Last Updated: June 12, 2024

Regardless of players' varying preferences in sports gear, novices undoubtedly appreciate new equipment that could help them play like a pro in no time.

Well, who wouldn't? Right?

However, similar-looking racquets could have different prices in the market, and I understand how that could be so confusing. So, to help you find the best beginner racquetball racquet, we rounded up the best ones this 2021.

Keep reading to discover how Wilson Striker Racquetball Racquet stood out as my personal favorite and find other excellent options on the list.

Beginner Racquetball Racquet Review Of 2021

You will find many cheap racquetball racquets in the market and even online, that's for sure. But how would you know which one is the best for you? Keep in mind that the best cheap racquetball racquet doesn't need to be lacking quality just because it's an affordable option.

To help you find a worthwhile investment that's suitable for you, here are our recommended list of beginner racquetball racquets and their features:

1. Wilson Striker Racquetball Racquet – Best Overall

Wilson Striker Racquetball RacquetThe first one on the list is the Wilson Striker, which has an indisputable reputation of being an excellent choice for entry-level players. It skillfully combines performance and stylish looks, as one would expect from a Wilson brand.

If you're on the hunt for the best budget racquetball racquet, the Striker is something you shouldn't miss.

With its weight, you can conveniently work your way into a slow but steady swing. Its frame construction also provides strength, endurance, and ease of use.


  • Aluminum construction
  • V-shape design for a more compelling use
  • Robust, long-lasting frame
  • Affordable


  • Not ideal for professional players
  • Grip easily comes off


The Striker model from Wilson is effortlessly the best budget racquetball racquet for novices that you can find today. It delivers high-end performance and helps users achieve powerful shots even with minimal effort.


2. Python Intro 5000 Racquet – Best Value

Python Intro 5000 Racquetball Racquet Series (Red) Users who never played racquetball before will enjoy the convenience and comfort that the Python Intro 5000 can bring. You will notice how it is always a part of the list when you search for the best racquetball racquet under 50.

The racquet has a comfortable handle with a wrist strap attachment for easier grip and an alloy frame for durability.

Anyone looking for cheap racquetball racquets will agree that the Intro 5000 is a good buy. It allows you to enjoy the game more efficiently without spending so much.


  • Compact and lightweight construction
  • V-shape design
  • Allows better control
  • Wrist strap attachment


  • Strings not as durable as competitors
  • Too small wrist strap


The generous head size of this racket enables the user to have more force and control. It likewise offers excellent value for players seeking a cheap racquetball racquet. The racquet's durable built is perfect for intense play and one you can enjoy for a long time.


3. E-Force Bedlam-170-Lite – Best In Performance

E-Force Breakout Racquetball Racquet Grip Size: 3 5/8" Serious racquetball players adore how the Bedlam 170-Lite is reliable in terms of precision and maneuverability. It is the lighter version of another E-Force model, the Chaos, capable of powerful shots suitable for all skill levels.

Nonetheless, this piece of equipment has remarkable features that make it stand out in the not-so-cheap racquetball rackets list.

The racket's well-balanced weight, teardrop design, and durable frame are only some of the things that Bedlam 170 users love about it.


  • Teardrop head shape
  • Delivers powerful shots
  • Stable and lightweight
  • Provides more control
  • Handle design offers reduced vibration


  • Loose, unbalanced top-part grip
  • Coverless racquet
  • Stiff handle
  • Prone to having cracks
  • Expensive


The combination of all the advanced technologies you could ever find in a racquet is how the Bedlam 170-Lite will take you by surprise. It could be more expensive than the other rackets we reviewed, but for sports gear you can use for all player levels, it's undoubtedly worth the price.


4. HEAD MX Fire 190 Racket – Best Budget-Friendly

HEAD MX Fire 190 Racquetball RacketPracticing to enhance your skills now comes more convenient with this beginner's racquet from HEAD. The MX Fire 190 is one powerful racquet offering optimal support and swing stability in every shot.

What's even more impressive is how it has a top-grade quality for a reasonable cost.

If you are a power hitter, you will love how this racquet allows you to control the kind of speed best for intimidating your opponent.

Furthermore, its handle conveniently absorbs impact vibration to help you perform better and enjoy the sport you love.


  • Premium metal alloy construction
  • Durable and easy to control
  • Vibration-absorbent handle
  • Offers more strength


  • Ideal for beginners only


The MX Fire 190 is among the cheap racquetball racquets that offer excellent value and reliability despite its price. One of its best features, aside from its lightweight construction, is the racquet's ability to absorb vibration for more stability.


5. HEAD Intelligence i.165 Racquet – Best Seller

HEAD Intelligence I.165 Racquetball Racket - Pre-Strung Head Heavy Balance Racquet The Intelligence i.165 is another best value racquetball racquet from HEAD, a trusted name in manufacturing outstanding sports gear. It has a lightweight construction which most beginners love so much about it.

This racquet is a suitable and affordable option for new players due to the head and weight.


  • Easy to handle and control
  • Affordable price point
  • Very lightweight construction
  • Patented Intellifiber technology


  • Quite costly
  • Grip options limited


The i.165 is the best beginner racquetball racquet for players who'd like to leverage skill and power in an intense game. It's also perfect for users with smaller hands, although it would be best if the brand offered various grip sizes.


Why Choosing The Best Sports Equipment Is Crucial

With racquetball as an exciting sport to play, the right choice of sports equipment proves to be highly essential not just for this game but for any sport.

Here are several reasons why choosing the best beginner racquetball racquet is vital for every player:

  • The right choice of racquet like the best E-Force racquetball racquet allows players to swat the ball with power, accuracy, and spin.
  • Using a suitable racket for you is essential to take your game to a higher level.
  • It helps players have better control of their path of motion for maximum efficiency.
  • The materials, construction, and size options all contribute to the player's efficiency and performance.
  • Choosing the best racquetball racquet for you can help determine balance and affect maneuverability.

Tips In Playing Racquetball For The First Time

Man in blue shirt playing racquetball

You can take your fitness goal to the next level when playing this fun game of indoor or outdoor racquetball. Nevertheless, if you are a beginner in playing this sport, here are some essential things that you should keep in mind:

  • Do not forget to do some warming up at least five-minute-long before you begin with any kind of sport. Using the best racquetball shoes is also necessary. Doing this can help prevent the risk of any joint injury.
  • Choose a heavyweight racket that allows you to give a powerful strike when you're a beginner. You can transition from using a heavy racket to using a lighter one for quicker swing and control as you get more used to the game.
  • A more prominent-sized racket also means a larger-sized sweet spot, and normally recommended for new players. The bigger the sweet spot means the lesser the likelihood of missing the ball.
  • Know and analyze the weakness of your opponent by giving them various shots during warm-up. It is an effective way of determining your opponent's weak spots.
  • Position yourself at the court's center so you're closer to moving towards all shots that your opponent will make. Make sure to wear the best racquetball goggles for eye protection throughout the game.
  • No matter what happens, make it your goal throughout the game to keep your eye on the opponent and stay out of the opposition's way. It is a foolproof tactic to give you the chance to hit the ball as far away as you can from your opponent. 
  • Knowing your weakness could help you understand it better. It also helps you work away around to overcoming it or turning it as your leverage farther in the game.
  • Properly hitting the best racquetball balls is very crucial and typically a challenge that most beginners face when playing racquetball for the first time. Ensure that your racket is forward-facing and it is parallel to the ground before you hit the ball.
  • Resist the urge to directly run towards the ball. Further, try keeping it at your strong side and maintain a necessary distance between you and the ball, allowing you to freely make a complete swing.
  • Watch and learn from other players. It's a good thing to observe a professional's game and pay attention to how they deal with their weaknesses. You can also try talking with your opponents after the game to gather some ideas on how to improve your game.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to Look For in a Racquetball Racquet for Beginners?

There is a significant difference between a tennis racket and a racquetball racquet, and this is something worth considering when looking for either of these two. Both tennis and racquetball are fun sports to play with, and each provides a unique experience to the players.

Therefore, here are some tips worth considering when checking out racquetball rackets for beginners:

  • The overall racquet weight is one of the first things you should consider. A heavyweight racket is ideal for those who have slow swings, while lightweight ones are more suitable for those with faster swings.
  • The ideal racquet’s entire length should not be more than 22 inches long. The right handle length allows better control for users especially when in a rapid-pacing game.
  • A quadra-form racquet head size is excellent for beginners because it offers a more extensive and lower sweet spot. However, this head size type is not capable of producing a lot of power.
  • Consider the playing style of the user as that affects the kind of stringing pattern you will need your racquet to have. You may go for thicker strings for better maneuverability and durability, opt for thin strings for better grabbing, or rough strings for enhanced friction.
  • Find the appropriate grip size to play comfortably and perform better. A smaller grip size conveniently fits an average hand and maximizes wrist straps and power at the same time. Contrarily, choosing two grip size options is best for larger hands.
  • The racquet's frame should not be too light nor too stiff. Your arm is inclined to absorb the energy from the frame's bending, and the more power that a racket generates would also mean producing more shock.

How Much Should Beginners Spend on a Racquetball Racquet?

When you only think about enjoying a few games with your friends, you can find some affordable racquets but high-performing ones starting from $28.

However, if you find yourself deeply engaged in this game and think about using the racquet on a long-term basis, there so many durable and long-lasting racquets you can purchase for $60 or more.

Are Cheaper Racquetball Racquets Still Good?

green and black racquet with balls on the court

You can efficiently play and perform well even when you're using a cheap racquetball racquet. The difference between purchasing a pricey one vs a more affordable racquet typically lies in its longevity.

Hence, if you want to use it long-term, you might want to go for the more expensive ones. But if you only want to enjoy the game and play nicely, even a cheap racquet can do the trick.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best value racquetball racquet can be challenging, especially when you're doing it for the first time. It's hard to figure out the right one when looking at so many cheap racquetball racquets.

The Wilson Striker Racquetball Racquet stood out as my best overall product because it could deliver powerful shots necessary for newbies. Relatively, the Python Intro 5000 Racquetball Racquet is also an excellent choice for its superb functionality and price.

Thus, I hope that this list of best-selling sports equipment will help those new to the game and undecided which racquetball is right for them.

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